World Physicians Stress The Need of Ethical Use of Medical Technology

The World Medical Association is taking a leading role in addressing the ethical implications brought by the rapid advancements in medical technology. Today, WMA announces a revised version of its Declaration on Medical Ethics and Advanced Medical Technology, a landmark initiative underscoring the organization’s dedication to ensuring that medical technology serves humanity with the highest ethical standards.

“In light of the ever-evolving medical technology landscape, our ethical guidelines must evolve in tandem. We must ensure the well-being of patients remains at the center of our actions, and the integrity of the medical profession remains reliable. Our unwavering commitment to principles such as human dignity, patient autonomy, confidentiality, privacy, and fairness must serve as our guiding principles in the development and application of medical technology.” said Dr. Jung Yul Park, Chair of the World Medical Association.

The Declaration further underscores the importance of upholding professional and clinical independence among physicians, necessitating ongoing professional development to ensure proficiency in the use of medical technology, active involvement in research and development, and maintaining their role as experts in shared decision-making processes.

The WMA urges the medical community to maintain stringent standards when developing and implementing innovative practices and technologies. This entails the conscientious and responsible utilization of medical technology.