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Media Mentions from Outside of WMA

 16.05.2024 AMA urges government to support WMA recommendations
 15.05.2024 Local medical associations urge WHO to include Taiwan in WHA
 15.05.2024 IFPMA statement on research with vulnerable populations within the scope of the World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Helsinki revision

Enabulele, ex WMA President, inducted honorary member Turkish Medical Association


Asociación Médica Mundial realiza un encuentro interdisciplinario sobre investigación en poblaciones vulnerables


All Eyes On NMA President, Ex WMA Boss To Guide A Peaceful Transition- Kogi NMA Chairman Baoku

 08.05.2024 Kriege, Krisen und Repressionen erschweren Arbeit von Ärzteverbänden weltweit

Having an Ethics Code Didn’t Stop Nazi Doctors From Committing War Crimes


Forging the Future of Healthcare: The US Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration


Enabulele bags ‘Labour Hero’ award for exceptional leadership

 29.04.2024 Framework conditions for clinical studies involving vulnerable groups – conference on the Declaration of Helsinki

Medscape caves in on courses funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris, while medics fear global push into medical education


Police launch raid against new KMA chief for allegedly instigating walkout

 25.04.2024 CPME endorses World Medical Association resolution on protection of healthcare in Israel and Gaza

World medical leaders call for Gaza ceasefire amid mass graves horror


Gaza-Israel conflict: World Medical Association backs BMA’s call for sustainable ceasefire


World Medical Association (WMA) Seoul Council Adopts Four Emergency Resolutions


WMA Board of Directors in Seoul Urgently Adopts 4 Resolutions, Including ‘Gaza Medical Protection Resolution




Sustained ceasefire in Gaza the ‘only way’ to help the injured and displaced


Don’t Lift Ban On Female Genital Mutilation – WMA Urges Gambia


WMA Stands Against Oppressive Anti-LGBTQ Laws In Uganda


Athletes a national treasure, and they must be protected

 07.04.2024 The Post letters to the editor: April 8

South Korea’s president meets leader of doctors’ strike as he seeks to end their walkouts


7 ways telehealth is reshaping medicine for the better


Battle for the ‘soul’ of SA’s medics


Is there a case for ’institutional conscientious objection’ to abortion and euthanasia?


CRABEL Score Assessment for Oral Surgery Excision Biopsy Case Notes of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Prestação de contas de 2023 AMB é aprovada pela Assembleia Ordinária de Delegados e Geral

01.04.2024 Elliot Page, Allison Russell & Mae Martin among 400+ artists bashing ‘destructive’ anti-trans laws
01.04.2024 bioethicsbrasilia2024 16th World Conference Bioethics, medical ethics and health law
 01.04.2024 Mass protests in Israel call for ceasefire and removal of Benjamin Netanyahu

CRABEL Score Assessment for Oral Surgery Excision Biopsy Case Notes of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Enabulele Advises Christians To Emulate Jesus Christ’s Virtues At Easter


The Gambia seeks to overturn FGM ban


Culprit Lesion Coronary Intervention Before Complete Angiography in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction


The longitudinal volumetric and shape changes of subcortical nuclei in Parkinson’s disease


Reduced Alcohol Consumption and Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Individuals With Previously High Alcohol Consumption


Anti–Helicobacter pylori Treatment in Patients With Gastric Cancer After Radical Gastrectomy

28.03.2024 Nationwide Epidemiological Study Utilizing Secondary Collected Data
 28.03.2024 Sharing some expert advice on working with minority governments to advance public health

Governing with public engagement: an anticipatory approach to human genome editing


WMA President Expresses Solidarity Over Terror Attack In Moscow


The Safety and Effectiveness of Bevacizumab in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer With Unresectable Metastases: A Real-Life Study From the South of Morocco


Clinical Features and Treatment Outcomes of Carbapenem-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Keratitis


Morbidity After Mechanical Bowel Preparation and Oral Antibiotics Prior to Rectal Resection


WHO INB9 – PSI Joint Statement with Civil Society Allies


Team players and helpers – describing professional identity among finnish physicians in a cross-sectional study


The Mysterious Risk of Arterial Thrombosis With COVID-19: A Case Series of Acute Limb Ischaemia in Vaccinated Patients


Factors Associated With Anxiety and Depression in Persons With Epilepsy (PWE)


Florida law barring hiring of Chinese talent sparks criticism


The association between variability of risk factors and complications in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a retrospective study


Attitudes and Practices of Female University Students in Saudi Arabia Regarding the Cosmetic Use of Careprost (Bimatoprost) Eye Drops

 14.03.2024 Call for humanitarian pause in Gaza conflict

Medical school expansion won’t solve health care shortage: World Medical Association president


Introducing Dr. Kgosi Letlape


Med school expansion won’t solve health care shortage: WMA president


Presenting ActionSA’s Team Fix South Africa


Water as a social determinant of health: bringing policies into action


Medical professors quit in droves over expansion plan


Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation in Patients With New-Onset Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting


Immunotherapy or Chemoimmunotherapy in Older Adults With Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer


Seven days in medicine: 28 February to 5 March 2024


Development and validation of self-assessment instrument to measure the digital professionalism of healthcare professionals using social media

 06.03.2024 South Korea threatens legal action against doctors protesting medical reforms

South Korean doctors oppose government plans to expand medical school enrollment

 05.03.2024 South Korean doctors oppose expansion of medical school places

South Korea senior doctors quit, escalating crisis as officials threaten to revoke trainee licences


South Korea Health Ministry Set To Take Legal Action Against Doctors Over Strike


Tensions hit fever pitch as South Korea’s doctors hold mass street rally


South Korea says to start legal action against doctors over walkout


South Korea to start legal action against doctors over walkout


Disruptions to medical services feared to worsen


South Korea To Start Legal Action Against Striking Doctors


Seoul starts to suspend license of 7,000 unreturned doctors


South Korea police raid medical association as doctors strike over government move to increase medical student numbers


Doctors stage massive demo in Seoul against medical school admissions policy


Tensions loom as South Korean doctors plan mass rally in deepening clash over med school quota


Doctors stage massive demo in Seoul against medical school admissions policy

 03.03.2024 Tensions hit fever pitch as doctors hold mass street rally

Day of Rage: Doctors resist pressure to bend


South Korean doctors continue walkout as global body weighs in


South Korean Doctors Continue Walkout as Global Body Weighs In

 02.03.2024 S. Korea police raid medical association office over walkout

New issue of the Leopoldina newsletter

 01.03.2024 Israel’s war on Gaza is a health justice issue, too

S. Korea police raid medical association office over walkout


South Korea police raid medical association office over walk 

04.12.2023 EU Committees Vote in Favor of Mandatory Interconnected Digital Patient Health Records …

WMA commends Lancet report on medicine, Nazism and holocaust – Vanguard News


Global Health and Welfare Forum in Taiwan launches in Taipei


Highlights: Discussion on torture and the death penalty with UN experts and exonerees


Ex-NMA President Asks FG to Declare Attack on Healthcare Workers as National Emergency


Former World Medical Association President, Asks FG to Declare Attack on Healthcare


Global Health Community demand end of fossil fuel dependency at COP28


Declare Attacks On Healthcare Workers National Emergency –Enabulele

 04.11.2023 Dialysis Crisis and Right to Health: The legal implication?

Knowledge of and attitudes towards medical research ethics among first year doctoral students in Slovenia at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana


Ahead of COP28, over 46 million health professionals call for pledge to phase out fossil fuels


Health professionals demand rapid phase-out of fossil fuels

 01.11.2023 Healthcare professionals call for accelerated fossil fuel phase-out for global health
 01.11.2023 Global Health and Medical Community Unite To Demand End Fossil Fuel Dependency at COP28

Medics say assisted dying would ‘spell disaster’ for Isle of Man health service – but not all agree

 31.10.2023 AMA statement on the conflict in Israel and Gaza

The Race to Be Myself, by Caster Semenya, review: Runner’s story made me gasp at how she has been treated


Diagnostic accuracy of a three-gene Mycobacterium tuberculosis host response cartridge using fingerstick blood for childhood tuberculosis: a multicentre prospective study in low-income and middle-income countries


World Medical Association demands justice for Yasmin Rashid

 27.10.2023 WMA voices concern over Dr Yasmin’s detention

Sustained Survival Benefit in Recurrent Medulloblastoma by a Metronomic Antiangiogenic Regimen


AMA president shares perspectives on burnout, trust, hope in medicine


Poor countries at risk of being dumping ground for combustible cigarettes


‘The level of anti-semitism in Europe increased by 1,200 percent,’ says leader of European Jewish group


Deep Learning Performance of Ultra-Widefield Fundus Imaging for Screening Retinal Lesions in Rural Locales


EU leaders hold extraordinary meeting on the Israel-Hamas war as differences appeared in their messaging


Seven days in medicine: 11-17 October


EU leaders hold extraordinary meeting on the Israel-Hamas war as differences appeared in their messaging


WMA Demands Immediate Liberation of Pakistani Physician

 19.10.2023 Doctors observe black day against Israeli atrocities in Gaza

World Medical Association stands firmly for principles of medical neutrality as defined by the Geneva Convention

 16.10.2023 AlQodmani neue Präsidentin des Weltärztebunds

WMA calls on all parties to respect international law and civilian populations


Kuwaiterin Alqodmani ist neue Präsidentin des Weltärztebundes


Israel Orders Evacuation Of 1.1m People To Southern Gaza As Ground Attack Looms


WMA Strongly Condemns Attack Of Hamas On Israel


WMA moves to counter biological weapons threat, as Enabulele bows out


Uyghurs: World Medical Association calls on Chinese association to acknowledge abuse


World Physicians Reiterate Need For Ethical Use of Medical Technology


Nigeria, Other African Countries Must Build More Resilient Healthcare System — Enabulele


Nigerian Dr Osahon Enabulele completes tenure as WMA President


World Medical Association To Counter Biological Weapons Threat


KMA assumes presidency of WMA


Today in Kuwait’s history


Leadership Physicians Condemn Attacks on Physicians in Nepal


WMA President Enabulele Urges govts to secure Global Health beyond political declaration


Global Psychiatry’s Attempt to Excommunicate the Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health


Bridging inequality gaps panacea in attaining global health security – Enabulele


Tislelizumab vs Sorafenib as First-Line Treatment for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Secure Global Health Security Beyond Declarations, WMA President, Enabulele Urges Governments


WMA urges govts to move beyond political declarations to secure global health security


Talk to us, Doc


Bridging Inequality Gaps Panacea To Attaining Global Health Security — Enabulele


Enhancing Skeletal Muscle Rehabilitation: The Effects of Diclofenac Phonophoresis and Shock Wave Therapy on Serum Creatine Kinase in Athletes With Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness


Only 50,000 doctors practise in Nigeria – World Medical Association


Proportion and Risk Factors of Silent Vertebral Fractures Among Egyptian Females With Fragility Hip Fracture Presenting to the Emergency Room of Ain Shams University Hospitals


4.6b people at risk of rabies infection – WMA

 29.09.2023 Nigeria needs 250,000 doctors 

Reducing the Risks of Nuclear War — The Role of Health Professionals




Educating for a Rabies-Free World: ‘All for 1, One Health for all’


Seven days in medicine: 20-26 September 2023


What did Ron DeSantis do in Guantanamo?


The prevalence of Carbapenem Resistance Gram negative pathogens in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Jordan


NMC global recognition a boost for Indian students


NMC gets WFME recognition status for 10 years; students can practise PG in the US


Standing against discrimination in athletics: Human rights battle behind Semenya victory


Addressing Domestic Violence in Antenatal Care Environments in Nepal (ADVANCE) – study protocol for a randomized controlled trial evaluating a video intervention on domestic violence among pregnant women


Is neuregulin-1 (NRG-1) a potential blood biomarker linking depression to obesity? A case-control study


Stop Texas’ new age of oppression


The Influence of Gender on Choosing Ophthalmology as a Career Among Medical Students and Interns in Madinah, Saudi Arabia


World Veterinary Association honors Japanese veterinarian


The costs of climate activism for medical professionals: a case study of the USA, the UK, and Germany


What Do You MENA? The Arab World And Its Opportunities For Clinical Research


Journalists urged to advocate for harm reduction, smoke free products


What Do You MENA? The Arab World And Its Opportunities For Clinical Research


The costs of climate activism for medical professionals: a case study of the USA, the UK, and Germany

05.09.2023 Doctor Osahon Enabulele has urged World Leaders to develop a more robust Physician-led Primary Health System
05.09.2023 President of the World Medical Association (WMA), Dr.Osahon Enabulele, has arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Society’s silence on peace is preventing a lasting solution: Turkish Medical Association chief


Foveal Hypoplasia in a Child With Tyrosinase-Positive Albinism


Global Health Professionals Must Continue to Prevent Nuclear War


Professional Bodies Key To Nation’s Quest For Development – Enabulele

 24.08.2023 World Medical Association asks for your input

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Loneliness Among University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study in Jordan


UNIBEN SUG president organizes academic competition with N1m cash prizes


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Loneliness Among University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study in Jordan


Wilson’s Disease: A Prevalence Study in a Portuguese Population


How Hormone Therapy Might Affect Athletes Like Caster Semenya


Clinical and Demographic Characteristics of Families Attending the Epilepsy, Neuromuscular, and Child Wellbeing Clinics


Comparison of Tracheal Intubation Using King Vision (Non-channeled Blade) and Tuoren Video Laryngoscopes in Patients With Cervical Spine Immobilization by Manual In-Line Stabilization: A Randomized Clinical Trial


The VolREthics initiative to protect the well-being of healthy volunteers in biomedical research


Leadership recruitment process and national development in Nigeria


Reducing the Risks of Nuclear War—the Role of Health Professionals


La “Medicina unica” muove guerra ai medici obiettori

 11.08.2023 Effect of liraglutide on cardiometabolic profile and on bioelectrical impedance analysis in patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome

Anthea Mowat: anaesthetist, medical politician, and campaigner for equality


Incidence of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) among healthcare workers during the first and second wave in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a descriptive study


Atorvastatin for Anthracycline-Associated Cardiac Dysfunction


Mountain Grove physician marks 40 years in practice


Reducing the risks of nuclear war — the role of health professionals


Medische wereld waarschuwt voor atoomdreiging


WMA Welcomes European Court of Human Rights

27.07.2023 In praise of civility among clinicians

The World Medical Association Subtly Eviscerates Conscience Rights


WMA seeks better deal for health workers


WMA President visits Gov. Obaseki, calls for improvement in healthcare, workers welfare


WMA President Visits Obaseki, Reiterates Calls For Strong Health System, Workforce


Divesting Fossil Fuels = High Profits, Low Carbon Footprints

20.07.2023 Medical expert explains how trans healthcare bans hurt us all: ‘Nobody seems interested in reality’

Mercy Celebrates Milestones at Mountain Grove Family Medicine Clinic


Iranian healthcare caught in political crossfire: a global call to action


Salute Caster, on your fight for future stars


FG failed to heed NMAs advise to tie workers’ wages to inflationary trends to avoid frequent industrial action


Joint letter on the health consequences of the Illegal Migration Bill


QCI rankings for public & pvt medical colleges must from next yr. ‘Will help students weigh options’


Fair’s fair


Enabulele Congratulates BMA New President, Urges Britain To Embrace BMA Arm 2023 Resolutions


Enabulele, WMA’s President urges British govt. to embrace resolutions of local bodies on doctors’ welfare, healthcare delivery


Duties and Rights of Health Professionals During a Pandemic


What I Learned in Tai Ji Men as a Medical Student


Violence Against Doctors Undermines Attempts To Advance Patient-Centered Care — WMA President


Bring Back Our Doctors


IMA President Urges Society To Respect Doctors And Promote Organ Donation On Doctor’s Day

02.07.2023 Let’s call transphobia by its real name – sickening bigotry
 24.05.2023 Taiwan holds joint forum with World Medical Association in Geneva

Building an interdisciplinary workforce for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases: the role of e-learning


The Lancet Editorial: Physician Involvement in Executions Violates Medical Ethics

 21.05.2023 NARD Warning Strike: Doctors Address Dilemma In Abandoning Dying Patients
 21.05.2023 Patient Care: Humanise The Whole Healthcare Value Chain, WMA President, Enjoins Governments
 21.05.2023 WMA President advocates humanizing whole healthcare value chain
 20.05.2023 World doctors condemn global violence against physicians
 20.05.2023 The death penalty: a breach of human rights and ethics of care
 18.05.2023 “Taiwan’s exclusion from the WHO raises questions about the organization’s independence from Beijing”
 18.05.2023 The Right to Hunger Strike
 16.05.2023 Jung Yul Park: Koreaner übernimmt Vorsitz des Weltärztebundes
 16.05.2023 Global Violence Against Physicians Condemned by WMA President
 15.05.2023 Transgender athletes cannot compete
 12.05.2023 Taiwan medical groups back nation’s membership of WHA
12.05.2023 Elliot Page, in shirtless photo, celebrates the ‘joy’ he feels in his trans body, and the end of ‘dysphoria.’ Here’s what it all means
11.05.2023 Cancer Research Pioneer to Address Graduates at Drexel College of Medicine Commencement
 11.05.2023 Time for action: Multi-stakeholder hearing in preparation for the UN high-level meeting on UHC
 10.05.2023 Violence against healthcare workers is emergency, WMA tells FG
 10.05.2023 Joint letter on the health consequences of the Illegal Migration Bill

Ethical And Methodological Issues Concerning Researching ‘Vulnerable’ Groups


A sprinter fights for trans rights at Paris 2024

 10.05.2023 Khader Adnan’s death in prison: A preventable crisis
 08.05.2023 We Need a New Hippocratic Oath That Puts Patient Autonomy First

BMA pushes for Chinese Medical Association to condemn medical abuse of Uyghurs

 05.05.2023 Declare emergency on violence against healthcare workers, WMA urges FG
04.05.2023 NGOs Laud Islamic Jihad’s Khader Adnan, Blame Israel for Hunger Strike Death
 03.05.2023 What is hormone therapy for transgender people? Experts explain this decades-old treatment
03.05.2023 Wexford consultant brands health system ‘utterly inhumane’ after spending three days on a trolley in A&E
 03.05.2023 DN Pre-WHA 2022 – Social Media and Global Health Advocacy
02.05.2023 What to know about hunger strikes
01.05.2023 Health Minister Shies Away from Euthanasia Stance
 01.05.2023 Health: World Medical Association boss calls for EU-wide drug reserve
 o1.05.2023 World Medical Association Boss Calls For EU-Wide Drug Reserve
 28.04.2023 World Medical Association Council Meeting
28.04.2023 ACLU, Lambda Legal Sue to Block Missouri Trans Health Care Order
 28.04.2023 House and Its Obnoxious Doctors Migration Bill
 26.04.2023 ‘Improper’ for government to lead on euthanasia legalization: Minister
 25.04.2023 BMA welcomes World Medical Association council resolution on human rights violations against Uyghur people in China

Medics warn of “catastrophic” health effects of UK policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

