Archived: WMA Resolution on Generic Drugs

Adopted by the 40th World Medical Assembly Vienna, Austria, September 1988
and rescinded at the WMA General Assembly, Santiago 2005

  • WHEREAS there is concern that some generic drugs may be of sub-standard quality, and
  • WHEREAS patients may be injured and physicians held liable for injuries resulting from the use of sub-standard generic drugs,


  1. WMA supports the right and the obligation of physicians to exercise their professional judgement for the benefit of their patients.
  2. WMA opposes any interference with the physicians exercise of professional judgement in the best interest of patients.
  3. The prescription of drugs and medicines involves the exercise of the physicians professional judgment.
  4. The mandated use of generic drugs which may be sub-standard interferes with the exercise of the physicians professional judgement, and may injure patients and expose the physician to liability.
  5. WMA fully supports the efforts of all national medical associations to preserve the physician’s exercise of professional judgement from interference that may result in injury to patients and liability for physicians.
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Generic Drugs