Archived: WMA Council Resolution on Professor Cyril Karabus

Adopted by the 194th WMA Council Session, Bali, April 2013

The World Medical Association is extremely concerned that Professor Cyril Karabus, a retired paediatric oncologist remains remanded on bail in the UAE despite a long and slow judicial process, which has absolved him of all the charges against him.

The WMA notes that the expert medical panel, appointed by the court to advise it whether there was any evidence against Professor Karabus, has advised the judge that Professor Karabus has no case to answer.  Consequently the judge dismissed all charges and a ruling of not guilty was given.  It also notes with concern that the prosecutors have indicated they will appeal the courts ruling meaning that Professor Karabus needs to remain in the UAE indefinitely.

Given the findings of the medical panel, the WMA believes that Professor Karabus is being treated in a manner, which fails to meet international fair trial standards and should be allowed to return home immediately.

In light of the above experience, the WMA will publish an advisory notice in the WMJ and on the WMA website to advise doctors thinking of working in the UAE to note the working conditions and the legal risks of employment there. The WMA will encourage member NMAs to publish similar advisory notices in their national publications.

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