Physician Leaders Call for an Effective Ceasefire in Sudan

The devastating impact on Sudan’s healthcare system caused by the outbreak of violence in the country has been condemned by the World Medical Association.

Meeting at the WMA’s Council meeting in Nairobi, Kenya this week, physician leaders from around the world called for an immediate and effective ceasefire and warned that hospitals and healthcare facilities must never become targets in any conflict.

They voted for an emergency resolution calling on the warring parties to ‘respect the ethical principles of health care, including medical neutrality, to guarantee the safety of patients and health personnel, and take immediate steps to ensure that they are not targeted or affected by the fighting, including the provision of safe passage of health care workers and patients where evacuation is required’.

WMA President Dr. Osahon Emabulele said: ‘We hear of medicine being in short supply, and hospitals closing due to lack of equipment and staff. It is vital that all those involved in the fighting ensure that hospitals and healthcare facilities have adequate supplies and staffing to provide care to those in need and to facilitate humanitarian aid. Any ceasefire must be immediate and it must be effective’.