WMA Emergency Resolution on Legislation against Abortion in Nicaragua

Adopted by the 60th WMA General Assembly, New Delhi, India, October 2009


Legislative changes in Nicaragua (Articles 143, 145, 148 and 149 Law No. 641, revised Penal Code) criminalise abortion in all circumstances; including any medical treatment of a pregnant woman which results in the death of or injury to an embryo or fetus; and

This legislation

  • may have a negative impact on the health of women in Nicaragua country.
  • could result in preventable deaths of women and the embryo or fetus they are carrying.
  • places physicians at risk of imprisonment if they break this law, and at risk of suspension from medical practice if they fail to follow the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health’s 2006 Obstetric Protocols, which sometimes requires treatment of a pregnant woman that is contrary to the legislation.

THEREFORE, the World Medical Association urges the Nicaraguan government to repeal the above legislation.

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