Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMA Statement on Supporting Health Support to Street Children Adolescent, Childhood, Children, Education, Health Support, Inequality, Social Determinant, Street Children 2015 Statement
WMA Resolution to Stop Attacks Against Healthcare Workers and Facilities In Turkey Armed Conflict, Emergency, Healthcare in Danger, Professional Autonomy, Turkey 2015 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Global Refugee Crisis Armed Conflict, Health Care, Migration, Refugee, Safety, Syria 2015 Resolution
WMA Statement on Riot Control Agents Chemical Weapons, Chemical Weapons Convention, Chemicals, Riot Control Agents 2015 Statement
WMA Statement on Physicians Well-Being Mental Health, Physician Health, Physician Support, Physician Well-being, Substance Use, Working Environment 2015 Statement
WMA Statement on Vitamin D Insufficiency Insufficiency, Vitamin D 2015
WMA Declaration of Oslo on Social Determinants of Health Environment, Equity, Inequality, NCDs, Oslo, SDH, Social, Social Determinants of Health 2015 Declaration
WMA Council Resolution on Trade Agreements and Public Health Access to Care, Access to Medicines, Affordability, Alcohol Control, Climate Change, Clinical Trial Data, Health Care Services, Intellectual Property, Investor-state Dispute Settlement, Medical Education, Obesity, Public Health, Social Determinants of Health, Tobacco Control, Trade, Transparency 2015 Council Resolutions, Resolution, Statement
WMA Statement on Aesthetic Treatment Aesthetic, Consent, Interventions, Physical Appearance, Procedures, Risk, Treatment 2014 Statement
WMA Resolution on Unproven Therapy and the Ebola Virus Ebola, Epidemic, Helsinki, Unproven Therapy 2014 Resolution
WMA Statement on Ethical Guidelines for the International Migration of Health Workers Autonomy, Migration, Physician Training, Physicians, Recruitment, Self-Sufficiency 2014 Statement
WMA Resolution on Ebola Viral Disease Ebola, Epidemic, Helsinki, Unproven Therapy 2014 Resolution
WMA Statement on the Prevention of Air pollution due to Vehicle Emissions Air Pollution, Emission Standards, Health/Environmental Synergies, Vehicle Emissions 2014 Statement
WMA Statement on Solitary Confinement Detention, Human Rights, Isolation, Prisoner, Solitary Confinement, Torture 2014 Statement
WMA Declaration on the Protection of Health Care Workers in situation of Violence Healthcare in Danger, Medical Neutrality, Protection of Healthcare Workers, Situations of Violence 2014 Declaration
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