Current Policies

WMA's policies on ethical and social issues

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WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Clinical Study, Ethics, Ethics Committee, Helsinki, Human Subjects, Medical Research, Patient Autonomy, Placebo, Post-Trial Access, Principle, Publication, Register, Review Committee, Risk Assessment, Subject Protection, Vulnerable Populations 2013 Declaration
WMA Declaration of Taipei on Ethical Considerations regarding Health Databases and Biobanks Biobanks, Confidentiality, Consent, Health Database, Opt-Out, Patient Rights 2016 Declaration
WMA Declaration of Reykjavik – Ethical Considerations Regarding the Use of Genetics in Health Care Bio Patents, Confidentiality, Consent, Intellectual Property, Patenting, Pharmacokinetics, Predictive Medicine, Substance Patents 2009 Declaration
WMA Resolution on Unproven Therapy and the Ebola Virus Ebola, Epidemic, Helsinki, Unproven Therapy 2014 Resolution
WMA Statement on Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest, Education, Independence, Kick-Backs, Loyalty, Publication, Research, Sponsoring 2009 Statement
WMA Statement concerning the Relationship between Physicians and Commercial Enterprises Affiliation, CME, Commercial Companies, Conferences, Conflict of Interest, Cooperation, Corporate Relations, CPD, Disclosure, Education, Gifts, Grants, Independence, Influence, Integrity, Research, Sponsoring, Transparency 2009 Statement
WMA Statement on Nuclear Weapons Deployment, Development, Nuclear War, Testing 2008 Statement
WMA Statement on Animal Use in Biomedical Research Animal, Ethics, Experiment, Research, Violence 2006 Statement
WMA Statement on Ethical Issues Concerning Patients with Mental Illness Access, Mental Health, Patients, Stigma 2006 Statement
WMA Resolution on the Responsibility of Physicians in the Documentation and Denunciation of Acts of Torture or Cruel or Inhuman or Degrading Treatment Degrading Treatment, Ethics, Human Rights, Inhuman Treatment, Istanbul Protocol, Torture 2003 Resolution
WMA Resolution on the Non-Commercialisation of Human Reproductive Material Embryo Transfer, Ethics, Gametes, Reproductive Technology 2003 Resolution
WMA Statement on Advance Directives (“Living Wills”) Advance Directive, End-of-Life Care, Living Will, Patient Autonomy, Self-Determination 2003 Statement
WMA Statement on Violence and Health Advocacy, Data Collection, Medical Training, Prevention, Violence 2003 Statement