WMA Resolution on implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control

Adopted by the 170th WMA Council Session, Divonne-les-Bains, France, May 2005
And revised by the 67th WMA General Assembly, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2016

The World Medical Association:

  1. Acknowledges the essential role of health professionals in tobacco control and urges National Medical Associations to use World No Tobacco Day each year to advocate for tobacco control measures;
  2. Recognises the importance of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) as a mechanism to protect people from exposure and addiction to tobacco;
  3. Encourages Member States to the Convention to recognize (ratify, accept, approve, confirm or accede) the Protocol to Eliminate Trade in Tobacco Products;
  4. Encourages National Medical Associations to work assiduously and energetically to get their governments to implement the measures set out in the FCTC as a minimum;
  5. Urges governments to introduce regulations and other measures as described in the FCTC. Governments should also ban smoking in public places and work places as an urgent public health intervention. Governments should also consider additional measures, especially those tobacco control measures that have been proven to be successful in other countries;
  6. Strongly encourages governments to set a distinct method to ensure adequate funding for tobacco control and research;
  7. Urges governments to promote ready access to smoking cessation advice and services to all smokers, including children;
  8. Recognises the vital role of health professionals in public health education and in promoting smoking cessation;
  9. Follows up the tactics of the tobacco industry very closely to prevent individuals and communities from any threat;
  10. Contributes to the improvements and updating of international tobacco control regulations as needed.
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