Workplace Wellness

Today’s crisis in the global health workforce is very serious. Too many countries have desperate shortages of health care professionals which has a negative impact on outcomes for patients and on the health workers’ well-being. The reasons are complex but outstanding is the poor quality of most healthcare work environments is a significant factor which is compromising performance and driving health professionals away.

Developing a positive working environment and providing health care settings that support excellence and decent work has the potential to attract and retain staff, improve quality of care, safety, patient satisfaction and deliver cost-effective services. Health care professionals, managers, patients, policy makers and community leaders can become advocates and drive action to create quality workplaces for quality care. Individuals can make a difference locally and together they can implement positive change for regional and international policy and practices.

Key principles of a positive practice environment (PPE) are:

  1. Professional Recognition
  2. Management Practices
  3. Support Structures
  4. Occupational Health and Safety
  5. Education

WMA together with the other members of the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA and the International Federation of Hospital Managers IHF developed the PPE campaign with the support of the Global Health Workforce Alliance GHWA.