Update on sending medical supplies to Ukraine

Dear colleagues and members,

WMA, EFMA and CPME are strengthening our cooperation to support the developing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and we have set up a task force to coordinate the support from the medical community. We welcome any offer of help to join us.

The WMA is setting up an account for collecting funds to be redistributed to our partners in Poland, Slovakia and other bordering countries in order to help our Ukrainian colleagues or the medical help for refugees from Ukraine. We hope to report the account to the members and partners at the beginning of next week. Past President Dr Eidelman has kindly agreed to overlook the use of the funds by the task force.

As we wrote on Wednesday, we are establishing a route to send medical supplies through Poland in collaboration with Marek Szewczyński (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail) from the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. Currently, ambulances are transporting supplies to Ukraine, therefore larger shipments are not yet possible through route. We will continue to update on this route and further contact details are provided below.

We are establishing a second route through Slovakia with Prof. Jozef Glasa of the Slovakian Medical Association and Mgr. Ľubica Sebiň of the Slovak Medical Chamber. They are coordinating material and medical assistance with the Ministry of Health, relevant state authorities as well as medical organisations. (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail)

Given the large logistical challenges for each member, we are contacting other medical associations on the border with Ukraine in order to diversify the routes for medical supplies to Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are arriving in the western neighbours and we fear it may reach millions. They will need medical care and that may overcharge the health systems in the neighbor countries. Please also note that supplies and donations should also be reserved for refugee medical care in neighbouring countries for the next months.

Please find below a list of contacts and links to send donations.

Kind regards,



Contacts to send medical supplies


For deliveries to the Supreme Chamber in Warsaw please contact Marek Szewczyński and the Supreme Chamber (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail)

For deliveries to the Regional Chamber in Rzeszów please contact Marek Szewczyński and dr Wojciech Domka, president of the Chamber in Rzeszów (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail)

This effort is coordinated by the Foundation Doctors for Doctors (Fundacja Lekarze Lekarzom https://fll.org.pl/), a charity set up by the Polish Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Dentists.



Prof. Jozef Glasa of the Slovakian Medical Association (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail)

Mgr. Ľubica Sebiň of the Slovak Medical Chamber (Contact WMA secretariat for e-mail)


The Ukrainian Red Cross is helping to coordinate logistics at the border:

Nadia Yamnenko

Head of department First Aid

Ukrainian Red Cross Society

30, Pushkinska street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004

+380 99 633 53 37

+380 44 234 18 90



Hubs at the Ukraine border

Upon request we can provide details of hubs at the Ukrainian border.


Where to send donations


Please note that currently it may be difficult to handle too large amounts, however any payments made will be used to provide aid now and in the coming days and weeks. One the WMA bank account is ready, larger donations will be possible.

Bank transfers from Poland:

ODBIORCA: Fundacja Lekarze Lekarzom, ul. Sobieskiego 110, 00-764 Warszawa

BANK: Pekao S.A., O/W-wa

NUMER RACHUNKU: 31 1240 6263 1111 0010 4779 2541

TYTUŁEM: pomoc dla Ukrainy


Bank transfers from abroad:

ODBIORCA (BENEFICIARY): Fundacja Lekarze Lekarzom, ul. Sobieskiego 110, 00-764 Warszawa

BANK: Pekao S.A.


MIĘDZYNARODOWY NUMER RACHUNKU (IBAN): PL 31 1240 6263 1111 0010 4779 2541



The humanitarian platform of Kyiv is providing humanitarian aid to Kyiv residents. Whilst the website is only in Ukrainian (https://potreby.kyivcity.gov.ua/), it includes bank details to transfer support directly. Charitable contributions are welcomed to the following bank accounts.


BD Future Kyiv Charitable Foundation,

USREOU 3936543


Account in Euro

UA 13 3808 0500 0000 0026 0034 5756 2

Account in US Dollars

UA 87 3808 0500 0000 0026 0044 5756 1

Account in Ukrainian hryvnia:

UA 91 3808 0500 0000 0026 0054 5755 9


Bank EDRPOU code 14305909

Bank MFO code 300335

Beneficiary’s bank: Public Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen BANK AVAL, Kyiv, Ukraine




The ICRC opened a page for donations: https://www.icrc.org/en/donate/ukraine-b


They are appealing for 150 million Swiss francs for its 2022 operations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement appeals for 250 million Swiss francs to assist people affected by Ukraine conflict.