 23.04.2023 Global doctors’ association worried over safety of medics in Sudan
 23.04.2023 Sudan conflict: FG raises evacuation panel as trapped Nigerians knock govt
 22.04.2023 Kenya hosts the 23rd World Medical Association Council
 22.04.2023 Three Kenyan doctors appointed to WMA committees
 21.04.2023 Physician Leaders Call for an Effective Ceasefire in Sudan
 21.04.2023 World Medical Association calls for immediate ceasefire in Sudan
 21.04.2023 World Medical Association condemns proposed death penalty for Homosexuals in Uganda
 21.04.2023 World Medical Association condemns proposed death penalty for Homosexuals in Uganda
 21.04.2023 Korean professor elected chairman of World Medical Association
 21.04.2023 Professor Park Jung-yul becomes 1st Korean to chair WMA
17.04.2023 Korean professor elected president of World Medical Association – EU Reporter
 17.04.2023 Republic of Korea, following culture, ‘medical care’ also stands tall in the global market: Welfare Shinbo
 17.04.2023 Report reveals extent of damage caused to healthcare professionals during pandemic
 17.04.2023 Netherlands Will Start Euthanizing Children Under 12
12.04.2023 WHO Youth Council
 12.04.2023 World Medical Association Attacks Lawmakers over Bill Restricting Doctors to Nigeria
12.04.2023 Hon. Johnson’s Bill Will Aggravate Nigeria’s Brain Drain Crisis – Dr.  Enabulele, WMA President
 10.04.2023 Quickly Address Mental Health, Psycho-Social Challenges Among Workforce Worldwide, WMA President Urges Govts
 10.04.2023 WMA seeks expedite action on mental health challenges
 10.04.2023 Health Workforce: WMA seeks quick address of mental health, burn out, psycho-social challenges
10.04.2023 Group Seeks Better Mental Health Care For Doctors
 10.04.2023 Five-year compulsory service for doctors will create crisis – WMA
 10.04.2023 UK revises foreign health workers’ recruitment, returns Nigeria to red list countries
 04.04.2023 Message at the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization
 04.04.2023 How COVID-19 strained healthcare professionals, by report

03.04.2023 Report: Damage caused to healthcare professionals during Covid-19 pandemic
 03.04.2023 Report shows how the Covid-19 pandemic caused physical and psychological damage to healthcare professionals
31.03.2023 Caster Semenya’s career in danger due to new World Athletics regulation
 31.03.2023 Caster Semenya: Athletics SA taking legal advice on ‘highly discriminatory’ new World Athletics rules
 31.03.2023 Colorado Democrats move to shield abortion, transgender care from out-of-state penalties
 30.03.2023 Encouraging climate-friendly trips to the association’s recreational facilities
27.03.2023 World Medical Association condemns death penalty for Gay offenders
 24.03.2023 World Medical Association Condemns Death Penalty For Gay Offenders
 24.03.2023 Lack of transparency in medical study results
 24.03.2023 What transition-related health care is available to transgender kids in Texas? Here’s what you should know
24.03.2023 What transition-related health care is available to transgender kids in Texas? Here’s what you should know

TikTok surgery reignites worries over doctors and social media

15.03.2023 The New Zealand Medical Association calls for an immediate ban on boxing
 12.03.2023 ‘Very intimate knowledge’: What Ron DeSantis saw while serving at Guantánamo
 10.03.2023 Devastating earthquake in Turkey: a call for global action
 09.03.2023 O. Kloiber, « Bioethics: the Backbone of the World Medical Association for 75 Years »
09.03.2023 How Israel Has Its Sights Set on Becoming a Global Pioneer in Medtech
 08.03.2023 When Force-Feeding Is Torture
08.03.2023 ‘Very intimate knowledge’: What Ron DeSantis saw while serving at Guantánamo
08.03.2023 Ron DeSantis’ Superior Speaks Out Amid Guantanamo Torture Accusations

Barriers and facilitators to the recruitment of disabled people to clinical trials: a scoping review


The World Medical Association Email Format

07.03.2023 Autonomy Alone Does Not Validate Physician Assisted Suicide
 04.03.2023 Global Medical And Human Rights Groups Call On Turkey To End Persecution Of Doctors
 02.03.2023 Secret CIA Method To Make “Any Sort of Pain Disappear”
 01.03.2023 Bongani Mayosi nurtured from home to do what was right
 28.02.2023 WFME and the International Chair in Bioethics
 28.02.2023 Mercury Phase-Out
 28.02.2023 Medical groups, rights organizations call on Turkey to end persecution of doctors
 27.02.2023 Global Medical and Human Rights Groups Call on Türkiye to End Persecution of Doctors
 25.02.2023 WMA President votes in Nigeria, urges peaceful polls
22.02.2023 World Medical Association Meeting on the International Code of Medical Ethics in Indonesia
13.02.2023 Iran Protests: More Doctors Treating Protesters Killed, Tortured and Detained
30.01.2023 The World Medical Association needs you
 30.01.2023 WMA Calls For Charges Against Medical Association Members to be Dropped
 28.01.2023 Medicine should be learned in a conducive environment

Towards full clinical trial registration and results publication: longitudinal meta-research study in Northwestern and Central Switzerland

 26.01.2023 World Medical Association
26.01.2023 Medical Bodies Send Further Help to Besieged People of Ukraine
 25.01.2023 Medical Bodies Send Further Help to Besieged People of Ukraine
24.01.2023 Could medical cannabis play a role in treating substance misuse?
24.01.2023 Declaration of Helsinki
 23.01.2023 Eating in Isolation: A Normative Comparison of Force Feeding and Solitary Confinement
 23.01.2023 The Hippocratic Oath gets an update with new language about physician well-being, respect and patient autonomy
17.01.2023 AP Archive Demo as Turkey Medical Assoc. chief trial to resume
16.01.2023 Leading Turkish doctor convicted over call for chemical weapons inquiry
 11.01.2023 Turkish Medical Association chief convicted of terrorism over media interview
 11.01.2023 Turkish Medical Association chief convicted on ‘terror’ charge
 11.01.2023 The court sentenced Turkish Medical Association President Şebnem Korur Fincancı to prison and released her
 11.01.2023 Turkish Medical Association chief convicted of terror charge
11.01.2023 Turkey’s top doctor convicted in chemical weapons trial
 10.01.2023 Physician leaders warn of threat to autonomy of Turkish medical association

Türkiye: Leading Turkish human rights defender must be acquitted

 09.01.2023 Physician Leaders Warn of Threat to Autonomy of Turkish Medical Association
09.01.2023 Europe-wide mandatory PCR testing for China flights
 05.01.2023 Mental health: Firm emphasises need for specialised care
04.01.2023 Questions and answers: Concerns about the corona wave in China: does Europe have to react?
 04.01.2023 Split Opinions On The Corona Test Requirement For Travelers To China

World Medical Association: Montgomery calls for PCR tests across Europe for arrivals from China

 31.12.2022 World Medical Association affirms conscientious objections
30.12.2022 Professor Sir Michael Marmot conferred prestigious Companion of Honour for major achievement in public health
 29.12.2022 Drosten statement on Corona: World Medical Association warns
29.12.2022 Pandemic: No mandatory test for entry from China
29.12.2022 Pandemic: Covid test when entering from China: how does Germany proceed?
 27.12.2022 World Medical Association votes to protect conscientious objection
23.12.2022 ‘My medical opinion has been criminalized,’ says prominent doctor at first trial hearing
 23.12.2022 Turkish doctor on ‘terror’ trial over chemical arms comment
 23.12.2022 Canadian doctors raise alarm as Iranian healthcare workers targeted by regime

Turkey: Free Rights Defender


International human rights groups call for release of leading Turkish human rights defender and physician


Ethics teaching in medical school: the perception of medical students

 22.12.2022 WMA Urges Immediate Action to End Humanitarian Crisis
 22.12.2022 Medical organisations unite to free physician leader
 22.12.2022 International Human Rights Groups Call for Release of Leading Turkish Human Rights Defender and Physician
 20.12.2022 Lauterbach Wants To Change Price Rules For Children’s Medicines
20.12.2022 German Medical Groups Urge Govt. To End Human ‘Catastrophe In Iran’
20.12.2022 The World Medical Association asks Iran to stop executions: – We support the demand
14.12.2022 ACSH Explains Institutional Review Boards (IRB)
14.12.2022 Turkish doctors vow to defend integrity of arrested TMA president
14.12.2022 UHC: WMA calls for equitable deployment of health technological innovations
13.12.2022 International Code of Medical Ethics
 13.12.2022 BMA Information Fund opens to applications
13.12.2022 World Physicians Call For Death Penalty Moratorium
13.12.2022 How AI plays its role in medical innovation
13.12.2022 World Medical Director demands that lockdowns not be categorically ruled out
11.12.2022 How AI plays its role in medical innovation
08.12.2022 World Medical Association Condemns, Calls For Prohibition Of Death Penalty In Iran
07.12.2022 The second opinion

Stop Murder and Imprisonment of Healthcare Professionals in Iran

07.12.2022 Courage is the cure
07.12.2022 WMA Calls on WHO to End Taiwan’s Exclusion
06.12.2022 Chief of WMA calls for WHO to include Taiwan
06.12.2022 World Medical Association Head Calls for End to Taiwan’s WHO Exclusion
06.12.2022 Chief of WMA calls for WHO to include Taiwan
06.12.2022 World Medical Association: WHO should stop excluding Taiwan
06.12.2022 WMA seeks Taiwanese Govt for health system strengthening
01.12.2022 Govt must address doctors’ poor wages, working conditions – WMA president
 30.11.2022 Norway’s Foreign Minister says her country “concerned about increased military activity in N. Iraq”

Workplace violence at emergency departments, Ain Shams University Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt

28.11.2022 Violence at workplace, others, bane of brain drain in medical sector, Dr. Osahon, President, World Medical Association
 24.11.2022 Vanguard Mental Health Summit: We must end stigmatization of people with mental health issues – Dr. Enabulele
23.11.2022 International physicians call on Turkey to release top medical association chief from prison
22.11.2022 American Medical Association calls for action for Prof. Korur-Fincancı
22.11.2022 Astana Declaration Anniversary 2022
 21.11.2022 “I was screaming and he was smiling”: DeSantis ran Guantanamo torture
17.11.2022 The World Medical Association calls for ending age discrimination in health care
 17.11.2022 Free Şebnem Korur Fincancı and end systematic silencing of health professionals
17.11.2022 WMA Boss Solicits Japanese Govt’s Support To Achieve UHC

‘Chilling’ Video Footage Shows Asylum-Seeker Being Force-Fed in ICE Detention

14.11.2022 Turkey and chemical weapons: the accusations no one wants to investigate
14.11.2022 An immediate and unconditional end to violence against health personnel in Iran has been called for by the World Medical Association
14.11.2022 WMA President Enabulele visits Japanese Health Minister, seeks support for universal health coverage
12.11.2022 WMA urges physicians to report inappropriate working conditions, violence
10.11.2022 ICRC and World Medical Association to work together for safer health-care delivery
10.11.2022 WMA decries violence against health personnel in Iran
10.11.2022 BMA calls for release of the President of the Turkish Medical Association
10.11.2022 Junior Doctors Burned Out Warns Physician Leader
10.11.2022 Save millions of lives through healthy sustainable solutions to tackle the climate crisis
10.11.2022 Pay attention to your well-being, Enabulele tells physicians
10.11.2022 Junior Doctors Burn-Out Worries WMA Boss, Dr Enabulele
10.11.2022 World Medical Association signs MOU with World Health Organisation
10.11.2022 Enabulele tasks doctors on working conditions, swears in new CMA president
10.11.2022 World Medical Association signs MOU with World Health Organisation
07.11.2022 Junior Doctors Burned Out Warns Physician Leader
07.11.2022 Physicians worldwide issue clarion call on racism’s impact in medicine
07.11.2022 WMA President calls for empowerment of junior doctors
07.11.2022 Dr. Enabulele warns of young doctors’ overwork
04.11.2022 World Medical Director demands that lockdowns not be categorically ruled out
03.11.2022 Health Ministry Refuses to Pass a Bill Protecting Doctors Against Violence

WMA: Use of chemical gases should be investigated

27.10.2022 WMA Condemns Arrest Of Turkish Physician Leader
27.10.2022 WMA calls for an independent investigation into use of chemical gases against the PKK
27.10.2022 WMA condemns Turkish physician leader’s arrest
27.10.2022 Turkey Detains 57 Protesting Arrest of Renowned Medical Leader
27.10.2022 European Doctors condemn the arrest of Şebnem Korur Fincanci and call for her immediate release
27.10.2022 KNMG op de WMA-vergadering in Berlijn
21.10.2022 vanguardngr World Medical Association committed to universal health coverage, human resources – Enabulele

The World Medical Association urges not to discriminate on the basis of health or age

 21.10.2022 How to build resilient health systems, by Enabulele
 20.10.2022 World Medical Association seeks for elimination of healthcare discrimination against the elderly
24.10.2022 WMA Declaration of Berlin on racism in medicine 10 October 2022
24.10.2022 Conscience remains the soul of the medical profession
20.10.2022 High time to stop workplace violence against health professionals in the context of COVID-19 
19.10.2022 Berlin: ‘Violence Against Doctors’ resolution unanimously passed in WMA General Assembly
13.10.2022 Christian professor welcomes World Medical Association’s decision to protect conscientious objection
12.10.2022 WMA declares racism in medicine a public health threat
11.10.2022 WMA Berlin Assembly Decisions
29.09.2022 Study: New Treatment Needed To Control Rabies Underway
19.09.2022 Obaseki seeks World Medical Association collaboration
15.09.2022 Declaration of Helsinki: Recommendations for Conduct of Clinical Research
23.08.2022 Doctors should not be forced to refer patients for controversial procedures
22.082022 Iranian cases throw spotlight on use of punitive amputation
22.08.2022 World Medical Association President Tasks Nigerian Doctors On Active Participation In Politics 
15.08.2022 World Medical Association protects conscientious objection by rejecting mandatory referral
05.08.2022 WMA Implores UN To End Amputation Punishment In Iranian Prisons
04.08.2022 Execution by organ removal: the role of transplant surgeons in China’s execution of prisoners
03.08.2022 World Physician Leaders Express Horror at Latest Amputation News
02.08.2022 World Medical Association Calls For Better Monkeypox Education
02.08.2022 Aquatic Federation’s new eligibility policy—an unacceptable erosion of bodily autonomy for women and girls
02.08.2022 The M.M.A. Doctor’s Dilemma: To Stop or Not to Stop the Fight
31.07.2022 Coronavirus in Germany: Infection and death rates explode during summer months
30.07.2022 Violence against health workers rises during COVID-19
26.07.2022 Drugmakers, doctors and the ethical code to keep a nexus at bay
21.07.2022 IMA creates spiritual sub-committee for Doctors
20.07.2022 World Athletics has Caster Semenya running in circles, again and again and again
20.07.2022 Caster Semenya, Barred From Her Signature Event, Races the 5,000 Meters
20.07.2022 Covid lockdowns in Germany shouldn’t be ruled out, says expert
20.07.2022 Impact of COVID on violence against healthcare
20.07.2022 World Medical Director demands that lockdowns not be categorically ruled out
19.07.2022 ICN, ICRC, IHF, WMA Report Shows Increased Impact Of COVID On Violence Against Healthcare
19.07.2022 Torture Methods in Russia’s Prison Complex
17.07.2022 IDI Bersama World Medical Association Ulas Tuntas Etik Kedokteran Masa Kini
12.07.2022 Malpractice Claims and Ethical Issues in Prison Health Care Related to Consent and Confidentiality
08.07.2022 The Role of Professions in a State: The Effects of the Nazi Experience on Health Care Professionalism
08.07.2022 The Holocaust as an Inflection Point in the Development of Research Ethics
06.07.2022 World Medical Association Acknowledges IDI As The Sole Organization Representing Indonesia
06.07.2022 ICoME Welcome Messages
03.07.2022 IDI dan Asosiasi Dokter Medis Sedunia (WMA) Gelar Simposium
03.07.2022 IDI dan WMA Gelar Simposium Soal Standarisasi Etik Kedokteran Dunia
03.07.2022 PB IDI Holds International Symposium Regarding Revision of the World Medical Code of Ethics
25.06.2022 Strengthening health systems in crisis due to COVID-19 requires ending violence against female healthcare workers
22.06.2022 Covid subvariants cast shadow over European summer
21.06.2022 How can we get more open access to medical studies? Simple, let’s take the green road
20.06.2022 TTB’s proposal was realized: Covid-19 vaccine patent removed
15.06.2022 Fears for Iranian-Swedish doctor held on espionage charges
14.06.2022 Breaking: Abia Medical Doctors Embark on Strike Over Kidnapped College
14.06.2022 Research must do no harm: new guidance addresses all studies relating to people
09.06.2022 Boxer Simiso Buthelezi dies after collapsing at end of fight in South Africa
 09.06.2022 Boxer Simiso Buthelezi dies after collapsing at end of fight in South Africa
08.06.2022 New draft code of ethics for doctors
 08.06.2022 The ‘Physician’s Pledge’ in new draft code of ethics for doctors, and how it differs from Charak, Hippocratic oaths

What is the ‘Physician’s Pledge’ in the new draft regulation for doctors? How’s it different from Hippocratic Oath?

 08.06.2022 IDI to represent Indonesia in International Medical Ethics formulation
 07.06.2022 Not Charak Shapath or Hippocratic Oath but the ‘Physicians Pledge’ now
 06.06.2022 Dealing with death, pain takes heavy toll on doctors as well
 06.06.2022 Four Men Convicted of Stealing Face Amputation in Tehran

PERSPECTIVE: If We Don’t Feed People, We Feed Conflict

 03.06.2022 Omicron subvariant drives spike in cases and deaths in Portugal
 31.05.2022 News about the corona pandemic: World Medical Director Montgomery warns of the spread of the omicron variant BA.5 in Germany
 30.05.2022 The NZ Medical Association has breathed its last. So who killed it?
 30.05.2022 World Medical President calls for “anti-corona plan” for autumn
 30.05.2022 MOFA grateful for WHO backing from Taiwan’s allies, partners
30.05.2022 Covid-19 hastened demise of Medical Association before members voted to liquidate
 30.05.2022 NZ Medical Association votes to liquidate
 28.05.2022 “Topic will soon be settled”: World Medical Director gives monkeypox all-clear
 28.05.2022 World medical chief gives monkeypox all-clear 
 28.05.2022 World Medical Director: “The subject of monkeypox will soon be settled”
26.05.2022 Lauterbach considers the return of the mask requirement to be conceivable
25.05.2022 Semenya offered to show her body to officials to prove she was female

Semenya offered to show her body to officials to prove she was female

24.05.2022 Violence against doctors: Urgent need for central law to protect healthcare workers
24.05.2022 Is the international regulation of medical complicity with torture largely window dressing? The case of Israel and the lessons of a 12-year medical ethical appeal
16.05.2022 Physicians in Missouri (but Not Illinois) Win Battle to Block Physician Participation in Executions

Trials using deferred consent in the emergency setting: a systematic review and narrative synthesis of stakeholders’ attitudes

13.05.2022 University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine graduates 70 new physicians
 10.05.2022 WMA urges Iranian authorities to stop execution of medical doctor
 10.05.2022 YPS members and news highlights
 10.05.2022 WMA urges Iranian authorities to stop execution of medical doctor
 09.05.2022 World Medical Association Issues Urgent Plea To Stop Imminent Execution Of Doctor

Health: New Zealand Medical Association faces liquidation

 05.05.2022 ARD: World Medical Association boss with a clear verdict on Lauterbach policy

An oath that breaks tradition

 04.05.2022 With international backing, Taiwan makes another bid for World Health Assembly
 03.05.2022 Reactions of physicians in the state of São Paulo to the use of telemedicine during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: cross-sectional study
 03.05.2022 Explained: Why the Charaka Shapath is controversial and has no place in modern medicine
03.05.2022 What are Hippocratic oath and Charaka oath? History, importance and other details
 02.05.2022 Charak Shapath and the contraversy
 02.05.2022 Explained: What do Charak Shapath and Hippocratic Oath say?

