World Medical Association Education Platform Launch

The World Medical Association (WMA) has launched a new Education Platform to help accelerate the learning of physicians. The aim is to improve healthcare standards worldwide through  a strategic partnership with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA).

The WMA has entered into a strategic partnership with the WCEA to create a massive resource of continuing education provided by many of the world’s leading educators. Thousands of courses have been uploaded to the WMA platform creating one central hub of knowledge for physicians to access and stay up to date with the latest thinking and advances from around the world.

It is hoped that the initial resource will be the start of an expanding course library, enabling approved educators to share and distribute their courses through the WMA network.

Every WMA member association is to be offered Learning Management Systems through which to access the courses, and WMA members will benefit from significant discounts. The WMA platform is the first of its kind, made viable by the global economies of scale.

‘With an umbrella membership of  more than ten million physicians, the WMA seeks to influence medical ethics, human rights and equal access to medical education around the world,’ said Dr. Otmar Kloiber, WMA Secretary General. ‘Online education provides a unique opportunity to connect the top educators with physicians improving knowledge and healthcare regardless of geographical location’.

WCEA Founder, Graham Hellier MBE explained, ‘Educators want to educate, they do not want to have to deal with software platforms, global license compliance, marketing their courses and making sales tax payments in each country their education is sold. The WMA service makes it extremely easy for educators to take their content to the far corners of the globe giving their knowledge and expertise a reach that was previously unattainable’.

Another important consideration for the WMA  in entering into the partnership is to provide physicians in developing nations with access to world class education. Many educators have agreed to allow their courses to be distributed to physicians in emerging nations for free, or at massively reduced prices. The WMA initiative will, therefore, help to bridge the gap between high and low resource countries.