World Physician Leaders Express Horror at Latest Amputation News

The World Medical Association has expressed its horror at reports that a special guillotine machine has been installed in a medical clinic in an Iranian prison to carry out amputations. And it has condemned the apparent involvement of physicians in these acts.

WMA President Dr. Heidi Stensmyren said: ‘Information we have seen from Amnesty International indicate that the chief doctor at the prison medical clinic was present at recent amputation sentences being carried out. It is horrific that any doctor should be involved at such punishments and it is equally despicable that a place where these acts of torture are occurring should be called a medical clinic.

‘The WMA has already condemned such amputation punishment and we now join Amnesty International’s call to all UN member states to forcefully do everything in their power to pressure the Iranian authorities to immediately abolish corporal punishments and to investigate and prosecute Iranian officials suspected of criminal responsibility for such crimes under international law.’