Dr Jim Appleyard obituary

 01.05.2022 Explained: New row over Charak Shapath; what is it, and what does it say?
 29.04.2022 Is it illegal to break patient confidentiality?
 29.04.2022 Rustam Gilfanov: What Do Automation and Big Data Offer to The Future of The Clinical Trials
29.04.2022 IDI: Professional Organization Different to Mass Organization
 27.04.2022 How to Stop People From Trusting Doctors
 26.04.2022 Delegação da AMB participa de reunião do Conselho da WMA na França
 26.04.2022 Taiwan banks on growing global support to regain WHO observer seat in May
25.04.2022 A world we’ve never experienced before: Installation of closed-circuit televisions in operating rooms
 23.04.2022 Taiwan to make its utmost effort to attend WHA as an observer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 23.04.2022 Prominent physician criticises biased medical reports on jailed ill prisoners in Turkey
 21.04.2022 Taiwan launches campaign to attend WHA as observer in May
 21.04.2022 World Medical Association asks WHA to open up for Taiwan
21.04.2022 WMA urges WHO to open doors for Taiwan’s participation at WHA
21.04.2022 WMA urges WHO to open doors for Taiwan’s participation at WHA
 20.04.2022 IFMSA and WMA statement calling for immediate end to war in Ukraine
 20.04.2022 Global bodies join war between doctors and nurses in Korea
 19.04.2022 Fight climate change and save money—go green at your practice
14.04.2022 War prevention and mitigation are public health imperatives of our time
 12.04.2022 Regulations governing complementary medicines are invalid: SCA rules
 11.04.2022 The World Medical Association refused to exclude Russia
 11.04.2022 World Medical Association writes to PM Modi seeking intervention over attacks on doctors
 11.04.2022 World Medical Association Writes to PM Narendra Modi Urging Him To Stop Attacks on Physicians and Health Personnel
 11.04.2022 World Medical Association asks Modi to end attacks on healthcare professionals
11.04.2022 World Medical Association writes to PM Modi seeking intervention over attacks on doctors
 11.04.2022 Medical groups push WHA recognition
 09.04.2022 US diplomat pitches Taiwan’s inclusion in WHA

71 Chinese inmates on death row had their hearts or lungs removed during executions before being declared dead, new study says

09.04.2022 Death Row Inmates in China Had Their Hearts Removed by Medics Before Declared Dead: Study
 09.04.2022 World Medical Association writes to PM seeking solution to attacks against doctors
 08.04.2022 Indian Prime Minister Mordi Cautioned To Stop Attacks On Physician
08.04.2022 WMA President, Dr Osahon decries access to healthcare facilities in Nigeria
 08.04.2022 Targeting civilians and health care in war is unconscionable
08.04.2022 Rajasthan Doctor Suicide Case: Amid Rising Attacks On Doctors, World Medical Association Writes Letter To PM Modi Demanding Legal Environment For Health Professionals
02.04.2022 Explained: Will ‘Charak Shapath’ Replace Hippocratic Oath for MBBS Students?
 31.03.2022 Application of Blockchain technology in healthcare and life science | AI handling of patient data | Blockchain and the future of legal services

How does Standard-Of-Care Affect Clinical Trials?

30.03.2022 Madrid takes to the streets against abortion and euthanasia
29.03.2022 More than 1 million euros of medical care will be transferred to Lviv region
25.03.2022 Pope Francis and the Scrapping of the Just War Doctrine

Over 22,500 Indian students & nationals brought back from Ukraine


Appeal for donations to the Ukraine Medical Help Fund – Dr. Heidi STENSMYREN WMA President


Government Targeting Transgender Youth in Texas


Medical professionals rethink disease-fighting tactics – PMB


Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Pressing Question of Ethics and Humanity


Should a Physician Ever Violate SWAT or TEMS Protocol in a Mass Casualty Incident?


DNA samples of Tibetans, Uyghurs and Kazakhs human subjects collected non-consensually


Galaxy Vets Calls for an Update to the Veterinary Professional Oaths

25.01.2022 What can be done to improve research integrity?
20.01.2022 Germany tries Syrian doctor for torture
08.01.2022 ‘Rat Race’: A Nation’s Lassa Dilemma
07.01.2022 “Pandemic is our common problem”
06.01.2022 “There will be no more mass walks”
05.01.2022 A New Year message from Chair of UK Council – Dr Chaand Nagpaul
05.01.2022 Doctors in prisons

Was Your Face Mask Produced With Slave Labor?

04.01.2022 United Nations Human Rights Council criticises Belgium’s euthanasia law
04.01.2022 German court ruling on triage for elderly patients in pandemic: A double-edged sword
03.01.2022 What is the World Medical Association
22.12.2021 The Story Of A Nigerian Doctor Who Emerged The President Of WMA In 2021
20.12.2021 World Medical Association President: I believe in my country
19.12.2021 Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into euthanasia
19.12.2021 Doctors can jointly create  a World Health Keeping Force
19.12.2021 Bomb proposal for compulsory vaccination across Europe by the president of the World Medical Association
16.12.2021 Check out the latest news and collaborations of the WCEA
24.11.2021 The New Climate Activism: What role for health NGOs?
19.11.2021 The World Medical Association (WMA), which represents doctors throughout the world has proposed a new International Code of Medical Ethics.
19.11.2021 WMA boss: “Unvaccinated people must feel the consequences of their actions”
19.11.2021 Dr. David Barbe: AMR awerness week
12.11.2021 International medical organizations express support for Dr. Gökalp
02.11.2021 World Medical Association chair calls for broad use of Covid boosters
02.11.2021 World Medical Association chair calls for broad use of Covid boosters
02.11.2021 libertatea-ro World Medical Association President calls for widespread administration of three-dose COVID vaccine
02.11.2021 dcnews-ro The president of the World Medical Association has called for widespread use of vaccination with over-booster doses
31.10.2021 Int’l Day of Medical Profession observed
31.10.2021 Ethical Issues in the Design of Randomized Trials: To Sham or Not to Sham
30.10.2021 the Nicaraguan health-care workers under attack
27.10.2021 Aftermath Challenges of Pandemic Faced by Healthcare Industry
27.10.2021 Corona news in ticker: World medical president warns to overload clinics
26.10.2021 Valedictory Address Dr Barbe 2021
26.10.2021 Athletics DSD regulations are flawed, Christine Mboma is the next victim.
26.10.2021 WMA General Assembly 2022 in Berlin
21.10.2021 1 Billion People Expected To Die From Tobacco-Related Complications In The 21st Century
21.10.2021 WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19
21.10.2021 Up to 180,000 health workers may have died from COVID-19
20.10.2021 WMA President Wants African Countries To Prioritise Their Health Sector
19.10.2021 Resolution supporting Taiwan’s WHO participation ‘wrong and invalid’, mainland spokesman says
19.10.2021 World Medical Association supports Taiwan participation in WHO
18.10.2021 World Medical Association supports Taiwan participation in WHO
18.10.2021 World Medical Association backs Taiwan WHO membership bid
18.10.2021 WMA calls for international prevention campaigns against fake drugs
18.10.2021 www-aerzteblatt-de. World Medical Association supports doctors in Nicaragua
17.10.2021 World Medical Association calls for action on fake medicines
17.10.2021 Ministry thanks WMA for its support
17.10.2021 World Medical Congress rejects Chinese proposal to support Taiwan’s participation in WHO | WHO | WMA | World Medical Association
17.10.2021 Doctors urge action against fake drugs, online sales of medical products
17.10.2021 World Medical Association calls for action on fake medicines
17.10.2021 World Medical Association moves to end incessant Doctors strikes across Africa
16.10.2021 Foreign ministry thanks WMA for supporting Taiwan’s participation in WHO
16.10.2021 Gender inequality in healthcare must end
16.10.2021 The World Medical Association calls for action on counterfeit medicines
16.10.2021 WMA approves resolution to support Taiwan’s participation in WHA
16.10.2021 World Medical Association calls for action on fake medicines
12.10.2021 The World Medical Association calls for an end to covid travel discrimination
12.10.2021 World Medical Association calls for end to covid travel discrimination
12.10.2021 COVID-19: World Medical Association Calls For End To Travel Restrictions
12.10.2021 45 Million Health Professionals Calls For Climate Action Ahead Of COP26 To Avert “Biggest Health Threat Facing Humanity”
11.10.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine: WMA calls for end to travel discrimination
10.10.2021 Buhari congratulates Enabulele, president-elect world medical association
08.10.2021 Enabulele Emerges President-Elect World Medical Association
08.10.2021 Myanmar doctors are under fire from the military and covid-19
07.10.2021 Nigerian emerges President of World Medical Association
07.10.2021 Nigeria’s Osahon Enabulele emerges President-elect of World Medical Association
07.10.2021 Dr Osahon Enabulele emerges President of World Medical Association
07.10.2021 Nigeria’s Osahon Enabulele Emerges President-Elect Of World Medical Association
07.10.2021 Nigerian doctor, Osahon Enabulele, emerges President World Medical Association
06.10.2021 From Deir Yassin to Gaza — the long history of the suppression of reports on Palestinian health
30.01.2021 Not a disease: a global call for action urging revision of the ICD-11 classification of old age
29.09.2021 ‘59,000 People Die From Rabies Yearly’
29.09.2021 Dialogue needed in addressing vaccine hesitancy, Vatican official says
28.09.2021 Rabies A Health Challenge In More Than 150 Countries
28.09.2021 Rabies, a serious health problem; say veterinarians and physicians
28.09.2021 Press Conference to present the Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life “Public Health in Global Perspective. Pandemic, Bioethics, Future”
28.09.2021 World Rabies Day – World Veterinary Association/World Medical Association Press Release
28.09.2021 Rabies, serious health problems veterinarians and doctors say
28.09.2021 Global medical experts gather at the Vatican to discuss errors made during the pandemic
27.09.2021 Pandemic in the Physicians’ Perspective
24.09.2021 Dr. Kgosi Letlape, Commissioner, South Africa
24.09.2021 Praise and criticism for the end of the quarantine compensation for unvaccinated people
22.09.2021 The German Medical Association’s hesitant dealing with the Nazi past
16.09.2021 The Ethical Bankruptcy of Vaccinating 12-15 Year-Olds Against SARS-CoV-2
16.09.2021 Athletics is tying itself in knots on the intersex debate
15.09.2021 Campaigners disappointed at ‘divisive’ BMA vote on euthanasia
14.09.2021 Assisted dying: British Medical Association drops opposition to euthanasia
14.09.2021 Motion for a resolution to wind up the debate on the statement by the Commission pursuant to Rule 132(2) of the Rules of Procedure
12.09.2021 Catholic Association of Polish Doctors against limiting the conscience clause
12.09.2021 The disease is stressful”: Medical Association promotes vaccination
12.09.2021 FMUP welcomes International Chair of Bioethics
10.09.2021 Pontifical Academy for Life Assembly to focus on Public Health in Global Perspective
10.09.2021 Vaccine skeptics hobble Germany’s fight against COVID-19
09.09.2021 The longstanding complicity of the Israeli Medical Association with torture in Israel
09.09.2021 Pressure mounts on German politicians to implement ‘vaccinated only’ rule
18.08.2021 Moi University’s Dean – School of Medicine, Prof. Lukoye Atwoli has been appointed on the World Medical Association’s (WMA) Medical Ethics Committee as an Official Advisor 2019-2020.
18.08.2021 Healthcare Professional Voices in Advocating Ethical Conduct
17.08.2021 Breakthroughs in vaccination under Delta variant: How infectious are vaccinated people?
11.08.2021 Chronology 2021: Germany and the Corona Pandemic
10.08.2021 More Warnings Of Abuse After Rights Groups Urge End To Uzbek Use Of Rectal Exams
10.08.2021 SC seeks govt’s reply on Covid-19 vaccine trials data plea
10.08.2021 Why the Olympics ‘testosterone debate’ is still a delicate balance between fairness and tolerance
07.08.2021 For the Bund Länder-Round: Debate on disadvantages for unvaccinated people | free press
07.08.2021 Leading doctor calls for compulsory tests for everyone returning to Germany, including vaccinated
07.08.2021 World Medical Association President Montgomery Calls for Tests for Returnees from Travel
05.08.2021 Forced Anal Testing in Homosexuality Prosecutions in Uzbekistan
05.08.2021 Message to all health workers from Frank Ulrich Montgomery
05.08.2021 Does teaching medical ethics ensure good knowledge, attitude, and reported practice? An ethical vignette-based cross-sectional survey among doctors in a tertiary teaching hospital in Nepal
03.08.2021 DSD Athletes: What Does it Mean And What Are the World Athletics Rules?
03.08.2021 Barred From 400 Meters, Namibia’s Mboma Wins Silver in the 200
02.08.2021 Conversion therapy has no place in New Zealand
26.07.2021 Corona: Christine Lambrecht (SPD) Speaks Out Against Compulsory Vaccination
26.07.2021 Germany: Lawmakers split over COVID vaccine rights proposal
26.07.2021 More infections: Will there be restrictions for unvaccinated people? | free press
26.07.2021 Medical Complicity With Torture In Israel
26.07.2021 The Alarming Rise in Violence Against Doctors in India and Its Immediate Solution
26.07.2021 Restrictions for the unvaccinated: Montgomery stands behind Braun advance
25.07.2021 Corona: RKI reports higher incidence again – World Medical Director: “Will increase clearly due to travelers returning”
21.07.2021 Abuse of Laws Affect Victim’s Mental Health
20.07.2021 Warning from the World Medical Association: Dangerous hasty easing of measures in Germany
20.07.2021 JDN Anniversary – Miguel Jorge Interview
20.07.2021 JDN Anniversary – Alumni Interviews
20.07.2021 Corona in Germany: certain measures relief only for vaccinated people?
16.07.2021 Turkish Medical Association: The Physician’s Pledge cannot be changed
14.07.2021 World Medical Association: Criticizes Merkel’s refusal to get vaccinated
13.07.2021 Concerns about Corona among children are growing | free press
12.07.2021 WMA Reiterates Advice to Physicians not to Implement IAAF Rules on Classifying Women Athletes
10.07.2021 The slow road to atonement
08.07.2021 Egyptian women describe sexual abuse by officials as routine
08.07.2021 Workplace Violence in Healthcare Explained
07.07.2021 Athletics is waging a war of transphobia and misogynoir – and black African women are losing out
01.07.2021 World Medical Association Calls For Release Of Death-Sentence Egyptian Physician
28.06.2021 Algorithm for the support of nonrelated (serious) adverse events in an Ebola vaccine trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
06.2021 Declaration of Helsinki
28.06.2021 The Clock Ticks on Caster Semenya’s Olympic Career
22.06.2021 Survey request: Provider participation sought for international study on violence prevention during COVID-19 pandemic
18.06.2021 The law doesn’t protect doctors from violence in India, so hospitals need to step up
02.06.2021 Submission to the World Medical Association Re: International Code of Medical Ethics revision
06.2021 Informed Consent on a Complicated Path for Patients
01.06.2021 Continuing the fight against FGM in Egypt
31.05.2021 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): A threat to future cancer treatments and the role of health workers
26.05.2021 Draft revised version of the International Code of Medical Ethics
26.05.2021 AMA statement on ongoing global COVID-19 challenges
21.05.2021 Last day to comment | World Medical Association International Code

Telemedicine, ethics, and law in times of COVID-19.

12.05.2021 Patents on vaccines must be lifted
06.05.2021 NMA, WMA celebrate Enabulele for dedication to health development
26.04.2021 Covid-19: Countries rally to support India through “storm that has
shaken the nation
22.04.2021 Nigeria Enabulele, Montgomery, re-elected into World Medical Association Council
21.04.2021 Former IMA Chief Prof. Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar Re-Elected To World Medical Association
21.04.2021 WMA vote in favor of Taiwan’s participation in WHO
07.04.2021 Dr. David Barbe with global look at COVID during World Health Day
06.04.2021 From torture to ultraviolence: medical and legal implications
31.03.2021 Medicine under fire in Myanmar—now is the time for solidarity
19.03.2021 Justice, diversity, and research ethics review
09.03.2021 Women’s History Month: Ten Trailblazing Women in Healthcare
09.03.2021 A pledge for planetary health to unite health professionals in the anthropocene
08.03.2021 Dr Barbe on WHO Vaccine Equity
26.02.2021 Caster Semenya takes her Case to the European Court of Human Rights
26.02.2021 WMA chief calls for vaccination passports
12.02.2021 Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery on the race for COVID vaccines : Rich against poor?
12.02.2021 Don’t forget us – vaccine equity around the world
31.01.2021 WMA calls for international co-operation against COVID-19
29.01.2021 World Medical Association comments on the Nagoya Protocol
27.01.2021 ‘Inequalities during Covid-19 mirrors reality of pre-pandemic healthcare’, expert says
27.01.2021 Dr. David Barbe on Life Savers Run India
25.01.2021 UNESCO Chair in Bioethics International Panel Discussion focussing on the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day: The Contemporary Relevance of Bioethics and the Holocaust: Reflections on the legacy of the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg.
21.01.2021 International health and humanitarian organizations welcome the entry into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
20.01.2021 Should COVID-19 vaccination give people the “basic rights” to avoid lockdown restrictions?
16.01.2021 Corona measures: Montgomery is demanding fines to enforce more home offices
13.01.2021 World Medical Association supports Taiwan’s bid to join WHO
07.01.2021 A Moral Obligation to Proper Experimentation: Research Ethics as Epistemic Filter in the Aftermath of World War II
04.01.2021 German government criticized for slow pace of vaccination drive
04.01.2021 How long will Germany’s tough lockdown measures be in place?
01.01.2021 How Should Students Learn About Contemporary Implications of Health Professionals’ Roles in the Holocaust?
29.12.2020 Too Early to Discuss Vaccine Privileges, World Medical Association Says
29.12.2020 İzmir Medical Chamber: Release Dr. Şeyhmus Gökalp
28.12.2020 Spahn expects higher vaccine production soon
28.12.2020 COVID: Special privileges for the vaccinated?
27.12.2020 WMA condemns arrests of doctors for treatment of injured protesters by Ovi Magazine Guest
22.12.2020 NABH hosps cannot appoint Ayush doctors to perform clinical duties
22.12.2020 WMA: The Challenge of Looking for a Global System of Values
18.12.2020 Pandemic: Coronavirus Christmas – Europe with lockdown and restrictive measures – Newsbomb – News
18.12.2020 IMA plans plea in SC on Mixopathy
17.12.2020 Germany sees record death toll on first day of new lockdown
16.12.2020 Spain ratifies Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs of Council of Europe
16.12.2020 Germany records record of deaths with the beginning of the “hard closure”
15.12.2020 The Tortured Patient: A Medical Dilemma
08.12.2020 Response to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Report on Race and Gender Discrimination in Sport: An Expression of Concern and a Call to Prioritise Research
03.12.2020 Ambient documentation with Epic helps reduce clinician burnout at Monument Health
03.12.2020 Conflicts of interest and an approach to managing them
02.12.2020 Terror Trial of Iranian ‘Diplomat’ Underway in Europe As Iran Threatens to Execute Swedish-Iranian Physician
02.12.2020 Open Letter To The Prime Minister And Minister Shaw On Climate Emergency Declaration
01.12.2020 Iran Supreme Court: Physicians express alarm over amputation sentences on 4 men
28.11.2020 Corona pandemic: quarantine for ski vacationers?
28.11.2020 World Physicians appeal to Iran against doctor’s execution
27.11.2020 Doctor warns of “risk of death” before Christmas – coronavirus
23.11.2020 COVID-19: Sweden still without a mask
23.11.2020 Q&A: Dr. David Barbe takes helm of World Medical Association
18.11.2020 Caster Semenya takes World Athletics to European Court of Human Rights over testosterone rule
16.11.2020 Germans should brace for 4-5 months of severe COVID-19 measures, minister says
12.11.2020 Dr. Patrice Harris on How to Learn and Move Forward
11.11.2020 MOFA thanks US Mission in Geneva for backing Taiwan’s WHA bid
10.11.2020 Taiwan claims Chinese ‘obstruction’ prevented it from attending a key coronavirus meeting by WHO
09.11.2020 US urges the WHO to invite Taiwan
09.11.2020 Taiwan not invited to WHO meeting despite COVID-19 success
09.11.2020 World Medical Association calls for Taiwan’s admission to World Health Assembly
22.10.2020 Justice redefined: Forced anal examinations conducted to ’prove’ homosexual conduct
22.10.2020 Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness: It’s Time to Stop the Harm
14.09.2020 Olympic champion Caster Semenya “will continue to fight” after losing appeal over testosterone restrictions
11.09.2020 Burnout level and associated factors in a sub-Saharan African medical setting: prospective cross-sectional survey
09.09.2020 Track’s Caster Semenya Loses Appeal to Defend 800-Meter Title
01.09.2020 ACT bans conversion therapy
26.08.2020 Voices from the COVID-19 Pandemic: “This is going to be one of the greatest challenges our species has ever faced.”
24.08.2020 Publish Covid data on health workers, IMA tells Centre
21.08.2020 Facebook’s algorithm a threat to public health, doctors say
21.08.2020 Israel High Holiday lockdown would be gov’t admission of failure, health expert says
18.08.2020 Racism in Healthcare
18.08.2020 Frank Ulrich Montgomery WMA against free corona tests for those returning to travel
13.08.2020 Why did England have Europe’s worst Covid figures? The answer starts with austerity
12.08.2020 Defining moment for digital transformation of healthcare
11.08.2020 Covid-19 misinformation sparks threats and violence against doctors in Latin America
 10.08.2020 Bihar’s creaky health care system struggles to curb surging Covid infections
08.08.2020 German schools reopen despite increase in coronavirus infections

