WMA Declaration of Berlin on Racism in Medicine

Adopted by the 73rd WMA General Assembly, Berlin, Germany, October 2022   PREAMBLE Racism is rooted in the fal...
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WMA International Code of Medical Ethics

Adopted by the 3rd General Assembly of the World Medical Association, London, England, October 1949 Revised by the 22nd...
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WMA Calls For Charges Against Medical Association Members to be Dropped

Council members of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA), accused of promoting violence, should have all charges against...
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Medical Bodies Send Further Help to Besieged People of Ukraine

Further help for the besieged people of Ukraine has been delivered this week by the World Medical Association and other...
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Physician Leaders Warn of Threat to Autonomy of Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Government’s harassment of the Turkish Medical Association has been strongly criticised by the World Medical...
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