Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMA Statement on Organ and Tissue Donation Donors, Living Donation, Organ Donation, Organs, Tissue Donation, Tissues 2012 Statement
WMA Statement on Violence in the Health Sector by Patients and Those Close to Them Advocacy, Violence, Workplace Violence 2012 Statement
WMA Declaration on Medical Ethics and Advanced Medical Technology Advanced Technology, Ethics, Medical Ethics, Medical Technology 2012 Declaration
WMA Regulations in Times of Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence Armed Conflict, Emergency Medical Services, Ethics, Geneva Convention, War 2012 Statement
WMA Statement on the Ethical Implications of Collective Action by Physicians Collective Action, Ethical Implication, industrial action, Patient Care, physician strike, Professional Obligation, Strike, Working Conditions 2012 Statement
WMA Statement on Forced and Coerced Sterilisation Coerced Sterilisation, Consent, Contraception, Forced Sterilisation, Sterilisation 2012 Statement
WMA Resolution to Reaffirm the WMA’s Prohibition of Physician Participation in Capital Punishment Capital Punishment, Death Penalty, Drugs for Execution, Execution, Human Rights 2012 Resolution
WMA Council Resolution on Threats to Professional Autonomy and Self-Regulation in Turkey Autonomy, Independence, Self-Regulation, Turkey 2012 Council Resolutions, Resolution
WMA Council Resolution on Danger in Health Care in Syria and Bahrain Armed Conflicts, Attacks, Bahrain, Health Care, ICRC, Syria 2012 Council Resolutions, Resolution
WMA Council Resolution on the Autonomy of Professional Orders in West Africa Autonomy, Independence, Self-Regulation, West Africa 2012 Council Resolutions, Resolution
WMA Declaration of Montevideo on Disaster Preparedness and Medical Response Disaster, Emergency Care, Emergency Medical Response System, Epidemiology, Public Health 2011 Declaration
WMA Statement on the Professional and Ethical use of Social Media Ethical Considerations, Online Social Networking, Privacy, Professionalism, Social Media 2011 Statement
WMA Declaration on Leprosy Control around the World and Elimination of Discrimination against Persons affected by Leprosy Dignity, Discrimination, Education, Human Rights, Infectious Disease, Leprosy, Marginalized, Prejudice, Stigma 2011 Declaration
WMA Declaration on End-of-Life Medical Care End-of-Life Care, Pain Management, Palliative Care, Terminal Illness, Terminally Illness 2011 Declaration
WMA Recommendation on the Development of a Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism to Permit Audit of Adherence of States to the Declaration of Tokyo Ethics, Human Rights, Reporting, Tokyo, Torture 2011 Statement
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