What the Hippocratic Oath is Missing

06.08.2020 Self-Experimentation in the Time of COVID-19
 06.08.2020 Patients and Medical Journals: From Objects to Partners
 06.08.2020 General practice in the era of planetary health: Responding to the climate health emergency

Nurses face stigmatisation for role as Covid-19 frontline workers

 05.08.2020 Streeck currently sees no “second corona wave”
05.08.2020 President of the World Medical Association: We are in a permanent wave …
05.08.2020 Covid Deaths Top 700,000; U.K. Vaccine Investment: Virus Update
04.08.2020 ‘Exorbitant’ COVID-19 Treatment Prices Slashed As State Governments Step Up

Update Regarding Coordination for Travel by Patients and Accompanying Persons Out of the Gaza Strip (July 2020)

03.08.2020 Trans People in Limbo Amidst “Pico y Genero” (Gender-Based Lockdown) in Latin America
03.08.2020 Assisted dying does not pass kindness test
31.07.2020 Nuance and Cerner Expand Strategic Voice AI Collaboration to Include Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant Technology
29.07.2020 NZMA signs up to Amnesty International’s pledge to support and protect health professionals around the world
23.07.2020 Underfunding no argument for assisted dying
21.07.2020 Three Medical Professionals Join The Heritage Foundation as Visiting Experts
21.07.2020 COVID-19: Scientists Urge Commonwealth Countries To Prioritise Saving Of Lives
20.07.2020 Past WMA Chair of Council Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AC, on the COVID-19 Situation in Victoria, Australia 
15.07.2020 COVID-19: Prioritise saving of lives, avoid politics, scientists urge Commonwealth countries
14.07.2020 UK Sport statement on Ketone Ester research and innovation project
14.07.2020 Coronavirus: World Medical Association chief calls for quarantine for Mallorca returnees
11.07.2020 Teller Report Advertisements for “conversion therapies” banned from Facebook
10.07.2020 Ebru Timtik has black discoloration on her hands, Aytaç Ünsal has muscle loss
09.07.2020 Medicine has been so whitewashed that we’ve forgotten vaccination is a part of Black history
09.07.2020 World Medical President: US withdrawal from WHO is “sad and stupid”

Challenges of providing healthcare worker education and training in protracted conflict: a focus on non-government controlled areas in north west Syria

08.07.2020 Webinar: Ahead Of G20 Finance Meeting, Health Community Calls For Prioritizing Public Investments
06.07.2020 Trans community right to stand their ground and defend their rights
03.07.2020 8 Reasons Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Primed Us to Tackle the Climate Crisis
02.07.2020 When Will Sports Stop Policing Femininity?
29.06.2020 Question Answering on Medical conversation
25.06.2020 UMMS to host July 2 virtual global conference on sustainable health equity
24.06.2020 China’s medical education accrediting agency awarded WFME recognition status
24.06.2020 Written evidence submitted by the British Medical Association
23.06.2020 Major & Historical Codes
22.06.2020 Beyond COVID-19: a healthier, greener, fairer world is possible
16.06.2020 Unions, activists call for Cape Town Covid-19 clinical trial to be stopped
12.06.2020 Accountability for medical participation in torture
10.06.2020 Miguel R. Jorge, presidente de la Asociación Médica Mundial: “No estamos testeando lo suficiente y nuestros números de casos y muertes son subestimadas”
08.06.2020 Youtube: Peteris Apinis Interview with President of the World Medical Association,Professor of psychiatry Dr.Miguel R.JORGE
02.06.2020 What Is the Declaration of Helsinki?
02.06.2020 Coronavirus: Germany divided as states lift lockdown
29.05.2020 Pharma industry updates advice on engaging with healthcare professionals as countries emerge from COVID-19 lockdown
28.05.2020 Red Cross decries attacks on health workers amid crisis
27.05.2020 Global health professionals urge green COVID-19 recovery
26.05.2020 G20 urged to make ‘green recovery’ from coronavirus pandemic by global health community
25.05.2020 Covid-19: Public health must be “at the core” of global recovery plans, say doctors
22.05.2020 Attacks against nurses ‘must be condemned’ as world fights Covid-19
22.05.2020 Protection demanded for nurses ‘ostracised and abused’ during pandemic worldwide
22.05.2020 The world trying to find its feet amid the coronavirus pandemic
19.05.2020 Should conversion therapy be banned?
19.05.2020 A Call to Action by Health Professionals
19.05.2020 Coronavirus latest: Germany ‘underestimated risk to public health’
18.05.2020 Physicians call for funding WHO but also admit it is need of dire reform, free of political assaults
18.05.2020 Proper Understanding of COVID-19 Threat for Balanced Policy Response
12.05.2020 Facts about COVID-19
05.05.2020 Physician-assisted dying 2020 BMA member survey
04.05.2020 Medical regulation is a job for society, not just doctors
30.04.2020 First fully digital Union debate explores global lockdown strategies
29.04.2020 Germany adjusting to new rules on wearing a mask
28.04.2020 China’s lies about coronavirus could be costing the world hundreds of thousands of lives
27.04.2020 COVID-19 Clinical Trials: Are Physicians Violating the Helsinki Ethical Principles?
24.04.2020 The head of the World Medical Association criticizes the obligation to wear veils
23.04.2020 Coronavirus latest: EU leaders want large recovery fund, stall on details
20.04.2020 Health Issues India Violence in the coronavirus lockdown
20.04.2020 devex COVID-19 — a timeline of the coronavirus outbreak (see April 18)
20.04.2020 Comic Sands Dr. Phil Under Fire For Questioning U.S Lockdown Efforts By Comparing Virus Deaths To Swimming Pool Accidents
19.04.2020 Left Voice The Racist History of Medical Research
19.04.2020 Corona 24 News World Medical Association: Accuses WHO of “political games” with the mockery
19.04.2020 The Straits Times, Singapore WHO’s ‘political games’ amid coronavirus crisis have cost global health: Doctors’ group
18.04.2020 The Herland Report, Norway World Medical Association with harsh criticism of WHO, while Solberg defends
18.04.2020 Berita Global untuk Penduduk Baru, Taiwan World Medical Association writes letter to WHO in support of Taiwan
18.04.2020 MercoPress, South Atlantic News Agency World Medical Association regrets Taiwan exclusion from WHO and condemns politicizing health
18.04.2020 News 18, India ‘Errors Led to World Paying High Price’: Doctors’ Group Slams WHO Over Handling of Covid-19 Pandemic
17.04.2020, US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health Ethics in Telehealth: Comparison between Guidelines and Practice-based Experience -the Case for Learning Health Systems.
17.04.2020 Lexology, Law Business Research Duty of care and medical negligence in telemedicine
17.04.2020 Financial Times Doctors group accuses WHO of ‘political games’ over coronavirus
17.04.2020 Taiwan News World Medical Association writes letter to WHO in support of Taiwan
17.04.2020 Privacy concerns raised by NHS and KCL COVID-19 apps
17.04.2020 Eye on Taiwan World Medical Association writes letter to WHO in support of Taiwan
16.04.2020 The Washington Post Worldwide coronavirus infections surge past 2 million, U.S. deaths top 28,000
15.04.2020 NEWS Click, India Ignore No Scientific View on Covid-19, Pick the Best Options
15.04.2020 National Post, Canada ‘We have to walk a tightrope’: European countries cautiously ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions
14.04.2020 The Washington Post Europe starts to walk the ‘tightrope’ out of coronavirus lockdown
14.04.2020 Amnesty International Statement on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities during Covid-19 Crisis
14.04.2020 Parsvnaths, India Can a doctor/physician refuse to treat Covid-19 patient? Read MCI’s guidelines here…..
14.04.2020 The News Lens, Taiwan OPINION: Taiwan’s Covid-19 Success Should Inspire Alternatives to the WHO
13.04.2020 ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP – Roman Catholic bishop Rene Henry Gradica’s blog The gift of the Coronavirus Pandemic which Red China has given the world is but another aspect of the inhuman regime of Red China, here is another aspect –  Organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China
12.04.2020 CrossFit Can Medical Journals Lead or Must They Follow?
12.04.2020 Web24 News Coronavirus: Politicians advocate mouth protection
12.04.2020 Europe Reloaded, UK More Expert Feedback on Those Virus ‘Death’ Stats, Certificates [VIDEOS]
10.04.2020 MercoPress, South Atlantic News Agency Medics call on G20 leaders to provide protection equipment to all health staff
08.04.2020 The Nation Thailand Antibody tests in Germany could prove essential, but scientists urge caution
07.04.2020 The Washington Post European politicians are making big promises about antibody passports. The science is still catching up.
07.04.2020 The WMA calls for urgent action to protect medical personnel
06.04.2020 Russian International Affairs Council – Adriel Kasonta’s blog How COVID-19 Overreaction Cast a Disturbing Communist Shadow Over Liberal Democracies Across the World
05.04.2020 Regio-Journal World Medical Association warns of a fixed date in exit debate
04.04.2020 MercoPress, South Atlantic News Agency World Medical Association deplores lack of sufficient personal protection for health professionals
03.04.2020 The Globe and Mail, Canada The moral obligations of our health care workers in a pandemic
02.04.2020 Dhaka Tribune There are doctors, and then there are doctors
02.04.2020 MBS News The isolation and quarantine around COVID-19 are exaggerated and unnecessary, according to world medical experts
01.04.2020 About the LGBTQ Advisory Committee
31.03.2020 Don’t panic please
30.03.2020 Coronavirus in Bavaria: Assistance in English
26.03.2020 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic
25.03.2020 Germany wants to care for 127 intensive care patients from Italy and France
24.03.2020 Tass, Russian News Agency COVID-19 crisis to linger on until year ends, says World Medical Association
24.03.2020 Privacy concerns raised by COVID-19 symptom checking app
23.03.2020 Live Blog for CoViD-19 Updates in Germany in English
20.03.2020 A cross-sectional audit of the risk of burnout among senior medical staff in a UK district general hospital
19.03.2020 Global doctors on COVID-19 and nuclear war
18.03.2020 Necessary measures or mass panic
16.03.2020 Bow Group calls for immediate rethink of the government’s coronavirus policy
12.03.2020 [DE] 2019 wurde in Syrien jeden vierten Tag eine Gesundheits­einrichtung angegriffen
11.03.2020 ICE will free asylum-seeker who has been force-fed for 3 months in El Paso
11.03.2020 World health professionals urge govts to prioritise support for healthcare workers
10.03.2020 NZMA calls for Govt to prioritise support for healthcare workers
09.03.2020 Exclusive: Global health leader shares coronavirus safety fears for nurses
09.03.2020 Not Woman Enough
03.03.2020 Coronavirus outbreak in Germany: further infections in Germany
02.03.2020 Healthcare information for all
02.03.2020 Ethical aspects of application of advanced informatics to Medicine
02.03.2020 Leading Systems Toward Improving Professional Well-being
02.03.2020 Oaths, charters, and our professional ethos
 26.02.2020 [FR] Australie : six mois après la dépénalisation du suicide assisté dans l’état du Victoria, quel bilan ?
14.02.2020 Exclusion criterion: learning disability
12.02.2020 Kenya: Moi’s Doctor Claims Mzee Was a Centenarian
11.02.2020 Large group of palliative care doctors call on BMA to remain opposed to assisted suicide
09.02.2020 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Euthanasia
09.02.2020 《東京宣言》亮點:聯合國際制止陸醫護活摘
07.02.2020 Oath to Self-Care and Well-Being
07.02.2020 反駁林哲玄醫生就前線醫護罷工之意見
06.02.2020 The world is at war with the ‘Corona virus’ …
06.02.2020 Ethical Considerations of Biomedical Product Development
06.02.2020 Novel coronavirus: Why China is in the grips of a facial mask shortage as death toll grows
06.02.2020 China can make 20 million masks per day. That’s not enough
06.02.2020 Times letters: Flexi-schools would benefit British education
06.02.2020 Why China is in the grips of a facial mask shortage as coronavirus death toll grows
04.02.2020 所謂「罷工救港」荒謬 實質是修例風波翻版
03.02.2020 Leading international health groups issue joint statement calling for Siemens to #StopAdani 
03.02.2020 Canadian Bishops Raise Concerns About Euthanasia Legislation
01.02.2020 WMA calls for international supply chain to fight coronavirus
31.01.2020 NEWS: Wuhan virus alert levels increased
31.01.2020 WMA Calls for International Supply Chain to Fight Coronavirus
30.01.2020 To kill — or not to kill? That is the question.
30.01.2020 Starving for Justice in ICE Detention
28.01.2020 港媒:“泛民”藉武汉肺炎反中其心可诛
27.01.2020 Auschwitz Began With the Murder of a Single Innocent Man
24.01.2020 Climate crisis: as doctors, we have a vital role to play
24.01.2020 Just when you thought ICE couldn’t get any worse…
24.01.2020 Pregnant Ghanaian Woman In Israeli Prison Lives There Illegally – Israeli Ambassador
23.01.2020 Detained pregnant Ghanaian will be deported soon – Israeli Amb.
23.01.2020 6 expert essays on the future of biotech
22.01.2020 ICE allowed to force-feed hunger striker detained at Krome
22.01.2020 Expert: Doctors expect a global epidemic of corona virus in the coming years
22.01.2020 Uproar after Israel jails heavily pregnant Ghanaian worker
22.01.2020 Ras Mubarak wants Israeli Amb. summoned over detained pregnant Ghanaian woman
22.01.2020 Israel keeps pregnant Ghana worker in solitary confinement 
21.01.2020 Exclusive: Pregnant Ghanaian migrant abandoned in Israeli prison for over 4 months
20.01.2020 Coronavirus Infected 217 People In China
20.01.2020 MoveOn: They might die in an ICE prison (sign the petition)
19.01.2020 Israel Has Been Holding A Pregnant Woman In Isolation For Month Despite The UN’s Guidelines
17.01.2020 [Certificate for the World Medical Association]- The Portal to Texas History
16.01.2020 E se il conflitto di interessi fosse una comunione di interessi?
16.01.2020 Careers | International Medical Corps
16.01.2020 ICE Is Force-Feeding Hunger Strikers, in Violation of Medical Ethics
15.01.2020 Raanan Gillon: Fairness and justice in medical practice and policy
14.01.2020 Αμβλώσεις στην Ελλάδα: Τι ισχύει στην χώρα μας -Η ιστορία τους
14.01.2020 Canadian Physician Warns New Yorkers Against Canada’s Slippery Slope of Assisted Suicide
12.01.2020 Violence against Doctors Condemned
9.01.2020 Physicians laud nurses on 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale
9.01.2020 Physicians laud nurses on 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale
7.01.2020 Mons. Paglia: “Jamás eutanasia y suicidio asistido, nunca enfermos abandonados”
6.01.2020 Bringing back empathy into medical staff when its been “Beaten out of doctors”?
6.01.2020 Archbishop Paglia: never euthanasia, assisted suicide and abandoning the sick
5.01.2020 9 Ways Physicians Can Turn Patient Complaints Around
5.01.2020 DAUK in the Sunday Times: empathy “beaten out” of doctors
5.01.2020 Archbishop Paglia: never euthanasia, assisted suicide and abandoning the sick
5.01.2020 Letters to the Editor: Civil partnerships will save families
4.01.2020 Paglia: mai eutanasia e suicidio assistito, mai malati abbandonati
3.01.2020 The Law and Ethics of Switching from Biologic to Biosimilar in Canada
2.01.2020 Message of support for nurses, midwives
31.12.2019 Declaration of Helsinki (1964)
30.12.2019 #5 TOP STORY OF 2019: The four doctors who voted against Medevac
29.12.2019 Trainee doctors ‘lose empathy’ with patients
29.12.2019 Sports People of the Decade (Athletics): Usain Bolt and Caster Semenya – the phenomenon and the excluded champion
26.12.2019 Referring accident victim without initial treatment: Hospital told to pay Rs 10 lakh compensation
24.12.2019 Stem cell can play an important role in autism: Experts
23.12.2019 IMA concerned over police chasing protesters inside hospital in city
22.12.2019 Unethical to involve doctors
20.12.2019 Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath
20.12.2019 경희대치과병원, 장애인 구강 건강 증진 업무협약 外
19.12.2019 Position of the WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (WMA) on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide – Chronological overview (1987-2019)
19.12.2019 World Medical Association unites doctors worldwide towards healthcare information for all
18.12.2019 世界10大科學家 澳學者揭中國移植醫學醜聞獲獎(圖)
18.12.2019 Cabinet adopts extensive ban on so-called “conversion therapies”
18.12.2019 Unethical to involve doctors
18.12.2019 Texas detention centre stops force-feeding migrants
16.12.2019 A Conversation With … Dr. David Barbe
 16.12.2019 This Intersex Runner Had Surgery to Compete. It Has Not Gone Well.
16.12.2019 Patients’ experiences of early postoperative cognition and its relation to cognitive decline and inflammatory responses: a protocol for a mixed-methods study
16.12.2019 Don’t forget the psychosocial aspects of health, says WMA President
15.12.2019 Senseless killing of Japanese doctor condemned
15.12.2019 Regional Conference on Patient Informed Consent and Patient Confidentiality
15.12.2019 Another Voice: State should not let doctors become suicide enablers
12.12.2019 UHC Day 2019- #5. Lesson and Message from Japanese Experience; Dr. Yoshitake Yokokura
11.12.2019 Your Future Doctors Will Start Seeing You Now, New Jersey
11.12.2019 Japanese doctor killed in attack in Afghanistan
10.12.2019 Curating the Internet: Science and technology digest for December 10, 2019
10.12.2019 From UoN to World Medical Association in France
10.12.2019 Yale psychiatrist: Congress needs to consider psychological factors alongside historic corruption in Trump impeachment
9.12.2019 A Conversation With … Dr. David Barbe
9.12.2019 Congress Must Weigh Trump’s Poisonous Narcissism As Well As His Corruption
9.12.2019 Congress must weigh Trump’s poisonous narcissism — as well as his corruption: Yale psychiatrist 
 8.12.2019 提早發現兒虐 全國1萬1596家基層診所動起來
8.12.2019 Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation: Easing Death
 6.12.2019 The Systematic Torture of Palestinians in Israeli Detention
6.12.2019 14 Ways World War II Directly Shaped the Way We Live Now
6.12.2019 David Welsh, MD: Working hard to put patients first again
6.12.2019 Health Professionals Sign Letter to Congress Claiming Trump’s Mental Health Is Deteriorating Dangerously
6.12.2019 The Government Doesn’t Know Best
6.12.2019 Senseless killing of Japanese doctor condemned
5.12.2019 Reporting of ethical approval and informed consent in clinical research published in leading nursing journals: a retrospective observational study
5.12.2019 Whose rights is the Trans Bill protecting?
5.12.2019 India’s Transgender Rights Law Isn’t Worth Celebrating
 5.12.2019 How do we do justice to ethics?
5.12.2019 The Bushfire Smoke Isn’t Going Anywhere, So Here’s How To Deal With It
5.12.2019 Whose rights is the Trans Bill protecting?
 5.12.2019 WMA protests criminalisation of medical practice
 4.12.2019 DAISY: A Data Information System for accountability under the General Data Protection Regulation
 4.12.2019 medical Australia’s doctors raise their voices on climate change
4.12.2019 Presidente da República recebeu Bastonário da Ordem dos Médicos 
4.12.2019 Midway University adds 4 new board trustees
3.12.2019 Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Organ transplant tourism
3.12.2019 Protection of Civilian Members of the Members Professions
3.12.2019 When healers become agents of death, not life
3.12.2019 HIV/AIDS: A call for self-reflection and empathy — Aisha Adam
2.12.2019 Newsmakers: Dec. 2-8, 2019
2.12.2019 The absence of health in the leaders climate debate is concerning
2.12.2019 The end of placeboes is in sight
2.12.2019 How Should “CRISPRed” Babies Be Monitored Over Their Life Course to Promote Health Equity?
29.11.2019 Artificial womb technology and clinical translation: Innovative treatment or medical research?
28.11.2019 The Systematic Torture of Palestinians in Israeli Detention
26.11.2019 Violence against doctors increases globally
26.11.2019 Small-town FP Takes on National, Global Leadership Roles
22.11.2019 WMA no longer speaks of ‘unethical’ when it comes to euthanasia
22.11.2019 Why health facilities, professionals under verbal, physical attack – Dr. Enabulele, CMA President
21.11.2019 WMA speaks out over attacks on children’s hospitals
20.11.2019 World Medical Association deplores breakdown in Hong Kong medical care
19.11.2019 Violence against doctors increases globally
18.11.2019 Does everyone get equitable medicine? | Leah Wapner | TEDxTelAvivSalon
14.11.2019 Children will be hurt most by climate impacts on health
13.11.2019 Coalition inaction on climate change and health is risking Australian lives, global report finds
13.11.2019 Call to action on violence against doctors
13.11.2019 مرگ-خود-خواسته-در-نیوزیلند-به–شود
12.11.2019 How AI in the Exam Room Could Reduce Physician Burnout
12.11.2019 Hon är läkaren som tar ton i klimatfrågan

