Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMA Statement on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Blood Pressure, BP, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension 2020 Statement
WMA Statement on Human Genome Editing Gene Therapy, Gene-Editing, Genetic Engineering, Genome Editing, Germline Modification, Informed Consent, Somatic Cells 2020 Statement
WMA Declaration of Cordoba on Patient-Physician Relationship Declaration of Geneva, Declaration of Helsinki, Declaration of Lisbon, International Code of Medical Ethics, Patient Autonomy, Patient Rights, Patient-Physician Relationship 2020 Declaration
WMA Declaration on Pseudoscience and Pseudotherapies in the field of health Alternative Therapies, False Science, False Therapies, Pseudoscience, Pseudotherapies, Unproven Therapies 2020 Declaration
WMA Resolution on Human Rights Violations against Uighur people in China China, Human Rights, Medical Products, Sterilisation, Uighur 2020 Resolution
WMA Resolution in support to the Turkish Medical Association Autonomy, Medical Association, TMA, Turkey, Turkish Medical Association 2020 Resolution
WMA Resolution in Support of an International Day of the Medical Profession, October 30 COVID-19, Healthcare Professionals, International Day, Medical Profession, Pandemic 2020 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Equitable Global Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine COVID-19, Immunisation, Pandemic, Vaccine, Virus 2020 Resolution
WMA Resolution regarding the Medical Profession and COVID-19 COVID-19, Health Professionals, Medical Profession, Pandemic, PPE 2020 Resolution
WMA Declaration on Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Ethics, Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide 2019 Declaration
WMA Resolution on the Revocation of WHO Guidelines on Opioid Use Opioid, WHO 2019 Resolution
WMA Statement on Healthcare Information for All Health Care, Information, Sustainable Development, Universal Health Coverage 2019 Statement
WMA Statement on Free Sugar Consumption and Sugar-sweetened Beverages NCDs, Non-Communicable Diseases, Nutrition, Obesity, Sugar 2019 Statement
WMA Resolution on Climate Emergency Climate, Climate Change 2019 Resolution
WMA Statement on Augmented Intelligence in Medical Care Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, Data Integrity, Machine Learning, Patient Data 2019 Statement