Global Violence Against Physicians Condemned by WMA President

The global trend of violence against physicians has been condemned by the President of the World Medical Association, Dr. Osahon Enabulele.

Speaking today (Tuesday) at the annual Assembly of the German Medical Association in Essen, Dr. Enabulele said: ‘Despite the critical importance of physicians and other health professionals in the delivery of quality healthcare to citizens, they are still being buffeted with violence in their workplaces, both in peace and conflict times.

‘Most disturbing is the involvement of repressive regimes in some countries that have undertaken an unholy mission of undermining the professional freedom, independence and autonomy of physicians. The unfortunate repression of our colleagues in Turkey and Iran are very clear examples.

‘The WMA has zero tolerance for all acts of violence against physicians and will continue to vehemently condemn such despicable and bromidic acts aimed at eroding the fundamental freedoms, independence and professional autonomy of physicians.’