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MIGUEL ROBERTO JORGE (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Summary of Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information
Name: Miguel Roberto JORGE
Professional Address: Rua Batataes 460 cj. 64
Postal code: 01423-010 City: Sao Paulo State: SP Country: Brazil
Telephones: +55 11 3884 7067 (office) +55 11 99183 5162 (mobile)
Email: miguelrjorge@gmail.com
Date of birth: 25th of December, 1950
Nationality: Brazilian
Portuguese, English and Spanish
Education and Training, Board Certification
Medical School: Paulista School of Medicine (EPM), 1971-1976
Psychiatric Residency: Paulista School of Medicine (EPM), 1977-1978
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training: Sedes Sapientiae Institute, 1980-1983
Board Certification in Psychiatry: Brazilian Medical Association (AMB)/Brazilian
Association of Psychiatry (ABP) and Federal Council on Medicine (CFM), 1984
Master and Philosophical Degree in Psychopharmacology: Paulista School of Medicine/
Federal University of Sao Paulo (EPM/UNIFESP), 1984-1986
Post-Doctoral Training (Fullbright Fellowship) in Psychiatric Epidemiology: Western
Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC), Department of Psychiatry, University of
Pittsburgh (USA), 1989-1990
Full Professor Qualification (“Livre-Docência”) in Clinical Psychiatry: Paulista School
of Medicine/Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), 1996
Medical Leadership: European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), 2007
Main Academic Standings and Achievements at the Paulista School of Medicine/
Federal University of Sao Paulo (EPM/UNIFESP)
Associate Professor (1986-Present), Clinical Psychiatry Section
Director (1986-1889), Psychiatric Emergency Room
Director (1987-1989, Alcohol and Drugs Program
Director (1991-1994), Psychiatric Residency Program
Chairman (1991-1994), Department of Psychiatry
Chairman (1996-2008), Clinical Psychiatry Section
Director (1997-2008), Psychiatric Internship Program
Director (1998-1999); Interdisciplinary Group on Culture and Mental Health
Director (2001-2006), Medical Internship Program
Director (2002-2005), Post-Graduate Program in Psychiatry and Mental Health
Academic Director (2006-2008), Medical School
Dean (2009-2013), Undergraduate Studies
Member (2010-2013), International Affairs Committee
Chairman (2014-Present), Research Ethical Committee
Main Scientific Activities
Consultant (1995-Present), National Council of Scientific and Technological Development
(CNPq), Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil.
Reviewer (1988-Present), Grant Applications, Sao Paulo State Research Support
Foundation (FAPESP)
Editor (1984-1989) of the Revista da Associação Brasileira de Psiquiatria e da Associação
Psiquiátrica da América Latina/Revista ABP-APAL (currently Revista Brasileira de
Publications: 4 books (co-editor), 7 book sections, 44 book chapters, 69 articles/papers,
Research Grants: 11, in different fields of psychiatry such as epidemiology, emergency,
diagnostic instruments, residency training, multiaxial diagnosis, alcohol and drugs,
eating disorders, mood disorders, stigma, services organization
Scientific Presentations: more than 350 presentations in national and international scientific
Member of Editorial Board (current and past): 9 international and 18 national journals.
MSc and PhD Advisor: 11 students in a Master of Sicence Program and 10 students in a
Philosophical Degree Program.
Main Positions, Work and Experience at National and International Associations and
Treasurer (2017-Present), Member of the Executive Committee (2014-Present), 2nd
Treasurer (2014-2017) and Director of International Affairs (2008-2014), Brazilian
Medical Association (AMB)
Co-Organizer (2017): Latin American Meeting on End-Of-Life Medical Dilemmas,
Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and Federal Council on Medicine (CFM)
Member of the Executive Committee (2015-Present), Chair of the Socio-Medical Affairs
Committee (2015-Present) and Member of the Council (2014-Present), World
Medical Association (WMA)
Co-Organizer (2013): General Assembly of the World Medical Association (WMA)
Work Groups (Ageing, Declaration of Helsinki, Disaster Medicine, Goverance Review,
Physician Well Being, International Code of Medical Ethics) Member (2011-
Present): World Medical Association (WMA).
Delegate, Sao Paulo State Regional Council on Medicine (2014-Present)
WPA Secretary for Sections and Member of the Executive Committee (2005-2011)
Regional Vice-President for South America (2003-2005), World Federation for Mental
Health (WFMH)
Southern South America Consultant (2001-2006), PanAmerican Health Organization
(PAHO)’s Division on Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Member (2001-2002), Mental Health Committee, Ministry of Health of Brazil General
Secretary (1999-2002) and Vice-President (2002-2005), Inter American Council of
Psychiatric Associations
Ad-Hoc Reviewer (2000-Present), National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance (ANVISA),
Ministry of Health of Brazil
Zonal Representative (1999-2005), World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
Director (1999-2004), WHO Collaborating Center on Mental Health Training and Research
at the Department of Psychiatry of the EPM/UNIFESP
President (1998-2001), Vice-President (1995-1998), Secretary General (1992-1995) and
General Treasurer (1983-1986), Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP)
Chairman (1998-2001), Board Certification Committee of the Brazilian Psychiatric
Association (ABP)
Chairman (1997-2002), Section on Diagnosis and Classification, Latin-American
Psychiatric Association (APAL)
Member (1995-1997), Technical Committee on Drugs Administration, Ministry of Health
of Brazil
Member (1994-Present), Panel of Experts on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, World
Health Organization (WHO)
Vice-President (1991-1993), Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene of
Brazil (SNPHMB)
President (1988), Committee on Drug Prevention, Federal Council on Narcotics
(CONFEN), Ministry of Justice
General Secretary (1987-1989), Brazilian Association of Alcohol and Alcoholism Studies
President (1983-1985) and Treasurer (1981-1983), Department of Psychiatry, Sao Paulo
State Medical Association (APM)
Awards and Distinctions
Honorary Fellowship (2011), World Psychiatric Association (WPA).
Honoree (2008), Latin American Psychiatric Association (APAL)
Certification of Appreciation (2005), World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH)
Honoree (2005), Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP)
Honorary Member (2002), Brazilian Society of Intern Medicine (SBCM)
International Fellow (1990), American Psychiatric Association (APA)
Research Fellow (1990), University of Pittsburgh Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Fellowship (1989), Fulbright Program