Archived: World Medical Association Statement on Safety in the Workplace

Adopted by the 45th World Medical Assembly Budapest, Hungary, October 1993
and rescinded at the WMA General Assembly, Santiago 2005

Physicians, much concerned with promoting health, should support the prevention of work related injuries.

Every worker should be assured of the highest level of protection.

Consultation between governmental authorities, employers, workers and physicians is particularly important to accomplish cooperation that respects human values, which are inseparable from productive, healthy work.

The protection of health which influences productivity must encourage everyone to promote safety.

The World Medical Association finds it useful to make the following remarks and recommendations:

The physician, as the natural advocate of the worker should:

  1. Act with professional independence.
  2. Advise employers and workers to comply with the standards provided by the legislation.
  3. Make recommendations to the appropriate authorities for legislation to promote safety in the workplace specifically to require periodic health inspections.
  4. Remind workers that it is their responsibility to be attentive to their own safety and the safety of those people with whom they work and others affected by their professional activities.
  5. Evaluate the ability of workers to perform their duties.
  6. Advocate that medical education include the necessary training for safety in the workplace.