The World Medical Association expresses its deep concerns about the violence at the protests in Kenya

Joining the call of the Kenya Medical Association, the World Medical Association demands free and unhindered access for healthcare personnel and ambulances to those who are wounded. “Doctors and healthcare professionals must be able to assist wounded individuals regardless of whether they are protestors or government supporters. It is unacceptable to obstruct them from providing medical care,” stated Dr. Lujain AlQodmani, President of the World Medical Association.

The WMA urges the Kenyan government to safeguard and respect the access of medical personnel so they can aid wounded and sick persons, even in challenging circumstances. “We insist on the ability to perform our duties without hindrance by the police, without intimidation, and without punishment,” she added, “It is utterly irrelevant whether such assistance has been mandated by the government or is provided on a voluntary basis.”

During such situations it is the obligation of the government to ensure the free movement of health personnel and ambulances. Places where injured people are treated must stay protected.

Reports of the abduction of health personnel are deeply concerning. Any detained healthcare professional must be released immediately. Providing medical assistance in emergencies is an ethical obligation, and we are dedicated to upholding medical neutrality.”

Dr. AlQodmani emphasized, “We stand with our Kenyan colleagues in providing non-discriminatory service to the people of Kenya.”