Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMA Statement on Avian and Pandemic Influenza Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, Influenza, Pandemic 2018 Statement
WMA Statement on the Ethics of Telemedicine Confidentiality, Data Integrity, E-Prescribing, Electronic Medical Records, Telecommunication, Telemedicine 2018 Statement
WMA Declaration of Seoul on Professional Autonomy and Clinical Independence Clinical Independence, Professional Autonomy, Professional Judgment, Professionalism, Seoul 2018 Declaration
WMA Statement on the Cooperation of National Medical Associations during or in the Aftermath of Conflicts Collaboration, Conflict, Exchange, Medical Ethics, National Medical Association, NMA 2017
WMA Declaration on Fair Trade in Medical Products and Devices Child Labour, Ethical procurement, Fair trade, Modern slavery, Social Determinants of Health, Sustainable Development Goals 2017
WMA Resolution on Prohibition of Forced Anal Examinations to Substantiate Same-Sex Sexual Activity Anal examination, Body search, Degrading Treatment, Forced examination, Medical Ethics, Torture, Transgender 2017
WMA Statement on Epidemics and Pandemics Disease, Epidemics, Infection, Infectious diseases, Pandemics 2017
WMA Statement on the Role of Physicians in Preventing Exploitation in Adoption Practices Adoption, Children’s Rights, Forced labour, Genetic identification, Minors, Sexual exploitation, Trafficking 2017
WMA Declaration of Chicago on Quality Assurance in Medical Education Accreditation, Medical Education, Medical faculty, Medical schools, Quality assurance 2017 Declaration
WMA Statement on Armed Conflicts Armed Conflicts, Humanitarian law, Violence, War 2017
WMA Statement on Bullying and Harassment within the Profession Bullying, Safe working environment, Sexual harassment, Workplace 2017
WMA Statement on Medical Cannabis Cannabis, Dependency, Legalisation, Marijuana, Medical cannabis, Prohibition 2017
WMA Declaration of Geneva Conduct, Conscience, Dignity, Discrimination, Geneva, Non-Discrimination, Oath, Pledge 2017 Declaration of Geneva
WMA Resolution on Poland Hunger Strike, Junior doctors, Medical Education, Poland 2017
WMA Resolution in Support of Dr Serdar Küni Conflicts, Dr Kuni, Human Rights, Medical Ethics, Turkey 2017 Resolution