Doctors petition against End of Life Choice Bill

08.11.2019 Portugal’s pro-lifers face an uphill battle to stop euthanasia
08.11.2019 World Medical Association highlights attacks on Indian doctors: Report
08.11.2019 Hunger strikes and psychiatric care
07.11.2019 Mountain Grove Physician Named President-Elect of World Medical Association
05.11.2019 Violence Against Health Professions a Significant Public Health Challenge
04.11.2019 Physicians forgetting emotional needs of patients, claims new WMA President
03.11.2019 Hunger strikes and psychiatric care
03.11.2019 Joint declaration against assisted suicide presented to Pope Francis
03.11.2019 Globally, opposition to euthanasia dwarfs end-of-life movements
03.11.2019 Mercy Doctor Chosen President-Elect of World Medical Association
03.11.2019 Dr. Barbe named president-elect of WMA
03.11.2019 Rural Doctor to Lead World Medical Association
03.11.2019 Reporting research findings to participants is an ethical imperative
01.11.2019 World Medical Association reaffirms opposition to Euthanasia
31.10.2019 The World Medical Association reaffirmed its opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
31.10.2019 WMA Reaffirms Opposition to Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
31.10.2019 L’Associazione medica mondiale contro eutanasia e suicidio assistito
31.10.2019 World Medical Association urges all governments to introduce sugar tax
31.10.2019 World Medical Association declaration opposes euthanasia
31.10.2019 World medical association«Fronte contrario all’eutanasia in tutto il mondo»
30.10.2019 Coproduction Between Government and Civil Society to Establish Smart Cities in the State of Pará
30.10.2019 World Medical Association’s call for a sugar tax
30.10.2019 Eutanasia e suicidio assistito, Associazione medica mondiale contraria
30.10.2019 WMA Reaffirms Opposition to Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
29.10.2019 No dai medici all’eutanasia e al suicidio assistito
29.10.2019 WMA Reaffirms Opposition to Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
29.10.2019 World Medical Association Opposes Euthanasia, Supports Medical Conscience
29.10.2019 World Medical Association Reaffirms Opposition to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
28.10.2019 No dai medici all’eutanasia e al suicidio assistito
28.10.2019 World Medical Association declares strong opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia
27.10.2019 “Nessun medico dovrebbe mai essere forzato a prender parte a procedure di eutanasia o suicidio assistito”. La risoluzione della World Medical Association
27.10.2019 WMA president wants docs to empathise with patients
27.10.2019 L’Associazione medica mondiale contro l’eutanasia e il suicidio assistito
27.10.2019 Medical students, physicians need to practice with empathy —WMA
27.10.2019 Doctors become both providers and deniers of health care
23.10.2019  Physicians might be facing a moral dilemma when it comes to immigration
23.10.2019 Review of medical professional organizations in developed countries: problems of decentralized membership registers
18.10.2019 Against Research Ethics Committees
18.10.2019 Hunger strikes and psychiatric care
18.10.2019 Can the WMA Physicians Pledge Update Improve Care Abroad?
11.10.2019 Certificate Course in Medical Ethics (MTH)
 07.10.2019 Call to end dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030
07.10.2019 PM Borissov Confers with World Medical Association President Eidelman
26.09.2019 Greta Thunberg isn’t the only trailblazing young climate leader. Activists from the Amazon to Nigeria share their ideas for battling the climate crisis
26.09.2019 WMA Youtube Conclusion on the UHC Conference – Prof. Dr. Frank Ulrich MONTGOMERY Chairperson of the WMA Council
20.09.2019 Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike Moved to Texas Hospital
12.09.2019 Semenya confirms not retiring from athletics despite signing for South African football club
12.09.2019 Influenza Hub Is vaccination a good idea? We have asked an expert: Watch what Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General of World Medical Association answered.
06.09.2019 onmedia Violence against doctors on the rise globally
06.09.2019 AMA Journal of Ethics Is Updating the WMA Physician’s Pledge Enough?
06.09.2019 univadis Doctors in India hold solidarity day after killing of colleague
06.09.2019 Bulgarian News Agency PM Borissov Confers with World Medical Association President Eidelman
06.09.2019 Northeast now Deben Dutta lynching: One more arrested, lockout of Teok TE continues for fifth day
05.09.2019 The Irish Catholic A culture of life means affirming the dignity of everyone
05.09.2019 IMA writes to Narendra Modi seeking law to curb violence against healthcare professionals
04.09.2019 Drug Today, India Doctors’ groups write to Modi for ordinance to protect doctors
04.09.2019 reporters today, India IMA urges PM to promulgate ordinance to check violence against doctors
04.09.2019 Bulgarian News Agency Health Minister Ananiev Meets with World Medical Association President
04.09.2019 Mob killing of doctor: Doctors strike, resignations in Assam
04.09.2019 Tea garden doctors on resignation spree
04.09.2019 WMA concern over attacks on doctors
04.09.2019 Centre Comes Up with Draft Bill to End Violence against Healthcare Staff, But Will It Be Enough?
04.09.2019 Mob Killing of Doctor: Doctors strike, resignations in Assam
04.09.2019 Times of India IMA writes to PM, seeks ordinance to check violence against health professionals
03.09.2019 Training must be focused on Country’s Needs, says Prof. 
03.09.2019 Home health care eases patients’ last days
03.09.2019 IOC chief calls Caster Semenya case ‘complicated and delicate’ as runner mulls appeal
03.09.2019 Courts back Trump administration as ICE continues to force-feed immigrants
03.09.2019 Doctors don’t care about the politics of climate change. We focus on the facts
02.09.2019 On Harassment & Bullying: An Open Letter, From Educator To Educator
02.09.2019  Experimenting on the Vulnerable
02.09.2019 Can Physicians Work in US Immigration Detention Facilities While Upholding Their Hippocratic Oath?
30.08.2019 Limit placebos in cancer drug trials to certain cases, FDA advises drugmakers
30.08.2019 Female patients from Gaza and Israel’s medical exit permit policy
29.08.2019 Catholic Service Providers Unite Against Euthanasia
27.08.2019 ACECC Name Change 
27.08.2019 Officials say Semenya is a man 
27.08.2019 High Level Delegation at WoHC (World of Health Care)
26.08.2019 Hope and despair: a qualitative exploration of the experiences and impact of trial processes in a rehabilitation trial
26.08.2019 Was Jaitley’s absence a factor in the hounding of Chidambaram?
26.08.2019 “Caster Semenya has more testosterone than most men” – Spanish professor
26.08.2019 Time To Get On Board With ‘Singular They’
22.08.2019 inside the games IAAF treasurer says Semenya “biologically a man”
22.08.2019 The Conversation Migrants on hunger strike follow long tradition of people using their bodies to protest against cruelty
21.08.2019 Arrest of health professionals in Turkey deplored by international bodies
20.08.2019 WMA and CPME condemn arrests of four Turkish health professionals
20.08.2019 US: Cease Force-feeding Migrant Hunger Strikers
17.08.2019 Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute Assisted Suicide: The Ethics, the Laws, and the Dangers
18.08.2019 The Sunday Independent Doctors, gangsters and dictators



Australian Medical Association

Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS)

WMA condemns Arrests of health professionals deplored

Arrests of health professionals deplored

16.08.2019 ‘An Unprecedented Evil Persecution’—Chapter Twelve: Unprecedented Evil Behind Forced Organ Harvesting: The Choice to Die Spiritually or Physically
16.08.2019 Attorney: Officials force-feeding immigrant on hunger strike
16.08.2019 Semenya unfazed after ban
12.08.2019 TTB Sends Letter to Canadian Medical Association on Gold Mine in Ida Mountains
12.08.2019 News – World Federation of Public Health Associations 
09.08.2019 Why Public Health is worth fighting for 
08.08.2019 Managing “incidental findings” in biobank research: Recommendations of the Taiwan biobank
08.08.2019 Force-Feeding is Cruel, Painful and Degrading – and American Prisons Won’t Stop
05.08.2019 NHIS: More investments, implementation of policies area needed 
05.08.2019 Why Does the FDA want to make changes to Institutional Review Boards?
05.08.2019 Semenya’s Human Rights Should  come before Science 
02.08.2019 Key Points for an Ethical Evaluation of Healthcare Big Data
31.07.2019 Caster Semenya Barred From 800 Meters at World Championships
31.07.2019 Caster Semenya to miss World Championship title defence after Swiss court reimposes IAAF rulings
31.07.2019 Indian Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike at US Center
30.07.2019 US authorities put fasting Indian asylum seekers on drip
30.07.2019 Nurses praised for work to ‘advance’ human rights across globe
30.07.2019 Why We Should Publish All Clinical Trails? 
30.07.2019 The Four Doctors Who Voted Against Medevac
25.07.2019 Are Pharmaceutical Companies Payments Incentivising Malpractice in Japenese Physicians?
25.07.2019 Our August Cover Star, Caster Semenya: The Athlete in the Fighet of Her Life
25.07.2019 Placebo: It’s All About Ethics!
24.07.2019 Why euthanasia is unethical and why we should name it as such 
24.07.2019 Retraction: Salvage Liver Transplantation for Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Liver Resection: Retrospective Study of the Milan and Hangzhou Criteria
23.07..2019 Françoise Globa, WMA interpreter 
23.07.2019 India: Transgender Bill Raises Rights Concerns
19.07.2019 The Specialist Political Pressures Grow
19.07.2019 Helping Children Cope With Cancer
19.07.2019 Organ transplantations and ethical publishing
17.06.2019 European Forum of Medical Associations on Visit to Montenegro
16.07.2019 Six new signatories to the Global Compact for progress towards UHC.
16.07.2019 Senators Call for Ethical Standards for Gene-Editing Research
15.07.2019 Hong Kong medical profession remains in denial on coercive surgery for transgender people
15.07.2019 Caster Semenya v IAAF: a ground-breaking gender test case
12.07.2019 Female patients from Gaza and Israel’s medical exit permit policy
12.07.2019 Journalist calls for more transparency around prison extreme isolation practices
11.07.2019 Monica Doumit: It’s either bias … or stupidity
11.07.2019 Trans woman protests by walking down the street naked in Zambia
11.07.2019 Bureaucracy Unnecessarily Slows Down Human-Tissue Research, Arab Scientists Say
08.07.2019 A good death
08.07.2019 Nothing special to take care of poor health of healthcare sector
08.07.2019 AMA Says ‘No’ to Physician-Assisted Suicide
05.07.2019 Trevor Hancock: Why is boxing still not banned?
05.07.2019 Civil Society Denounces the Release of GM mosquitoes in Burkina Faso
04.07.2019 Responsible research is a matter of education
04.07.2019 Radiologists voice workload frustration in research report released at SIIM
03.07.2019 WMA’s Declaration of Helsinki Serves as Guide to Physicians
02.07.2019 “You will defeat me today, and I will beat you tomorrow”: runner Semenya issued an ultimatum IAAF
01.07.2019 China’s traffic in ‘donated’ organs has some implications
01.07.2019 New Zealand edges toward euthanasia and assisted suicide
01.07.2019 Semenya off the hook for now
01.07.2019 New Zealand urged to stop poaching other countries’ doctors
28.06.2019 Investigative Report Alleges ‘Human Rights Abuses’ At Colorado’s Supermax Prison
28.06.2019 NZ urged to stop poaching other countries’ doctors
28.06.2019 Caring for patients who have been tortured in detention
28.06.2019 MPs Welcome 1961 – Death Penalty for Kiwis
28.06.2019 Medical migration risk to poor countries’ health services
28.06.2019 SMA News Vol. 51 No. 5 May 2019
28.06.2019 SMA Milestones 1959-2019
27.06.2019 The slippery slope to death by doctor’s order
27.06.2019 Senior doctors celebrating 30 years of public health system advocacy
27.06.2019 Flu vaccine supply under strain
26.06.2019 China organ transplant claims raise alarm about research
26.06.2019 More than 1000 doctors sign letter against ‘assisted suicide’ Bill
26.06.2019 Move the Ambulance, Need to Park the Hearse
25.06.2019 Over a thousand New Zealand doctors reject euthanasia
25.06.2019 The Past, Present, and Future of Biobanks
25.06.2019 The NHS: A model of universal health coverage
25.06.2019 Atwoli’s Son Bags Appointment in Prestigious Global Medical Committee
25.06.2019 23 MPs still undecided on euthanasia vote
24.06.2019 Health professional meeting reemphasizes on UHC (Japanese)
24.06.2019 30 LGBTQ athletes who showed ‘Stonewall Spirit’: Caster Semenya
24.06.2019 American Doctors Reaffirm Opposition to Euthanasia
24.06.2019 Doctors sign letter against ‘assisted suicide’ Bill
21.06.2019 US doctors vote to oppose assisted suicide
21.06.2019 Dünya Tabipler Birliğinden Türkiye’deki hekimlere açık destek
21.06.2019 World support for sentenced Turkish doctors
21.06.2019 World Medical Association Delivers Open Letter in Support of Doctors in Turkey
20.06.2019 New Victorian dying laws risk wrongful deaths
20.06.2019 ‘You only have one father’
19.06.2019 Unethical behavior and professionalism among medical students in a private medical university in Malaysia
19.06.2019 4 Myths about Testosterone
19.06.2019 Caster Semenya: ‘IAAF used me in the past as a human guinea pig’
19.06.2019 Aurangabad: Private hospitals join nationwide agitation, observe bandh
19.06.2019 Why is it so hard to do the right thing?
19.06.2019 BMA ‘gravely concerned’ over findings of China Tribunal on organ harvesting
17.06.2019 DNA Edit: End doctors’ stir – Poor, who use government hospitals, are worst hit
17.06.2019 Indian Medical Association call: No non-essential services today
17.06.2019 AMA sticks to a policy of opposing assisted suicide
17.06.2019 All India nation-wide total withdrawal of non-essential services on violence against doctors
17.06.2019 ICE Is Force-Feeding Immigrant Detainees on Hunger Strike Through Nasal Tubes
17.06.2019 Physician leaders call for end to violence in Honduras
14.06.2019 President and secretary of World Medical Association shows support 
14.06.2019 IMA to go on nationwide protest on June 14 in response to Kolkata doctor attack
14.06.2019 Doctors’ stir spreads across India, 80 submit mass resignation in Kolkata: 10 updates
14.06.2019 Physician leaders call for end to violence in Honduras
 14.06.2019 IMA to hold nationwide protest on Friday following attack on doctor in Kolkata
 14.06.2019 Nationwide protest today against attack on doctors
14.06.2019 World physician leaders call for an end to government violence in Honduras
13.06.2019 WHO: Countries Raise Concerns about Access to Affordable Drug-Resistant TB Treatment
13.06.2019 Semenya: Catch dopers, ‘not us’
13.06.2019 Caring for the vessel through which patient care is delivered
13.06.2019 10 Questions for SEEMF’s President, prof . Andrey Kehayov, MD
13.06.2019 Archbishop stands by anti-euthanasia video
12.06.2019 Catholic health providers affirm commitment to end-of-life care
12.06.2019 Three questions on the Ontario medical referrals decision
12.06.2019 Defiant Semenya to IAAF: Catch dopers, ‘not us’
11.06.2019 Caster Semenya needs delayed IAAF ruling upheld
11.06.2019 AMA Votes to Retain Longstanding Opposition to Assisted Suicide
10.06.2019 Physician insight sorely needed for hard choices ahead: AMA president
10.06.2019 Ethical dilemma: The use of performance-reducing drugs
10.06.2019 Daily Nation (Kenya) Shun IAAF till it drops ‘Semenya Rules’
10.06.2019 Medical research is conducted in developing countries to avoid ethics legislation
07.06.2019 Doctor, your own health is important
06.06.2019 Would Ban on Intersex Runners Hold Up in U.S. Courts?
05.06.2019 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Burnout and Metabolic Syndrome in Female Nurses: An Observational Study
05.06.2019 Stakeholders in the sports world should — but probably won’t — come to Caster Semenya’s aid
05.06.2019 Force-Feeding Is Cruel, Painful, and Degrading—and American Prisons Won’t Stop
05.06.2019 WMA welcomes Swiss Court decision
04.06.2019 Semenya Lawyers: IAAF Ordered to Suspend Testosterone Rules
04.06.2019 Caster Semenya able to run medication-free for now as Swiss court floors IAAF
04.06.2019 Semenya given huge boost as Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland suspends IAAF regulations
04.06.2019 Caster Semenya provisionally cleared to defend her 800m world title
04.06.2019 Caster Semenya allowed to compete without medication as Swiss court suspends IAAF testosterone rules
04.06.2019 Stakeholders in the sports world should — but probably won’t — come to Caster Semenya’s aid
03.06.2019 Health Ministers and other thought leaders meet at Gallagher Estate
03.06.2019 Caster Semenya and misogyny in athletics
03.06.2019 Burn-out included in International Classification of Diseases
31.05.2019 Caster Semenya launches new legal challenge and vows ‘IAAF will not drug me or stop me from being who I am’
31.05.2019 International Day of Action for Women’s Health: Implications of Caster Semenya ruling must be carefully weighed, says UP professor
30.05.2019 Semenya to appeal IAAF gender rule at top Swiss court
30.05.2019 Supporting doctors’ wellbeing
30.05.2019 Defiant Caster Semenya appeals testosterone ruling
 26.05.2019 ‘Enough is enough’: The push to protect doctors from mental illness
26.05.2019 How do doctors experience the interactions among professional fulfilment, organisational factors and quality of patient care? A qualitative study in a Norwegian hospital
 26.05.2019 Medici e scienziati italiani: Lambert «parla» pure a noi, no all’eutanasia
26.05.2019 Why is boxing not banned?
 26.05.2019 Political economy, stakeholder voices, and saliency: lessons from international policies regulating insurer use of genetic information
26.05.2019 Sead Zejneli, a specialist from Macedonia that makes you proud of Switzerland
 23.05.2019 World governments urged to condemn Turkish doctors’ prison sentences
 23.05.2019 Clinical trial transparency on the line at the World Health Assembly
 23.05.2019 Non-invasive prenatal testing – safer or simply more profitable?
23.05.2019 Dominion Post: Doctors want no part in assisted suicide full page advert
23.05.2019 It’s wrong of the IAAF to ask us to alter our natural body function: Olympic medalist Wambui 
23.05.2019 WMA signs up to promoting universal health coverage
23.05.2019 BC-ATH–Wambui-Testosterone Regulations,1st Ld-Writethru
 20.05.2019 Medical education must change if we are to tackle the causes of non-communicable diseases
20.05.2019 WMA warns against substituting doctors with technology and other healthcare professionals
 19.05.2019 Turkish doctors sentenced to jail for statement on war
 19.05.2019 Caster Semenya ruling: sports federation is flouting ethics rules
 19.05.2019 Doctors’ association reaffirms opposition to new rules for female athletes

