Archived: WMA Council Resolution On Genocide In Darfur

Adopted by the 170th WMA Council Session, Divonne-les-Bains, France, May 2005
and reaffirmed by the 176th WMA Council Session, Berlin, Germany, May 2007
and rescinded at the 66th WMA General Assembly, Moscow, Russia, October 2015 

WHEREAS, a reported 300,000 Darfurians have been killed and one million refugees displaced since early 2003, on the basis of racial or ethnic origins; and

WHEREAS, there have been official reports of savage killing, torture, rape and mutilation of men, women and children by the Government of Sudan and its allied militia; and

WHEREAS, many of these reports, including that of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Darfur, have only recently been publicized; and

WHEREAS, genocide, as defined by the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, is the killing or destroying of populations on the basis of their racial or ethnic identity; and

WHEREAS, the WMA, as an international medical organization committed to the protection of health and human rights for all, has expressed its support for human rights in statements and resolutions, among them the Resolution on Human Rights, adopted by the WMA in Rancho Mirage during the 42nd General Assembly and amended by the 45th, 46th and 47th General Assemblies,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the WMA condemns the genocide in Darfur and calls upon its member NMAs to urge their governments and the international community to take immediate action to stop the mass killings, expulsions, rape and destruction in Darfur and to protect the health and safety of refugees in the region.

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