Beware of scam alerts related to the situation in Ukraine

Dear WMA Members, Partners and Friends,

Unfortunately, the current situation in Ukraine has created a new wave of scam and phishing activities.

Beware of a new type of scam:  you might receive a call for help from WMA or another legitimate organisation where the account number for donations in the e-mail  is changed with the one of the scammer . Please  always use the official website for double checking the information you receive by e-mail and check the e-mail of the sender. Never reply and never forward a suspicious e-mail, instead use the print screen function to signal suspicious activity.

In case of doubts, when receiving a suspicious e-mail, please contact WMA ONLY by using the official contact number on our website, not the contact details given in the suspicious e-mail.

In other e-mails you may be informed that a person you know is somewhere stuck on travel (money lost, accident, visa problems) and would urgently need cash. They use either WMA related names as sender to convince you to help or the person in need is somebody you might know. (Identities of WMA officers have been used yesterday.) In a second wave people will call you (!) and urge you to help. The calls are very demanding, the stories sound reasonable. When checking we found them to be false.

  • Please do not react to such demands, if you cannot verify authenticity of the writer and/or caller.
  • E-mail addresses and phone numbers indicated are no insurance for authenticity.
  • Do not reveal any other data, like mentioning other names or organizations.

If you think you need to help, ensure authenticity first through an independent pathway that is not mentioned in the scam, to make sure the request is real.

With kind regards

WMA Secretariat