Junior Doctors Network News and Press

Date Type Title
Jan 2016 WMA Press Release WMA Adds its Support for Junior Doctors’ Action
Oct 2015 JDN Newsletter Issue 8-2015
Jul 2015 JDN Newsletter Issue 7-2015
Nov 2014 WMA Press Release WMA repeats its Demand for Charges Against Turkish Physicians to be dropped
Oct 2014 JDN Newsletter Issue 6-2014
Sep 2014 JDN Newsletter Issue 5-2014
Sep 2014 WMA Press Release WMA congratulates junior doctor on top international resident award
Sep 2014 World Medical Journal Article - Junior Doctors’ Work Hours: from regulations to reality (Vol. 60, Nr. 3)
Jul 2014 WMA Press Release Junior Doctors Condemn Working Conditions in Dealing With Ebola Fever
Apr 2014 JDN Newsletter Issue 4-2014
Mar 2014 JDN Newsletter Issue 3-2014
Jul 2013 JDN Newsletter Issue 2-2013
Jun 2013 JDN Newsletter Issue 1-2013
Jul 2012 World Medical Journal Article - Junior Doctors Network (Vol. 58, Nr. 3)
May 2011 Sanitaria Xaviour Walker's interview