The World Medical Association and The Standing Committee of European Doctors urge Turkish Authorities to Drop Charges Against Turkish Physician Leaders 

In a joint effort to support the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) and its mission to uphold medical ethics and human rights, the World Medical Association (WMA) and the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) have issued an open letter to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other key Turkish authorities. 

The letter emphasizes the international medical community’s concern over the ongoing legal proceedings against TMA. The TMA is currently facing charges of terrorist propaganda, which has raised questions and concerns among medical professionals worldwide. 

The WMA and CPME urge Turkish authorities to take immediate action to drop all charges against the Turkish Medical Association and its members. TMA played a crucial role not only for the medical profession but also for patients, the healthcare system, and the population as a whole. 

The open letter calls for the safeguarding of TMA’s autonomy and highlights the importance of maintaining a strong and independent medical profession to ensure the highest quality healthcare for the Turkish population. 

The charges against the association’s Executive Council members have been described as “incongruous and unfounded” by the WMA and CPME, who have consistently recognized TMA as a trustworthy member of their organizations. 

In the open letter, Dr. Lujain Al-Qodmani, President of the World Medical Association, and Dr. Christiaan Keijzer, President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors, state: “Rather than continuing threats, we strongly recommend considering TMA as an independent and constructive partner in addressing public health priorities for the benefit of the Turkish population. A self-governing medical profession is vital for optimal healthcare delivery and the greatest impact on public health.”