World Medical Association Intervenes On Behalf Of Turkish Doctors

The World Medical Association is intervening on behalf of a Kurdish doctor, a representative of the Turkish Medical Association, who has been arrested for alleged terrorist activities.

Dr Ian Field, Secretary General of the WMA today issued the following statement:

  • Dr Seyfettin Kizilkan, who is president of a local chamber of the Turkish Medical Association in Diyarbakir was arrested last month after it was claimed that weapons and illegal documents were found in his house. He also came into conflict with Turkish security forces because he provided torture victims with medical treatment.
  • The Turkish Medical Association takes the view that his arrest is an attempt to intimidate the democratic movement in Turkey.
  • Dr Kizilkan is due to be tried by a military tribunal on Monday, June 17. On behalf of the World Medical Association I appeal to the Foreign and to the Justice Ministers of Turkey to ensure that a fair and proper trial takes place in a civil court with public access and that trial observers are allowed to attend.