Opposing euthanasia right side of history

 19.05.2019 IAAF Publishes Briefing Notes and Q&A on Female Elegibility Regulations
 19.05.2019 Kurz vor Schluss 6-2019: Halbgötter in Weiß
19.05.2019 Are performance-reducing drugs for South African Olympian Caster Semenya ethical?
19.05.2019 050: Quickly Building an International Climate Action Network with Daniel Gbujie, Team 54 Project
19.05.2019 Medical tourism in Mexico attracts up to 1M U.S. travelers yearly
17.05.2019 KNMG steunt veroordeelde Turkse artsenorganisatie
17.05.2019 Forbes How Conversational AI Can Help Cure Physician Burnout
17.05.2019 Yahoo Sport Affaire Caster Semenya : pour Bolt, «il faut suivre les règles»
17.05.2019 L’Afrique du Sud fait appel et relance l’affaire Caster Semenya
16.05.2019 Sports Integrity Initiative World Medical Association locks horns with IAAF over DSD Regulations
16.05.2019 Brunel University London Making sense of the Caster Semenya ruling
16.05.2019 Massive Science In the ruling against Caster Semenya, bogus science is being used to stifle the vulnerable
16.05.2019 The guardian Athletics South Africa to appeal against Caster Semenya ruling
16.05.2019 The Wire In the Ruling Against Caster Semenya, Bogus Science Is Being Used to Stifle the Vulnerable
14.05.2019 Health groups urge WHO to include Taiwan
14.05.2019 Caster Semenya appeal over IAAF’s testosterone ruling imminent, South African Government says
14.05.2019 Caster Semenya verdict: South African government to launch appeal against testosterone ruling
06.03.2019 Semenya’s IAAF loss and the ethical implications
06.03.2019 McColgan calls for new categories as Semenya row rumbles on
06.03.2019 Medical chief opposes IAAF rule
03.05.2019 Focus Taiwan Taiwan garners greater support for WHA participation
03.05.2019 Business Insider France Forcing women like Caster Semenya to medicate to compete in sport is being called a ‘dangerous precedent’ — here’s why
03.05.2019 The Guardian Caster Semenya to run in Doha as Sebastian Coe welcomes Cas ruling
03.05.2019 Vaccine hesitancy is top global health threat – WMA
03.05.2019 Top medical body warns doctors NOT to enforce Semenya rules
03.05.2019 Forcing women like Caster Semenya to medicate to compete in sport is being called a ‘dangerous precedent’ — here’s why
03.05.2019 Australian Medical Association President attends World Medical Association
30.04.2019 European Centre for Law & Justice Euthanasia of Vincent Lambert: New International Proceedings Give Hope
30.04.2019 Call for medics to ignore new IAAF regulations
30.04.2019 Deccan Chronicle Anti-Vax movement has become a global threat
30.04.2019 Drug Today Dr Wankhedkar elected World Medical Association treasurer
30.04.2019 Call for medics to ignore new IAAF regulations
15.04.2019 Health Care Professions condemn new Brunei laws
 15.04.2019 Doctors slam Brunei for ‘abhorrent’ laws
 12.04.2019 The use of ‘tie down’ in New Zealand prisons​—what is the role of the health sector?
 10.04.2019 PharmaCielo Appoints New and Extended Medical and Scientific Advisory Board
09.04.2019 Journal of Optometry Uncontrolled experimentation is not an option for open minds: Ethical research is the answer
09.04.2019 New Zealand doctors face-off over euthanasia bill
09.04.2019 Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine Ethical conundrum in nuclear medicine research in India
09.04.2019 Physicians for Human Rights Intimidation and Persecution
08.04.2019 Health Research Authority Research registration and research project identifiers
04.04.2019 ABVTA ABVTA Association News Articles
04.04.2019 Australia’s Science Channel Scientists can clone monkeys, but should they?
04.04.2019 Great News Network Doctors can jointly create a World Health-Keeping Force
04.04.2019 Health Research Authority Research registration and research project identifiers
04.04.2019 Dalhousie University Major & Historical Codes – Bioethics – LibGuides at Dalhousie University
04.04.2019 Pharmaceutical Journal UCL Fight the Fakes: improving medication safety in hospital pharmacy
29.03.2019 OPINION: Taiwan Must Be Recognized for Its Global Health Efforts
28.03.2019 (GICS) agree to abide by the principles set down in the Declaration of Geneva
27.03.2019 Court Order Allows ICE to Force-Feed Arizona Detainee on Hunger Strike
 26.03.2019  A shameful day for the Royal College of Physicians
19.03.2019 Association of Salaried Medical Specialists ASMS 30th Anniversary Conference
 19.03.2019 Update on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in Canada
18.03.2019 Research ethics revised: The new CIOMS guidelines and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki in context
17.03.2019 News
 17.03.2019 Why do I have to apply for ethical approval before I can begin my research?
 17.03.2019 Introduction to Person-Centered Psychiatry


15.03.2019 Doctors, psychologists, what’s the best argument in scientific literature against current medical and psychological treatment of trans people?
 05.03.2019 In our opinion: Another reason to welcome Utah’s .05 percent DUI law
 04.03.2019  climate Coal, challenges and collaboration at COP24

Organ transplantation in China

 04.03.2019 ผิดไหมที่อยากการุณยฆาต!? เมื่อการตายโดยสมัครใจ สวนทางกับความเชื่อทางศาสนา
03.03.2019 FIAMC Response to WMA policy change relating to euthanasia and physician-assisted dying.
 03.03.2019 21 Attorneys General File Amicus Brief Supporting Transgender Student
 03.03.2019 SAMA comes out in support of Semenya
 01.03.2019 Gay conversion therapy ban in Germany gains support
 01.03.2019 From the President: Building our influence
 01.03.2019 SA Medical Association stands by Semenya ahead of IAAF ruling
 28.02.2019 Interview with WMA Secretary General, Dr. Otmar Kloiber
27.02.2019 Workshop on Global Governance and Accountability in Post-World War II Healthcare, at Utrecht University, the Netherlands
22.02.2019 How Conversational AI Can Help Cure Physician Burnout
22.02.2019 World Medical Association denounces attack on hospital in Cameroon
22.02.2019 Hospital attack in anglophone Cameroon kills four patients
20.02.2019 Why Medical Professionals Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide
20.02.2019 Assisted suicide threatens the entire medical profession, Maryland doctor warns
19.02.2019 Global health leaders denounce attack on Cameroon hospital
18.02.2019 Texas detention centre stops force-feeding migrants
18.02.2019 Doctors want no part in assisted suicide
14.02.2019 United States could be violating UN Convention Against Torture
14.02.2019 UN: US force-feeding immigrants may breach torture agreement
13.02.2019 A Second Country Practicing Medical Euthanasia Drops a Bomb
11.02.2019 Attacks on docs a global ill, says German surgeon Read more at:
11.02.2019 ‘Healthcare violence is global, but doctors need to cultivate empathy’
08.02.2019 UN: US force-feeding immigrants may breach torture agreement
08.02.2019 US immigration authorities admit to force feeding detained hunger striking migrants
07.02.2019 Functions of Ouma Oluga as the new president of all health workers worldwide
07.02.2019 World Medial Association expresses solidarity with physicians in Venezuela
06.02.2019 Scientists can clone monkeys, but should they?
06.02.2019 When Swiss Planned Parenthood president was invited to speak at Vatican
04.02.2019 WMA condemns lethal force against doctors in Sudan
01.02.2019 Migrants force-fed at Texas detention centre
31.01.2019 Conscientious objection to abortion, the law and its implementation in Victoria, Australia: perspectives of abortion service providers
31.01.2019 U.S. Immigration Officials Force-feeding Detainees on Hunger Strike
30.01.2019 World Medical Association condemns use of violence against Sudanese doctors
29.01.2019 Cloud remains over hunger striker’s condition in Canberra Hospital
28.01.2019 Hippocratic Oath – Classical Version
28.01.2019 Korean doctors’ group reelected as World Medical Association’s council member
23.01.2019 Adjusting the focus: a public health ethics approach to data research
21.01.2019 Patients Rights Action Fund | The mission of the Patients’ Rights Action 
18.01.2019 Brigit Toebes: ‘Zo’n invloedrijke organisatie als de World Medical Association is ongelooflijk belangrijk’

Assisted suicide, the Royal College and the myth of neutrality
17.01.2019 Mortier vs Belgium : premier dossier d’une euthanasie belge à la CEDH
15.01.2019 Assisted dying: Why the RCP should be opposed
11.01.2019 Assessing Competency for Assisted Suicide Is Unethical
07.01.2019 the Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor: Monday, January 7, 2019
02.01.2019 University of Birmingham medical students attend world-leading international bioethics conference
02.01.2019 In our opinion: New .05 DUI law is a tool to keep Utahns safe
 02.01.2019 Healthy curriculum: medical ethics
21.12.2018 WMA expresses shock at Turkish physician leaders’ prison sentences
 19.12.2018 Why Doctors Need to Join the Fight Against Climate Change
19.12.2018 KFMC Awards 2018 Grants for Health-Related Projects
19.12.2018 Réponse de Ms Sharon Claydon MP
18.12.2018 Doctors urged to reverse climate change
18.12.2018 Declaration of Geneva
18.12.2018 MWIA regional and international meetings
18.12.2018 Why doctors need to join the fight against climate change
18.12.2018 Doctors’ Relationships with Industry 2018
18.12.2018 How to Spot Good Versus Dodgy Science
14.12.2018 Three questions on the forced medical referrals case
13.12.2018 Ethics, law, and medicine in national development
10.12.2018 Doctors Who Facilitate Torture Must Be Held to Account
10.12.2018 Updated oath to be used today
10.12.2018 Why Doctors Need to Join the Fight Against Climate Change
10.12.2018 Pharmacists and Burnout: The First Step Is to Acknowledge the Data about Providers
07.12.2018 Cultural considerations for informed consent in paediatric research in low/middle-income countries: a scoping review
07.12.2018 Embryos, Justice, and Personal Responsibility
07.12.2018 World Conference of Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law
 06.12.2018 Turkish doctors say hospital violence out of control
 06.12.2018 Gene editing claims spark debate on ethics of embryo research
04.12.2018 Gay conversion “therapy” has no place in modern Australia
30.11.2018 The 2018 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: shaping the health of nations for centuries to come
26.11.2018 [Italian] L’eutanasia non è etica: lo dice la World Medical Association
23.11.2018 On The Shoulders Of Giants, Part 1: Henry K. Beecher And The Placebo Effect
23.11.2018 Release of Top Secret CIA Document Reveals Deeper Medical Complicity in Torture Program
21.11.2018​ Rotorua coach says banning boxing not the answer
21.11.2018 The New Zealand Medical Association calls for an immediate ban on boxing
21.11.2018 International Journal of Surgery
19.11.2018 Euthanasia contrary to medical ethics
19.11.2018 American Medical Association continues to debate assisted suicide
16.11.2018 Turkey’s proposed bill could challenge doctors’ livelihoods
15.11.2018 NZ medical organisations call for boxing ban following charity fight death
15.11.2018 New Zealand Medical Association calls for ban on boxing
15.11.2018 Catholic physicians honour pro-life champions
14.11.2018 Resolution to Stop Cold Genocide Starts Conversation in America’s Largest Medical Association
14.11.2018 Concerns over draft bill banning thousands of Turkish doctors from working
12.11.2018 Company with false HIV ‘cure’ admits trial was not registered with regulatory body

Physicians must defend life in all its stages

12.11.2018 BMA criticises move to restrict doctors from working in Turkey
12.11.2018 Turkey moves to ban thousands of doctors from practicing medicine
12.11.2018 WMA condemns ‘shameful’ move to ban doctors from working
09.11.2018 [Turkish] Dünya Tabipler Birliği’nden 5. madde açıklaması: Utanç verici!
09.11.2018 After outcry, Tanzania backs away from LGBT crackdown
07.11.2018 World Medical Association supports physicians involvement in combing air pollution
06.11.2018 World Medical Association urges physicians to ‘go green’
06.11.2018 WMA: Bra att läkare uppmanas bekämpa luftföroreningar
03.11.2018 Physician alleged to have taken part in Khashoggi murder
01.11.2018 WMA lär läkare bli gröna
 01.11.2018 The great practice/CCG divide
01.11.2018 Conversion therapy on the national agenda
01.11.2018 Doctors urged to ‘Go Green’ as role models
31.10.2018 Revised advice to physicians on medically indicated termination of pregnancy has been issued by the World Medical Association
31.10.2018 Was euthanasia dispute behind CMA–WMA split?
31.10.2018 One Health Week: Augmented reality, One Health for the real world
 29.10.2018 Death by mail
29.10.2018 World Medical Association voices concern over death sentence for Egyptian doctors
29.10.2018 [Indonesian]  Muktamar IDI Ke-30, Mutu Kesehatan Nasional Harus Dibarengi Kecukupan Biaya
25.10.2018 Canadian physicians warn Spanish Parliament about euthanasia
25.10.2018 [Dutch] Internationale euthanasiediscussie: graag met respect!
25.10.2018 Call for a Greater Focus on Primary Healthcare
24.10.2018 Neutral stand on assisted suicide by physicians group called ‘startling’
23.10.2018 American Medical Association Ethics Committee maintains opposition to physician-assisted suicide
22.10.2018 The CMA has a beam in its eye
19.10.2018 Euthanasia snub led to Canadian withdrawal from the World Medical Association, doctor says
19.10.2018 Catholic Medical Association Speaks Out Against Fellow Medical Organization’s Decision to Take a “Neutral Stance” on Physician-Assisted Suicide
18.10.2018 Canada’s departure from the WMA marks a missed opportunity
17.10.2018 [Turkish] TTB, Dünya Tabipler Birliği Genel Kurulu’na katıldı
16.10.2018 Family Physicians Org. Takes ‘Neutral’ Stance on Assisted Suicide
15.10.2018 Ageing and Imprisonment – Workshop on ageing and imprisonment: identifying and meeting the needs of older prisoners – Summary Report
 15.10.2018 World Medical Association reaffirms its opposition to nuclear weapons
12.10.2018 Recommendations on night shift work for pregnant doctors
12.10.2018 Israeli doctor apologizes to Canadian Medical Association, after being accused of plagiarism
12.10.2018 The World Medical Association’s Plagiarism War
11.10.2018 World doctors urge world leaders to join the treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons
11.10.2018 World Medical Association updates advice on termination of pregnancy
11.10.2018 [German] Weltärztebund lehnt Tötung auf Verlangen weiter ab
11.10.2018 Termination of Pregnancy: WMA revises advice it previously offered
11.10.2018 [German] Weltärztebund positioniert sich zu medizinisch-ethischen Themen und zu Versorgungsfragen
11.10.2018 Canadians and Dutch fail to shift World Medical Association opposition to euthanasia
11.10.2018 Canadian Medical Association leaves international group after president plagiarizes past president’s speech
11.10.2018 Kingston doctor surprised when World Medical Association’s new president used his words in inaugural speech

