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Junior Doctors Network – Post WHA Discussions: all talks available here

COVID Talk [India] with Dr Arun Pawade reporting about his personal experience with violence in health care:

COVID Talk [USA] with Dr Caline Mattar, on the evidence of using the various types of face masks and face shields in clinical use and in the public:

COVID Talk [Uganda] with Dr Richtard Idro reporting from a country with a very low number of cases, but taking strong protection not to risk a disaster:

COVID Talk [Belgium] with Adv. Sara Roda on so-called COVID-Apps, their use, functionality, different national experiences and plans, data protection and public health needs. A matter about trust.:

COVID Talk with Dr Klaus Reinhardt explaining the likely reasons for Germany’s relatively low death toll, the difficulties to get PPE, the reduction of strokes and heart infarcts showing up in clinics and potential collateral damage and idea by the German Minister of Health of an immunity proof as a tool to loosen restrictions:

COVID Talk [Australia] with Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AC tells us how he prepared his family physician office for the pandemic and how he set up a government sponsored respiratory clinic to serve his community in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia:

COVID Talk [Chile] with Dr Anamaria Arriagada, Colegio Médico Santiago, explains the situation in a health care system used to deal with catastrophes and scarcity, the effects of restrictions and curfews, the inclusion of the private sector in fighting the pandemic and equity in access during the pandemic and in a “new normality”:

COVID Talk [UK] with Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair, British Medical Association about the efforts to increase the surge capacity in the National Health Service, dealing with the scarcity of PPE resources, occupational risks in the health care sector, the need for international reliable data and consistent public messages: 

COVID Talk [France] with Dr Audrey Fontaine about the experience of young physicians with the COVID-19 Pandemic:

COVID Talk [France] with Dr Xavier Deau as a Family Physician working in a hotspot of Corona infections, talking about the fears and thoughts of his patients and himself, working without protection and a meager support by the health authorities:

COVID Talk [Kenya] with Dr Jacqueline Kitulu on the measures to keep the number of COVID cases as low as possible in a country with very limited health care resources:

COVID Talk [Spain] with Dr Tomas Cobo on the extreme Corona outbreak in Spain, the rapid deterioration on individual patients and the delays in preparing for the crisis:

COVID Talk [Sweden] with Dr Heidi Stensmyren describing a different approach to tackle the pandemics and the potential of being forced to triage for ICU treatment:

COVID Talk [Australia] with Dr Tony Bartone on the Australian perspective of having a long time to deal with the pandemic:

COVID Talk [New Zealand] with Dr Kate Baddock on the lock down in an individualistic society:

COVID Talk [Iceland] with Dr Reynir Arngrimsson on massive testing to contain the pandemic:

Additional presentation with details

COVID Talk [USA] with Dr Dave Barbe on the different speeds of the development of the pandemic in the USA:

COVID Talk [Sri Lanka] with Dr Indika Karunathilake on the island state dealing with the Corona threat in an early phase:

COVID Talk [Vatican] with Dr Pablo Requena on pastoral and spiritual care during the pandamic:

COVID Talk [Brazil] with Dr Miguel Jorge on the pandemic being a psychological and mental health threat:

COVID Talk [Taiwan] with Dr Brian Chang on a successful strategy to contain the outbreak:

COVID TALK [India] with Dr Ravi Wankhedkar about a huge country going into an early lock down:

COVID Talk [Nigeria] with Osahon Enabulele dealing with Corona in an Central African country:

COVID Talk [Israel] with Dr Leonid Eidelman on precautionary measures and restrictions:

External resources

COVID-19 Resource pages by WMA Member Organizations

CMAOO: Contry Report 2020

American Medical Association: COVID-19 Resource Page

American Medical Association: COVID landing page

American Medical Association: Free CME related to Covid from the JAMA Network

British Medical Association: BMJ’s Coronavirus Hub

Chinese Medical Association: COVID-19 Academic Research Communication Platform

Chinese Medical Association: Seminar on COVID-19 – topics are as below:

  • Diagnosis and clinical management of COVID-19 cases
  • Clinical management of severe and critical COVID-19 cases
  • Hospital infection control measures, controlling measures in the community, setting up and management of isolation units for COVID-19
  • Implementation of molecular diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Control of the COVID-19 outbreak: Radiology’s experience

Turkish Medical Association website for CoViD (in English)

Vatican: Humana Communitas in the era of the pandemic. Untimely reflections on the rebirth of life:

CGCOM Advisory Commission Report on massive COVID-19 tests

COVID-19 Resource pages by WMA Partners and other Organizations

WHO Vaccine equity declaration

WHO Dedicated COVID-19 page for health and care workers and administrators

CMAOO: Countermeasures against COVID-19 Taken by CMAAO Member Countries and Medical Associations

Staying Safe from Covid19 – a new self help guide from Speaking Books®

Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition: new data on attacks in connection with COVID-19 prepared by Insecurity Insight, revealing more than 260 in 65 countries. 

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition – Global report on attacks on health care.

PHR Webinar: Protecting Health Workers Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO: Operational guidance for the COVID-19 context – Maintaining essential health services: operational guidance for the COVID-19 context

WHO: Rapid assessment of service delivery for NCDs during the COVID-19 pandemic

CIOMS: Medicines assessment during public health emergencies needs good science, best practices and proper communication

WHO Webinar: Returning to work in the context of COVID-19

LANCET: Attacks against health-care personnel must stop, especially as the world fights COVID-19

Call to G20 leaders calling for a #HealthyRecovery

Health care workers save lives: Condemnation of attacks linked to COVID-19

CSEM Releases Draft Civil Society Calls to Action for COVID-19

CPME – European Updates on COVID19

ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work

WHO Academy’s new COVID-19 mobile learning app that is targeted specifically to health workers

US National Institute of Health about the COVID-19 therapeutic options under investigation

COVID-19 data sources – Knowledge Portal on Innovation and Access to Medicines

Council of Europe Committee on Bioethics  – COVID- 19 (DH-BIO)

Handbook for Public Protection against COVID-19

The Knowledge Center for China’s Experiences in response to COVID-19

Free COVID-19 Courses from WCEA for healthcare professionals

COVID-19 Resource page by the Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin

WHPA calls on immediate G20 action to secure personal protective equipment for health personnel

EPI-WIN: WHO information network for epidemics

Covid-19 Resources for Health Professionals

Connecting Communities for COVID19 News

ECDC Situation update

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins University

Center for Infectious Disease Research at the University of Minnesota

COVID-19 Dashboard of the Robert-Koch-Institute and the University of Bonn

Coronavirus in Nederland by esri Nederland

European Mortality StatisticsStatens Serum Institut (SSI) Denmark

The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response