About Us

What is the JDN?

The Junior Doctors Network (JDN) serves as an international platform for junior doctors to facilitate an open dialogue of global events and activities that are relevant to their postgraduate training and the World Medical Association (WMA). It was approved by the WMA at the 61st WMA General Assembly (October 2010) in Vancouver, Canada.

Junior doctors are physicians, within 10 years after their medical graduation, who are completing postgraduate training in clinical, medical education, policy, public health or research specialities. They may become Associate Members of the WMA and serve as members of their respective National Medical Associations.

The JDN provides the natural progression and development of the existing relationship between the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) and the WMA. The inaugural JDN meeting was held at the 62nd WMA General Assembly (October 2011) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Subsequent JDN meetings have been coordinated in conjunction with the WMA Executive Council Meetings and the General Assemblies as well as independently in different regions.

What is the mission?

The purpose of the JDN is to empower young physicians to work together towards a healthier world through advocacy, education, and international collaboration.

What do we do?


  • Monthly online teleconferences for general JDN membership and JDN management team.
  • Biannual in-person meetings (April/October) in conjunction with the WMA Executive Council Meetings and the General Assemblies.
  • Yearly Pre World Health Assembly Meeting (preWHA) at the WMA Secretariat, Ferney Voltaire, France.


  • JDN Newsletter (biannual)

JDN Leadership 2023/2024

Dr Marie-Claire Wangari


Dr Balkiss Abdelmula (Tunisia)
Deputy Chairperson
Deena Mariyam (India / UAE)
Francisco Franco Pêgo (Portugal)
Socio-Medical Affairs Officer
Merlinda Shazellenne (Malaysia)
Medical Education Director
Shiv Joshi (India)
Medical Ethics Officer
Dr Pablo Estrella
Membership Director
Dr Jeazul Ponce
Publications Director
Dr Sazi Nzama
(South Africa)
Communications Director
Uchechukwu Arum (Nigeria / UK)
Immediate Past Chair