Euthanasia Versus Plagiarism: A Strange International Drama

10.10.2018 The Canadian Medical Association’s Abrupt Resignation from the World Medical Association
10.10.2018 CMA quits global medical body over plagiarism row
10.10.2018 World Medical Association voices concern over impact of ‘restrictive’ migration policies
10.10.2018 Honor for Top Israeli Doctor Marred by ‘Plagiarism’ Charge
10.10.2018 Canadians quit World Medical Association over president’s plagiarised speech
09.10.2018 [Portuguese] Diretor da AMB assume a presidência da World Medical Association (WMA)
09.10.2018 [Swedish] World Medical Association diskuterade läkaretiska regler
09.10.2018 World Medical Association Rejects Supporting Euthanasia Despite Pressure From Canada, Netherlands
 08.10.2018 Physicians raise concern over restrictive migration policies
 08.10.2018 World Medical Association appeals to Nicaragua to stop criminalizing doctors
 08.10.2018 Resident doctors of Canada supports Canadian Medical Association’s resignation from the World Medical Association
08.10.2018 Which is more egregious: euthanasia or plagiarism?
07.10.2018 Canadian Medical Association resigns from world body amid plagiarism accusations
07.10.2018 Canadian Medical Association resigns from world body, accuses incoming president of plagiarizing inaugural speech
04.10.2018 An Open Letter to Representatives of the World Medical Association
03.10.2018 Hunger Strikers in ICE Detention at Risk
30.09.2018 World Medical Association supports health personnel on trial in Turkey
30.09.2018 Bid to eradicate rabies by 2030
 30.09.2018 World doctors condemn torture in Uganda 
 30.09.2018  WMA: Elimination of dog-transmitted rabies by 2030 targeted
 30.09.2018 Health professionals around the world want a more ambitious declaration (in SE)
28.09.2018 World Medical Association calls for systems based on physician led primary care
24.09.2018 Zambia Medical Association condemns LCC for publishing medical records of the dead
22.09.2018 why medics have to speak out on issue of Trident
21.09.2018 Dr. Gaurav became the President of World Medical Association
20.09.2018 Assisted Suicide Is the Wrong Prescription
20.09.2018 The fight is real!
19.09.2018 What oath did medical students take in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945?
 19.09.2018 Global medical body urges Kadaga to ensure victims of Arua by-election chaos get treatment
19.09.2018 Doctors lobby for new euthanasia rules so organs can be ‘as fresh as possible’
19.09.2018 Doctors lobby for organ donation-euthanasia coordination so organs can be ‘as fresh as possible’
19.09.2018 Soogi Katende Soogi Katende’s Tweet
18.09.2018 ‘Doctors can jointly create a World Health-Keeping Force’
 18.09.2018 Nicaragua: Anti-government protests enter sixth month /update 46
18.09.2018 Human Harvesting
 17.09.2018 Canada & Netherlands Pressuring World Medical Association To Promote Euthanasia
16.09.2018 An African Earth warrior to attend the United Nations GeneralAssembly starting in September 2018
13.09.2018 DOCTORS: Support the WMA against Euthanasia 2018
11.09.2018 Canadian Catholic doctors fight change to World Medical Association euthanasia ban
11.09.2018 Canadian Catholic doctors fight change to World Medical Association euthanasia ban
10.09.2018 Canadian Catholic doctors fighting change in World Medical Association code of ethics
10.09.2018 World medical leaders express revulsion at torture reports from Uganda
10.09.2018 The World Medical Association (WMA) has called for the reinstatement of the leaders of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) following their dismissal by the Turkish Government
10.09.2018 Global Doctors’ body condemns torture in Uganda
07.09.2018 Canadian and Dutch Medical Associations pressure World Medical Association to change policy opposing euthanasia.
06.09.2018 ‘Every Doctor: healthier doctors = healthier patients’ will be released in September 
06.09.2018 Euthanasia debate to take place in Queensland after vote on abortion bill
06.09.2018 Gay Conversion’ Therapy Survivor Says Scott Morrison’s Response ‘Not Good Enough’
 05.09.2018 Helping Kids Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis
31.08.2018 Torture
29.08.2018 Addressing the bullying of healthcare workers
27.08.2018 AMA to Supreme Court: Doctor participation in executions unethical
 24.08.2018 Assisted dying is simply another form of euthanasia
23.08.2018 Ethics briefing
21.08.2018 Future Aust doctors boycott fossil fuels
19.08.2018 Bobi Wine’s personal doctor allowed to see him  
18.08.2018 Advice for health professionals on how to ensure their wellbeing
17.08.2018 Recognizing Ethical Issues in Research
16.08.2018 Is Medical Ethics in Armed Conflict Identical to Medical Ethics in Times of Peace?
15.08.2018 Medical Women´s International Association (MWIA) supports the request to end the campaign against physicians in Turkey
14.08.2018 Euthanasia: ACT senator Zed Seselja defends his vote to keep territories from legislating on assisted dying
14.08.2018 Legal remedy to medical negligence
14.08.2018 Turkish President urged to end campaign against doctors
08.08.2018 Medicine and Law
30.07.2018 The Impact of the Hippocratic Oath in 2018
30.07.2018 Royal College of General Practitioners divests from fossil fuels!
28.07.2018 World Medical Association condemns killing of medic in Nicaragua
26.07.2018 Revamping the health sector
25.07.2018 A child of many mothers—new knowledge: medicine and psychology
23.07.2018 SAMA calls for end to maturity assessments in Iran
23.07.2018 Ethical concerns regarding guidelines for the conduct of clinical research on children
23.07.2018 From the CEO’s desk there is no UHC without PHC
17.07.2018 World Medical Association Condemns Child Executions in Iran
17.07.2018 [Swedish] WMA fördömer läkares medverkan till avrättningar
17.07.2018 WMA condemns complicity of doctors in Iranian executions
16.07.2018  WMA condemns physicians’ involvement in executions
13.07.2018 In apocalyptic breach of Hippocratic Oath!
13.07.2018 Terminal illness: Lack of facilities takes toll on patients, families
13.07.2018 Terminal illness: Lack of facilities takes toll on patients, families
11.07.2018 WMA, IFRC, & IFPMA Event @WHA71: Health Security – 100 years after Spanish Flu Pandemic
09.07.2018 Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I)
09.07.2018 Twelve Myths Concerning Medical Aid in Dying, or Physician-Assisted Suicide
 09.07.2018 The good (virtuous) researcher?
09.07.2018 The Oath Revisited
09.07.2018 Ready for her closeup: Dr. Patrice Harris makes history as first black women to lead American Medical Association
05.07.2018 Medical Ethics Conference 2018
05.07.2018 This Free Online Tool Is Helping Healthcare Providers Go Green
02.07.2018 World Medical Association Launches Global Continuing Education Platform
28.06.2018 World Medical Association Launches Global Continuing Education Platform
28.06.2018 World Medical Association Launches Global Continuing Education Platform
28.06.2018 World Medical Association Launches Global Continuing Education Platform
26.06.2018 You make people better? Let us take care of your digital health
26.06.2018 Positions of medical organizations on electronic cigarettes
25.06.2018 WMA launches education platform for doctors
02.05.2018 Pat Hipokrata zvērests novecojis. Saruna ar izraēliešu ārstu, Latvijā dzimušo Leonīdu Eidelmanu
07.05.2018 Bez sadarbības ar mediķiem risinājumu nebūs
27.09.2017 Otmārs Kloibers – medicīna dažādās pasaules valstīs (25.09.2017.)
18.06.2018 Collapse Of Health System Condemned By World Medical Association
16.06.2018 Collapse of Nicaragua’s health system condemned by World Medical Association
14.06.2018 15 more biosimilar drugs to enter Indian market
12.06.2018 AMA Urged to Rethink Fossil Fuel Investments
12.06.2018 Federal Council Communiqué
11.06.2018 Physician’s pledge: A snapshot of the revised Declaration of Geneva
11.06.2018 The Nigerian who inspired many at the United Nations Youth Dialogue conference
09.06.2018 The growth and strategic functioning of One Health networks: a systematic analysis
07.06.2018 The need for trust and safety inducing encounters: a qualitative exploration of women’s experiences of seeking perinatal care when living as undocumented migrants in Sweden
07.06.2018. Healthcare Starts with a Healthy Environment
01.06.2018 UCL Fight the Fakes at the 71st World Health Assembly, Geneva
01.06.2018 WHO resolution on snakebites flags the highly prevalent hazard at home
30.05.2018 Ethical issues regarding medical research
29.05.2018 What to know about medical marijuana
28.05.2018 Nigerian Youth shines at the World Confab on Climate Change and Global warming in the USA
28.05.2018 Queensland Government Honoured for Investing in Junior Doctors’ Health
28.05.2018 World Medical Association calls for vigorous response to New Ebola Outbreak
25.05.2018 Readout of Secretary Azar’s Second Day of Participation at the 2018 World Health Assembly
25.05.2018 Physician, leaders echo call for vigorous response to new Ebola outbreak
 23.05.2018 Health minister earns global honor for Taiwan’s cutting-edge NHI system
 23.05.2018 President showcases Taiwan’s health care system at WMA
 23.05.2018 President Tsai’s video address to Universal Health Coverage Forum in Geneva
 22.05.2018 Evaluation REport V1 / 2017 National Consent: Mandate Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences
 22.05.2018 Health minister earns global honor for Taiwan’s cutting-edge NHI system
 22.05.2018 World Medical Association leaders meet Taiwan health minister
21.05.2018 World Medical Association leaders meet Taiwan health minister
17.05.2018 Delegation to leave for WHA meeting tomorrow
15.05.2018 Snippets: President in Good Company
 09.05.2018  Taiwan expresses regret over not being invited to World Health Assembly
 08.05.2018  Taiwan conveys ‘regret’ after WHO snub
 08.05.2018 Men arrested on suspicion of being gay avoid anal exams in Cameroon
 07.05.2018 Weltärztebund fordert Verbot von Atomwaffen
 04.05.2018 Doctors organisations urge countries to sign nuclear weapons treaty
 03.05.2018 [Latvian]Pat Hipokrata zvērests novecojis. Saruna ar izraēliešu ārstu, Latvijā dzimušo Leonīdu Eidelmanu
 27.04.2018  Can a declaration on the ethical use of data be possible?
05.04.2018 FirstPost
31.03.2018 InfoGlitz
22.03.2018 Youth Voices
25.03.2018 Clinical
25.03.2018 Kashmir Images
24.03.2018 Africa Report on Business
 16.03.2018 Life after death—surviving the attacks on civilians in Syria
16.03.2018 Good intentions do not replace ethical conduct in research
 15.03.2018 Turkey, hunger strikes against power
09.03.2018 Trial And Error, Or The Problem Of Clinical Trial Data Exclusivity
09.03.2018 Prison Health Care Governance: Guaranteeing Clinical Independence
08.03.2018 The politics of ‘life’ – Godfrey Farrugia
05.03.2018 SHS names distinguished alumni recipients
05.03.2018 Bad results from drug trials no longer have a place to hide
 01.03.2018 Euthanasia
01.03.2018 World Medical Association urges support for doctors in Syria
01.03.2018 Health federations call Ban Treaty a “significant forward step” toward elimination of nuclear weapons
28.02.2018 refugeesmigrants.un.orgt The UN General Assembly requested Secretary-General António Guterres to prepare a report as an input to the zero draft of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and related intergovernmental negotiations
28.02.2018  ODYSSEY Human Harvesting
 27.02.2018 World news-roundup: Dutch urged to help Iranian grandmother facing death penalty
27.02.2018 In our opinion: Delaying Utah’s .05 percent DUI law is as illogical as drinking and driving
26.02.2018 Medical world Nigeria WMA Appeals for Immediate Release of Jailed Physician Sentenced to Death for Charge of Corruption on Earth
26.02.2018 Is the World Medical Association going to change on euthanasia?
26.02.2018 The times of Israel 500 Icelandic physicians back bill to outlaw circumcision
23.02.2018 Center for bio similars Clinical Trial Results Reporting Tracker Launched by AllTrials
 21.02.2018  Medical society for climate health Feb 21: GCHA webinar, Health in the Paris Accord NDCs – 8:00 PM (London, GMT)
21.02.2018 JAMA Medical Research and the Golden Rule
21.02.2018 World medical body pushes back on conscience fight
20.02.2018 Is The BMJ the right journal for my research article?
20.02.2018 Catholic Medical Association’s chief warns of threats

 16.02.2018  SCOOP
16.02.2018  The Royal Society of Medicine
08.02.2018 J
08.02.2018  Ten News
07.02.2018  PressReader
05.02.2018  Medical Dialogues
05.02.2018  Catholic
05.02.2018 World Socialist Website
 01.02.2018  The NEWS Minutes
 31.01.2018  New York Dailynews
 31.01.2018  IFMSA
31.01.2018  SCOOP Independent News

Turkey Arrests Top Doctors for Protesting Ankara’s Assault on Syrian Kurds

 31.01.2018  NRTTV.COM
 31.01.2018  Reuters
 30.01.2018 My medical
30.01.2018 Cambridge
 30.01.2018  SBS News
30.01.2018  The Lancet
 18.01.2018 BMA
14.01.2018 Biomedical Journal of scientific and technical research
 14.01.2018  Heart Sisters
11.01.2018 Politico Magazine
 09.01.2018 Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
08.01.2018  The Wire The Modern-Day Hippocratic Oath Disappoints
08.01.2018 AMA adopts Declaration of Geneva pledge
05.01.2018 Cambridge Core Chaining, culture and values: ethical issues in research in middle- and low-income countries
o4.01.2018 The Ethics of Warning the Public About a Dangerous President
04.01.2018 2017 recap and review: Stories, headlines and highlights
28.12.2017 Ten Legal Reasons to Reject Roe vs. Wade
28.12.2017 Why End-of-the-Year Trends Articles Are the Perfect Holiday Treat
 26.12.2017  ‘Ethics dumping’ – the dark side of international research
27.12.2017 The Japan Times Rural Fukuoka doctor now leading global campaign for universal health care
22.12.2017 Australian Medical Association Christmas Message from AMA President
22.12.2017 Is Pope Francis the Father of Italy’s Abominable Euthanasia Law?
21.12.2017 Cardiology Associates of Dortmund Our Philosophy
14.12.2017 Malta Today Medical cannabis is no ‘wonderdrug’ and should be used as a last resort – MAM
 20.12.2017  The Australian  Living with the dying law: euthanasia tensions linger
 18.12.2017  Israel Seen  Hanukkah Special: Israel’s Achievements and Heartwarming Stories
 18.12.2017  CSL Behring  Research Practices
 18.12.2017  The Guardian  Expert urges doctors to respect autonomy, sanctity of patients
 14.12.2017  Wikipedia  Positions of medical organizations on electronic cigarettes
 13.12.2017  Kampfmodus in Italien
 13.12.2017 ‘Ethics dumping’ – the dark side of international research
 13.12.2017  Pope counsels Catholics on end-of-life decisions
11.12.2017 The Health Pilot World Medical Association Regional Meeting to Hold in Abuja
09.12.2017 Daily Journal NMMC Salutes Dr. Ed Hill
08.12.2017 E.C.M.O. Modern Physician’s Pledge Approved by World Medical Association
05.12.2017 NOTED Who Speaks for Doctors on Euthanasia?
05.12.2017 Intellectual Takeout New Hippocratic Oath Calls on Physicians to Respect “Autonomy and Dignity” of Trans Patients
05.12.2017 The Scientist Clinical Trial Reporting for Pharma-Sponsored Trials Shows Improvement
04.12.2017 Daily Times PMA Shows Concern Over 25pc Fee Increase Recommendation
04.12.2017 Vietnam Posts Innovation in Medical-ed Highlighted
 02.12.2017  Info Catolica  La Asociación Médica Mundial actualiza el Juramento Hipocrático desprotegiendo al no nacido
 01.12.2017  The Physician’s Pledge
 01.12.2017  British Medical Journal  Global Action On The Social Determinants of Health
 01.12.2017  el  World Medical Association Updates Hippocratic Oath
 01.12.2017  The End of Life Choice bill a Poison Chalice
 30.11.2017  Legge sul “fine vita” con il benestare della Chiesa cattolica?
 30.11.2017 WMA har revidert Genève-erklæringen
 28.11.2017 Why ABC’s The Good Doctor Gets (Most of it) Right
 28.11.2017 World Medical Association updates Hippocratic Oath
 28.11.2017 Euthanasia laws: the true implications
 27.11.2017  Valley Voice: The dicey dilemma of ending it all by choice
  27.11.2017 “Care” vs “overzealous treatment”: Pope Francis speaks on end of life issues
 27.11.2017 Transcript:  AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, with Gareth Parker, 6PR, Monday 27 November 2017
 24.11.2017  Threats to human health by great ocean garbage patches
 24.11.2017  Put a stop to bullying, says NZMA
 23.11.2017  Vatican Co-Hosts Event with Planned Parenthood Board Member, Euthanasia Advocates
 22.11.2017  AMA media release
 21.11.2017  Pope Francis calls out inequality in healthcare
 21.11.2017  Global physician ethics pledge gets biggest makeover in decades
 21.11.2017  Pope Francis Condemns Healthcare Inequality
 20.11.2017  Catholic TV Network  [VIDEO] Pope Francis addresses Europeans of World Medical Association | Catholic Newsbreak 11-17-2017
 20.11.2017  End of life care must acknowledge our mortality, Francis reminds physicians
 19.11.2017  Care for the dying does not mean obstinately resisting death, pope says
 19.11.2017 Never abandon the sick, euthanasia is always wrong, Pope Francis tells doctors
 19.11.2017  [VIDEO] Pope Francis addresses Europeans of World Medical Association | Catholic Newsbreak 11-17-2017
 16.11.2017 Il Papa non ha approvato l’eutanasia
 16.11.2017 Suspending therapy can be OK – pope
 16.11.2017 End-of-life, the Pope, “morally licit to discontinue therapeutic measures when disproportionate”
 16.11.2017 Il Papa apre all’eutanasia
 16.11.2017 Papa sul fine vita: «Sospendere le cure se non proporzionali»
 16.11.2017 Papa e fine vita: “Lecito stop alle cure se non sono proporzionali”
 16.11.2017 Fine vita no ad accanimento terapeutico, il Papa: “Non è eutanasia”


 16.11.2017 Papa: evitare accanimento terapeutico non è eutanasia
 16.11.2017 Papa: stop cure se non proporzionali

Papa Francesco: “mai abbandonare il malato”

 16.11.2017 Message of the Holy Father to the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life on the occasion of the European Regional Meeting of the “World Medical Association” on “end of life” issues (Vatican, 16-17 November 2017),

Pope Francis says it may be ‘permissible’ to stop treating dying patients

 16.11.2017 Pope Francis calls European physicians to morally withdraw from ‘overzealous treatment’
 16.11.2017 Pope Francis: No to euthanasia, but we should not obstinately resist death
 15.11.2017  WMA Medical Ethics conference
 15.11.2017  Vatican Conference Invites Promoters of Euthanasia
 15.11.2017  Vatican to Host Congress on November 16-17 on End of Life
 14.11.2017  Key amendments reflected in newly revised Hippocratic Oath
 14.11.2017  Geneva declaration revised
 14.11.2017  Step Therapy Reform Will Help Physicians Put Patients First
 13.11.2017  Defiant doctors ‘maintain strike’ despite govt order
 13.11.2017  World Medical Association Urges Immediate Release of Jailed Physician
10.11.2017 Threats to human health by great ocean garbage patches
 10.11.2017 Addressing burnout among doctors
 10.11.2017 PARADISE PAPERS: Medical device maker offered stock options to doctors, hospital
 09.11.2017 A New Hippocratic Oath Removes Protection of Life “From Conception”
 09.11.2017  New Hippocratic Oath for doctors approved
 09.11.2017  One world, One Health, and One Medicine
 07.11.2017 World Medical Association updates ethical code for physicians
 07.11.2017  Challenges and opportunities
 07.11.2017 Medical students applaud World Medical Association statement on bullying and harassment within the profession
 06.11.2017 World Medical Association (WMA) revised policy on climate change and health (2017)
 06.11.2017 Physicians Pledge: World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva (Amended October 2017)
 06.11.2017 New Hippocratic Oath for doctors approved
 03.11.2017  I’m Not “Better Off Dead”: The Problem With Assisted Suicide Legislation
 03.11.2017 World Medical Association reiterates strong opposition to physician assisted suicide 
01.11.2017 Modern edge to Hippocratic Oath

