WMA European Region Meeting on End-of-Life Questions

Start Date: November 16, 2017
End Date: November 17, 2017
Location: Aula vecchia del Sinodo, Vatican

Recent World Medical Association sessions have featured dynamic discussions on euthanasia and physician-assisted dying. To explore ethical dilemmas relating to end-of-life issues on a broader scale, plans were announced to initiate regional workshops focused on these questions.

Given the range of policy and perspectives on this often controversial subject in Europe, the German Medical Association is collaborating with the World Medical Association and the Pontifical Academy for Life in the Vatican to host this meeting.

This two-day event will gather leading European medical professionals, legal authorities, experts in palliative care and medical ethics, theological scholars and philosophers to debate the different policies on these issues, to explore patient rights and treatment limitations, and to better understand public opinion regarding end-of-life questions.

Registration is open to all WMA members, observers and other interested experts in the members’ area.