WMA Council Resolution on the protection of healthcare in Israel and Gaza

Adopted by the 226th WMA Council session, Seoul, Korea, April 2024   PREAMBLE In response to the ongoing confl...
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WMA Council Resolution on Organ Donation in Prisoners

Adopted by the 173rd WMA Council Session, Divonne-les-Bains, France, May 2006 and reaffirmed by the 203rd WMA Council S...
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WMA Council adopts resolution on the protection of healthcare in Israel and Gaza  

In response to the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza the WMA is gravely concerned by the deepening healthcare and huma...
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WMA Stands Against Oppressive Anti-LGBTQ Laws in Uganda 

The World Medical Association (WMA) takes a firm stand against the oppressive Anti-Homosexuality laws in Uganda, reaffir...
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WMA calls for international solidarity in opposing UK proposed legislation on migrants' rights

The World Medical Association (WMA) calls for global solidarity in opposing the United Kingdom (UK) government's propose...
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