Create a new oath for behavioral healthcare organizations

31.10.2017 World Medical Association reiterates strong opposition to physician assisted suicide and to Australian bill
31.10.2017 Medical students applaud World Medical Association statement on bullying and harassment within the profession
30.10.2017 World physician leaders set standard for assuring quality med ed
30.10.2017 Why medics are striking
30.10.2017 World Medical Association speaks out against euthanasia bill in Australia
30.10.2017 Call for climate change health funding
30.10.2017 Euthanasia: an emphatic no from this GP
30.10.2017 telegraph

Dr Noose? Spare us- Doctors want no part in hangings

30.10.2017 Emergency funding needed to combat climate change – WMA
28.10.2017 World Medical Association condemns assisted dying bill
28.10.2017 A Quadruple Aim update for the Hippocratic Oath
28.10.2017 The right to ask for release
28.10.2017 Vic euthanasia bill hangs in balance as World Medical Association intervenes
27.10.2017 We need health care reforms as a collective endeavour
28.10.2017 Dox Responds: The Updated Physician’s Pledge
27.10.2017 Clamoring for Hippocrates
28.10.2017 lä WMA tar starkt avstånd från läkarassisterat självmord
28.10.2017 Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide
27.10.2017 World Medical Association Reiterates Strong Opposition To Physician Assisted Suicide And To Australian Bill
27.10.2017 World Medical Association calls on Victorian MPs to reject euthanasia bill
26.10.2017 Historic change to Declaration of Geneva
27.10.2017 JOHESU Response to call by NMA to FG not to appoint consultants in other fields
27.10.2017 The Morning Wrap: Mamata Banerjee’s Aadhaar Rebellion; US Making Renewal Of H1-B Tougher
25.10.2017 The Hippocratic Oath gets an update with new language about physician well-being, respect and patient autonomy
25.10.2017 Don’t force doctors to be part of executions, says Indian Medical Association
25.10.2017 Examining the role of healthcare professionals in the use of solitary confinement
25.10.2017 Doctors’ participation in executions violates medical ethics: IMA
24.10.2017 Revised Declaration of Geneva Could Replace Hippocratic Oath
24.10.2017 There’s a New Declaration of Geneva!
24.10.2017 Why Human Suffering Should Bother You
23.10.2017 Medical World Nigeria Emergency Funding Needed To Combat Climate Change, Says WMA
23.10.2017 Australian Medical Association (AMA) opposes bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.
23.10.2017 Euthanasia fails doctors’ code
23.10.2017 Physician’s role is of a healer
20.10.2017 WMA policy statement on participation of doctors in executions should be implemented
20.10.2017 WMA: Climate change poses health risks, emergency funding needed to combat it
19.10.2017 World Medical Association questions evidence for medicinal cannabis
18.10.2017 NZMA policy on bullying adopted by World Medical Association
16.10.2017 The Revised Declaration of GenevaA Modern-Day Physician’s Pledge
16.10.2017 World Medical Association approves new Physicians’ Oath
16.10.2017 World Medical Association okays new Physicians’ Oath
16.10.2017 Cannabis as medicine: more research is needed says World Medical Association
14.10.2017 The Japan Times Japan’s Yokokura to head World Medical Association
14.10.2017 My Medical Mantra Strike: The World Medical Association supports Poland’s junior doctors
12.10.2017 The Lancet Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons: towards safeguarding humanity
12.10.2017 NZ Herald Local doctor to make history with Hippocratic Oath
06.10.2017 ModernGhana KNUST vet students to vaccinate 1000 cats, dogs against rabies
03.10.2017 Crux Academy for Life: “We must always, any way and anywhere be pro-life”
03.10.2017 Ventura County Star

A dangerous illusion

02.10.2017 Peace And Health Blog Health federations call Ban Treaty a “significant forward step” toward elimination of nuclear weapons
02.10.2017 Australian Medicine World Medical Association calls for more nations to sign treaty against nuclear weapons
02.10.2017 Brytfmonline Rabies kills 10, 500 cases recorded so far
02.10.2017 ModernGhana Dog-transmitted Rabies To Be Eliminated By 2030
29.09.2017 UN News Centre On World Day, UN announces global initiative to end deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030
29.09.2017 Ghana News Agency Elimination of dog-transmitted rabies by 2030 target
28.09.2017 Royal Society Good publication practice standards
24.09.2017 OutInPerth Health Minister will look at legislation around “gay conversion therapy”
22.09.2017 ‘Ludicrous practice’ of gay conversion therapy to be scrutinised
21.09.2017 Univadis World Medical Association marks Medical Ethics Day
21.09.2017 MedAct Health federations call Ban Treaty a “significant forward step” toward elimination of nuclear weapons
20.09.2017 ASMS WMA marks its 70th anniversary on World Medical Ethics Day
20.09.2017 Pressenza Ban treaty is a “significant forward step” toward elimination of nuclear weapons
19.09.2017 Univadis Doctors call for increased supports for refugee health
19.09.2017 NewMatilda Tomorrow The World Is Going To Try And Ban Nuclear Weapons. Australia Wants To Keep Them.
19.09.2017 PressReleasePoint WMA marks its 70th anniversary on World Medical Ethics Day
19.09.2017 My MedicalMantra WMA celebrates its 70th anniversary on medical ethics day
19.09.2017 SAMEDICAL World Medical Association marks 70th anniversary on Medical Ethics Day
15.09.2017 KoreaBioMed Herb doctors’ use of medical device will hurt public health’
11.09.2017 Forward Israeli Doctors Warn Foreigners Not To Force Feed Palestinian Hunger Strikers
08.09.2017 Lexology Telemedicine and its effects on healthcare
08.09.2017 Daily Trust Medical doctors: Between Hippocratic Oath and right to strike
08.09.2017 The Spectator Myth and reality and assisted suicide
08.09.2017 Pressenza John Loretz, IPPNW: Strengthening the message about the consequences of nuclear weapons
08.09.2017 GB Times Pros & cons: Should doctors help patients die?
06.09.2017 MethodSpace The Great Unknown: The Impact of Academic Conferences
06.09.2017 Battlegrounds Tv Health care in danger: launch of a common core on ethics
06.09.2017 International Law Office Telemedicine and its effects on healthcare
28.08.2017 Gisborneherald Euthanasia is a dangerous, unwise policy
23.08.2018 The Conversation Why boxing and cage fighting should be banned – but won’t be
18.08.2017 The JAMA Network The Nuremberg Code 70 Years Later
10.08.2017 Springer Medical oath: use and relevance of the Declaration of Geneva. A survey of member organizations of the World Medical Association (WMA)
07.08.2017 NZ Herald Opinion: Dangerous bill must be defeated
07.08.2017 NoEuthanasia Medical Professionals: Euthanasia Hurts Both Patient And Doctor
01.08.2017 Hepbum Advocate Euthanasia would undermine doctors’ role as healers | OPINION
27.07.2017 PR Newswire
26.07.2017 My Medical Mantra Online Continuous Medical Education, soon a reality in India
20.07.2017 Springer Euthanasia: Global Scenario and Its Status in India
20.07.2017 Merco Press World Medical Association urges Venezuela to immediately address health situation
19.07.2017 Observatorio De Bioetica La “Internacional Association For Hospice & Palliative Care (IAHPC)” se declara en contra de la eutanasia y el suicidio asistido
14.07.2017 The BMJ Opinion Kathleen Thomas: Hospital bombardment—the new weapon of war?
12.07.2017 Medact Response from BMA to Medact letter re: Palestinian hunger strikes in Israeli prisons and detention centres
12.07.2017 Howlingpixel Assisted suicide
06.07.2017 Laws — Open Access Journal Victims of Violence: The Forced Sterilisation of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Australia
06.07.2017 Dissident Voice Marwan Barghouti and the Battle of the Empty Stomachs
27.06.2017 Anthropology News The Voice of Hunger, Part 2
26.06.2017 SCOOP Politics David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill
21.06.2017 Independent Catholic News Christian peace organisations urge UK participation in UN Nuclear Weapon Ban talks
20.06.2017 Banmuang ติวเข้มสถานพยา    บาลไทยให้บริการสุขภาพมาตรฐานสากล (Thai Nursing Clinic provides universal health services)
20.06.2017 Book Review: Humane Health Care for Prisoners
19.06.2017 BBC Health Inequality: TB, trauma and technology
 09.06.2017 South Florida Hospital News Summary of Major Actions of the Annual American Medical Association House of Delegates, June 10-14, Chicago, Illinois
 09.06.2017 Defend Democracy Press Get the facts on Palestinian hunger strike
08.06.2017 The New England Journal of Medicine Whose Data Are They Anyway? Can a Patient Perspective Advance the Data-Sharing Debate?
06.06.2017 Hindustan Times World Medical Association highlights attacks on Indian doctors: Report
06.06.2017 PPAR Signaling The contraction in doses distributed in EURO can clearly be noted
05.06.2017 Becker’s Hospital Review Millennial physicians opting out of the Hippocratic Oath in favor of alternatives
03.06.2017 Right to Life New Zealand Belgian Doctor Advocate for Culture of Death Descends on New Zealand
03.06.2017 The New York Times Choosing When and How to Die
02.06.2017 Advanced Drivers of North America The Crash-Risk Argument for a Limit of 0.05% Blood-Alcohol Concentration rather than 0.08%
02.06.2017 ilTrentino “Social injustice is killing on a grand scale” by Michael Marmot
02.06.2017 PLOS Journals The outcomes and controversies of transplant tourism—Lessons of an 11-year retrospective cohort study from Taiwan
02.06.2017 Times of India 2 women doctors promote female genital mutilation, may face action
31.05.2017 Bizcommunity Good or bad, medical research funders promise to publish clinical trial results
30.05.2017 Impakter How to stop climate change and reverse global warming
28.05.2017 Normangee Star UN Calls on Israel to Solve Palestinian Prisoner Crisis
23.05.2017 Medical Dialogues Violence against Indian Doctors reverberates at World Medical Association meet
23.05.2017 Hindustan Times World Medical Association highlights attacks on Indian doctors: Report
23.05.2017 Global Research Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike as Drumpf Visits Israel
23.05.2017 My Medical Mantra Include Doctor’s Protection Act in Police Syllabus, says IMA president of Maharashtra
23.05.2017 Merco.Press WMA leader warns about growing violence against physicians and healthcare
19.05.2017 CNN Point Major end of life conferences organized by World Medical Association
19.05.2017 SCOOP Politics International Health Community Rejects TPP Revival
19.05.2017 The Star Online GP practices need protection
18.05.2017 WHO Major research funders and international NGOs to implement WHO standards on reporting clinical trial results
12.05.2017 Puls Medycyny WMA o udzielaniu pomocy podczas lotu samolotem (WMA on providing medical assistance during a plane flight)
10.05.2017 Univadis World Medical Association proposes changes to modified Hippocratic Oath.
10.05.2017 Truthout Israel Resorts to Psychological Warfare to Try to Break Palestinian Hunger Strike
09.05.2017 Penang Trails Dato’ Seri Dr T.P. Devaraj
09.05.2017 Right to Life New Zealand Ontario Demands Doctors Refer for Euthanasia, Forcing them to Leave Medicine or Abandon Their Ethical Principles
08.05.2017 Australian Medicine The world view of health
05.05.2017 ModernGhana Female Genital Circumcision In Ghana?
05.05.2017 i24NEWS Israel mulls using foreign doctors to force feed Palestinian prisoners: report
04.05.2017 Policy options of IRPP Physicians, conscience and assisted dying
04.05.2017 The Independent Pregnant women and children are not getting enough medical attention
01.05.2017 ICT&Health Europese artsenkoepel wil gedragscode ethisch gebruik medische data (European doctors will conduct the ethical usage of medical data)
01.05.2017 Handicapnieuws Europese artsen zetten eerste stap gedragscode gebruik gegevens medische databanken (European doctors take first step towards code of conduct in medical databases)
01.05.2017 Bolsafinanzas Palestinians injured in West Bank clashes with Israeli troops
29.04.2017 SSPX news & events The Pope says “No” to Atomic Weapons
27.04.2017 Tennews #IMA leaders attend the 206th WMA Council Meeting in #Zambia
26.04.2017 The NEJM Whose Data Are They Anyway? Can a Patient Perspective Advance the Data-Sharing Debate?
26.04.2017 Medicinska nyheter Death of a sibling increases risk of death by 71 per cent
26.04.2017 Univadis L’Association médicale mondiale s’attaque au harcèlement généralisé sur le lieu de travail des professionnels de santé
26.04.2017 Dr K. K. Aggarwal Blog New AAN-AES guidelines on sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
26.04.2017 Emedinews New AAN-AES guidelines on sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
25.04.2017 Legeforeningen Høynivåmøte mot vold mot barn
25.04.2017 The New York Times Doctors at an Execution? Medical Ethics Says No
25.04.2017 ovimagazine Physician Leaders Urge Immediate Release of Jailed Turkish Doctor
24.04.2017 La référence en ligne des professionnels de santé L’Association médicale mondiale condamne la détention d’un médecin turc
24.04.2017 A Trusted Medical Reference World Medical Association condemns detention of Turkish doctor
22.04.2017 OVI Physician Leaders Urge Immediate Release of Jailed Turkish Doctor
22.04.2017 State House Press Office – Zambia Facebook WMA council session
21.04.2017 AGOS Dünya Tabipler Birliği: Dr. Küni serbest bırakılsın (World Medical Association: Dr. Küni You are free)
21.04.2017 Dünya Tabipler Birliği’nden, Dr. Serdar Küni için harekete geçme çağrısı (From the World Medical Association, Call for action for Serdar Kuni)
21.04.2017 bianet Sağlık hizmeti tehlikeye sokuluyor (Health care is in danger)
21.04.2017 Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Dr. Serdar Küni İçin Dünya Tabipler Birliği Konseyi Tarafından Oybirliği ile Alınan Karar (Dr. Serdar Küni receives a unanimous decision by Council of the World Medical Association)
21.04.2017 Sjukhusläkaren (Hospital Doctor) Heidi Stensmyren vald till ordförande för WMA:s etikkommitté (Heidi Stensmyren elected Chairman of the WMA Ethics Committee)
21.04.2017 Sjukhusläkaren (Hospital Doctor) Debatt om läkares medverkan vid utvisningar(Debate on medical involvement in expulsions)
21.04.2017 IOSR Journal Ethical Disaster or Natural Disaster? Importance of Ethical Issue in Disaster Management
21.04.2017 ZNBC We’re transforming health Sector
20.04.2017 In sickness and in health
20.04.2017 Podcasts, 19 Apr Doctors meet
19.04.2017 Chanel Africa Doctors gather for World Medical Association Council Meeting
18.04.2017 Läkartidningen (Medical Newspaper) Läkarförbundet får kritik för uttalande om utvisningar(The Medical Association receives criticism for statements about expulsions)
15.04.2017 The Herald Scotland Call for smacking ban to protect Scotland’s youngsters
13.04.2017 The New American Swedish Court: Midwives Must Perform Abortions or Lose Job
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25.02.2017 The Lancet Margaret Mungherera
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20.03.2017 Free Republic Dana Loesch Counters Argument True Conservatives Must Support Women´s Right To Seek Abortions 
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17.03.2017 Wikipedia Concussion
17.03.2017 Physicians For Social Responsibility Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Negotiations Begin at UN
28.02.2017 Daily Maverick Cricket: ICC’s baffling reluctance to act on concussion
27.02.2017 Daily Times PMA demands trauma centres across country
24.02.2017 Energy live News PhD student goes hungry to protest fossil fuel investment
24.02.2017 PLOS one Lung Cancer Specialist Physicians´ attitudes towards e-cigarettes: A nationwide survey
22.02.2017 OXFORD Academic Neuro – Oncology
21.02.2017 PLOS Biology Putting Placebos To The Test
20.02.2017 Dragon Claw Who We Are
19.02.2017 Stat Pathway Also, researches who obtain unwelcome data from a particular sub#mce_temp_url#
18.02.2017 The Lancet A Declaration to the UN on Wars in the Middle East
16.02.2017 Cricket Network Sub rule puts fill-in’keepers at risk: Finch
15.02.2017 New Vision MPs Push For Increased Funding For Health
15.02.2017 New Vision Dr. Mungherera: Civil society’s tribute to “our hero”
15.02.2017 YallAfrica Uganda: Dr Mungherera Is an Icon of Selfless Service
14.02.2017 EPOCH TIMES Vatican Conference Spreads Misinformation About Organ Harvesting in China
14.02.2017 CHIMPREPORTS Prime Minister Rugunda Tribute to Dr Mungherera
13.02.2017 Mulerasfireplace Yes, honor Dr. Margaret Mungherera in Parliament
13.02.2017 ResearchGate Why Should the World Medical Association not Change its Policy towards Euthanasia?
12.02.2017 Jamaica Observer Ethics Committees Crucial For Health Research
10.02.2017 The Media Express Iran’s Human Rights Violations Continues to Escalate
07.02.2017 Better Information Dr. Mungherera’s body to arrive this afternoon, Burial is set for saturday
07.02.2017 New Vision Doctors Receive Mungherera’s body
07.02.2017 WatchDog New Ministry of Health releases Burial program for Dr. Margaret Mungherera
04.02.2017 Business Guide Africa DR. Margaret Mungherera dies at 59 after loosing her battle against cancer
03.02.2017 Mercury Talking Point: We need a healthier perspective on urban planning schemes
01.02.2017 World Medical Association Urges Iran to Stop Denying Medical Care to Prisoners
31.01.2017 (Korean: Euiyak News) Critisiam raised on appointment of World Medical Association Council Member from KMA (in Korean)
30,01,2017 Citeulike Emerging Ethical Issues Regarding Digital Health Data. On the World Medical Association Draft Declaration on Ethical Consideration Regarding Health Databases and Biobanks.
26.01.2017 Washington Examiner Religion is Keeping Abortion Legal 
24.01.2017 International News All set for GB, Punjab Music Festival Next Month
20.01.2017 PLOS CURRENTS DISASTERS The Solidarity and Health Neutrality of Physicians in War and Peace
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12.01.2017 Ethics and Health Law News Revised CIOMS International Ethical Guidelines for Health – Related Research Involving Humans
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09.01.2017 Shadowproof Obama’s Legacy: No Justice For Torture
07.01.2017 Medact World Medical Association Calls on Health Sector to Divest – Will You ask Your Royal College?
05.01.2017 Climate for Health Speaking Through Your Spending: Fossil Fuel Divestment & The Health Care Field
04.01.2017 Univadis World Medical Association sets out its priorities for 2017
04.01.2017 Pressreader Physicians’2017 
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