Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMA Statement on Divestment from Fossil Fuels Air Pollution, Climate Change, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Health/Economic Co-Benefits 2016 Statement
WMA Resolution on Zika Virus Infection Fetal Abnormalities, Guillain Barre, Infection, Microcephaly, Virus, Zika 2016 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Refugees and Migrants Asylum, Conflict, Detention, Migrant, Migration, Refugee, War 2016 Resolution
Ethical Principles of Health Care in Times of Armed Conflict and Other Emergencies Armed Conflict, Emergencies, Ethical Principles, Health Care, Situation of Violence 2016 Statement
WMA Resolution on implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control FCTC, Implementation, Public Health, Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco Control, WHO 2016 Council Resolutions, Resolution
WMA Statement on Adolescent Suicide Adolescent, Adolescent Medicine, Prevention, Psychological Trauma, Suicide 2016 Statement
WMA Declaration of Sydney on the Determination of Death and the Recovery of Organs Death, Organ, Organ Procurement, Sydney, Transplantation 2016 Declaration
WMA Resolution about the Bombing on the Hospital of MSF in Kunduz Afghanistan, Attacks, Healthcare in Danger, Kunduz, MSF 2015 Resolution
WMA Statement on Mobile Health Health Technology, Mobile health, Telehealth, Telemedicine 2015 Statement
WMA Statement on Transgender People Discrimination, Dysphoria, Gender, Identity, Intersex, Minority, Norms, Sex, Sterilisation, Stigmatisation, Transgender 2015 Statement
WMA Declaration on Alcohol Alcohol, Driving Measures, Harmful, Industry, Marketing, Pricing Policies 2015 Declaration
WMA Guidelines on Promotional Mass Media Appearances by Physicians Advertisement, Appearance, Communication, Information, Media, Professional Ethics, Promotion 2015 Statement
WMA Statement on Supporting Health Support to Street Children Adolescent, Childhood, Children, Education, Health Support, Inequality, Social Determinant, Street Children 2015 Statement
WMA Resolution to Stop Attacks Against Healthcare Workers and Facilities In Turkey Armed Conflict, Emergency, Healthcare in Danger, Professional Autonomy, Turkey 2015 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Global Refugee Crisis Armed Conflict, Health Care, Migration, Refugee, Safety, Syria 2015 Resolution