COVID19 Resources

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COVID Talk [New Zealand] with Dr Kate Baddock on the lock down in an individualistic society:

COVID Talk [Iceland] with Dr Reynir Arngrimsson on massive testing to contain the pandemic:

Additional presentation with details 

COVID Talk [USA] with Dr Dave Barbe on the different speeds of the development of the pandemic in the USA:

COVID Talk [Australia] with Dr Tony Bartone on the role of primary care and long term consequences of the lock downs: Will be published soon

COVID Talk [Sri Lanka] with Dr Indika Karunathilake on the island state dealing with the Corona threat in an early phase:

COVID Talk [Vatican] with Dr Pablo Requena on pastoral and spiritual care during the pandamic:

COVID Talk [ Brazil] with Dr Miguel Jorge on the pandemic being a psychological and mental health threat:

COVID Talk [Taiwan] with Dr Brian Chang on a successful strategy to contain the outbreak:

COVID TALK [ India ] with Dr Ravi Wankhedkar about a huge country going into an early lock down:

COVID Talk [ Nigeria ] with Osahon Enabulele dealing with Corona in an Central African country:

COVID Talk [ Israel ] with Dr Leonid Eidelman on precautionary measures and restrictions:

External resources

Vatican: Humana Communitas in the era of the pandemic. Untimely reflections on the rebirth of life:

EPI-WIN: WHO information network for epidemics:

Covid-19 Resources
for Health Professionals: 

Connecting Communities for COVID19 News:

ECDC Situation update

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins University

Center for Infectious Disease Research at the University of Minnesota

COVID-19 Dashboard for Germany University of Bonn

Coronavirus in Nederland by esri Nederland

European Mortality Statistics – Statens Serum Institut (SSI) Denmark