Physician Leaders Condemn Surge in Attacks on Physicians in Nepalese Health Institutions

The recent surge in attacks on physicians and the widespread violence occurring within health institutions in Nepal has been condemned by the World Medical Association.

These distressing incidents have posed a significant threat to the safety of healthcare professionals and have the potential to undermine the quality of healthcare services in the country.

Meeting at WMA’s General Assembly in Kigali this week, physician leaders from around the world recalled the importance of physician safety and the integrity of healthcare institutions.

WMA President, Dr. Lujain AlQodmani, said: “We stand firmly with the Nepal Medical Association and all healthcare professionals committed to providing essential care to the people of Nepal. Physicians are the foundation of healthcare systems, and safeguarding their safety is of utmost importance. We call upon all stakeholders to unite in swift action to address this urgent concern and guarantee the security, well-being, and dignity of medical professionals in Nepal.”

Full text of the WMA Resolution Condemning the Violence against Physicians in Nepal