WMA Statement on Non-Discrimination in Professional Membership and Activities of Physicians

Adopted by the 37th World Medical Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, October 1985
and editorially revised by the 170th WMA Council Session, Divonne-les-Bains, France, May 2005
and revised by the 66th WMA General Assembly, Moscow, Russia, October 2015 

The World Medical Association is in favour of equality of opportunity in medical association activities, medical education and training, employment, and all other medical professional endeavours regardless of any factors of discrimination.

The World Medical Association is unalterably opposed to the denial of membership privileges and responsibilities in National Medical Associations to any duly registered physician because of any factors of discrimination.

The World Medical Association calls upon the medical profession and all individual members of National Medical Associations to exert every effort to prevent any instance in which such equal rights, privileges or responsibilities are denied.

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