Green Doctor

Guide to implementing environmental friendly practices

My Green Doctor is a free service of the World Medical Association, Florida Medical Association and the Florida Academy of Family Physicians.   Please visit My Green Doctor website and register!

My Green Doctor guides the office staff to operate an office Green Team and make changes in their environmental practices.  There are more than 140 Action Steps to choose from on topics of energy & water use, recycling, safe uses of chemicals, transportation choices, climate change, renewable energy, and healthy foods.  There is an emphasis on teaching your patients in the office and waiting room, an effort to improve community environmental health.  This program has demonstrated that it can lowers office overhead expenses significantly.   Your office staff members and you can register to use My Green Doctor without a fee, obtain a waiting room certificate just for registering, and can qualify for a Green Doctor Office certificate from the WMA.

For more details or suggestions, please contact Dr. Todd L Sack, MD FACP, Editor, My Green Doctor,

Please also read the WMA press release on this issue.