Archived: WMA Council Resolution in Support of the Bolivian Medical Association

Adopted by the 174th WMA Council Session, Pilanesberg, South Africa, October 2006
and rescinded at the 67th WMA General Assembly, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2016

There are credible reports that arrangements between the Cuban government and the Bolivian government to supply Cuban physicians to Bolivia are bypassing systems, established to protect patients, that have been set up to verify physicians’ credentials and competence.

The World Medical Association is significantly concerned that patients are put at risk by unregulated medical practices, including the provision of drugs and medical supplies that are improperly labeled and of uncertain origin.

There exists already a duly constituted and legally authorized Bolivian Medical Association, which is charged with the registration of physicians and which is required to be consulted by the Bolivian Ministry of Health.
Therefore, the WMA:

  1. Condemns any collusion of two countries in policies and practices that disrupt the accepted standards of medical credentialing and medical care;
  2. Calls upon the Bolivian government to work with the Bolivian Medical Association on all matters related to physician certification and the practice of medicine and to respect the role and rights of the Bolivian Medical Association;
  3. Urges, as a matter of utmost concern, that the Bolivian government respect the WMA International Code of Medical Ethics that guides the medical practice of physicians all over the world.
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