World Medical Association Clarifies Position on Collective Action and Condemns Government Interference in Korean Medical Association

The World Medical Association categorically affirms doctors’ right to collective action, including strikes, contrary to misrepresentations in certain Korean press articles.

WMA’s Statement on the Ethical Implications of Collective Action by Physicians provides clear guidance on the appropriate execution of such actions.

In civilian life, doctors, like any other professionals, have the autonomy to select their roles. If working conditions become untenable, they reserve the right to advocate for improvements or choose alternative employment.

In emergency situations, doctors are obligated to provide assistance, aligning with societal expectations. The current challenges in Korea result from governmental shortcomings, and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure reasonable working conditions and a strategic plan for medical education development.

Furthermore, the WMA strongly condemns the actions of the Korean Government in attempting to stifle the voices of elected leaders within the Korean Medical Association. The recent seizure of computers and mobile phones belonging to these leaders is viewed as an unacceptable infringement on their rights and a violation of democratic principles.

The WMA calls on the Korean Government to uphold the democratic rights and freedoms of its citizens, particularly those in the medical profession, and to engage in constructive dialogue to address the concerns raised by the medical community.