WMA Resolution for an Immediate Ceasefire in Sudan and the Protection of Health Care

Adopted by the 223rd WMA Council, Nairobi, Kenya, April 2023
Revised and adopted by the 74th WMA General Assembly, Kigali, Rwanda, October 2023



Violent fighting has broken out since April 2023 in Khartoum and in several cities of Sudan between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF), an independent paramilitary force.

Amnesty International reports extensive war crimes with mass civilian victims in both deliberate and indiscriminate attacks by the conflicting parties as well as sexual violence against women and girls. Rampant looting has affected hospitals, medical facilities, and humanitarian warehouses across various regions. This widespread looting has exacerbated an already dire situation by depriving communities of essential medical and humanitarian resources. Even if supplies manage to enter Sudan, the challenge lies in safely delivering them to conflict-affected regions, where they are critically required [1].

The WMA and its constituent members join the United Nations Security Council in condemning in the strongest terms all attacks on the civilian population, United Nations and associated personnel and humanitarian actors, as well as civilian objects, medical personnel and facilities, and the looting of humanitarian supplies [2].



  1. The WMA supports the call by the UN Security Council to conflicting parties to immediately cease hostilities, facilitate humanitarian access and establish a permanent ceasefire arrangement and to resume the process towards reaching a lasting, inclusive and democratic political settlement in Sudan.
  2. The WMA calls upon all parties in conflicts to:
    • Respect the ethical principles of health care, including medical neutrality, to guarantee the safety of patients and health personnel, and take immediate steps to ensure that they are not targeted or affected by the fighting, including the provision of safe passage of health care personnel and patients where evacuation is required;
    • Ensure that hospitals and healthcare facilities have adequate supplies and staffing to provide care to those in need and facilitate humanitarian aid;
    • End immediately gender-based violence, including sexual violence as a tactic of war to terrorize people.
  1. The WMA urges the Sudanese authorities to ensure impartial and independent investigations into all alleged gross violations and abuses of human rights and serious violations of international humanitarian law; and for perpetrators to be held accountable.

[1] Sudan: “Death came to our home”: War crimes and civilian suffering in Sudan – Amnesty International

[2] Security Council Press Statement on Sudan | UN Press, 02.06.2023

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