WMA General Assembly, Tbilisi 2019

The World Medical Association (WMA) General Assembly is open to all constituent members of the World Medical Association, associate members, observers and to other individuals by special invitation.

* More details, hotel reservation and registration are available here.

Nomination of official delegates

The nomination of official delegates can be done through the registration process and please select the right registration type as “NMA Delegate” or “NMA Alternate Delegate”.  The selection of right registration type is essential for your delegation to be officially recognised by the Credentials Committee. Furthermore, the information on the form is necessary to enable both the host association and the WMA Secretariat to make the final arrangements for the meeting.

The number of delegates each member association is entitled to appoint is governed by Chapter IV, Section 3 of the WMA Articles and Bylaws, which reads:

“Delegates appointed by the Constituent Members of the Association in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. Each Constituent Member shall be entitled to appoint one delegate to the General Assembly for each 10,000 physician members of the national medical association, and/or each portion thereof, provided that the Constituent Member shall have paid its dues to the World Medical Association in full, based upon such membership. (For example, a Constituent Member that pays WMA dues for 6,500 physician members shall be entitled to one General Assembly delegate. A Constituent Member that pays WMA dues for 24,900 physician members shall be entitled to three delegates.) Such delegates shall be the only members of the General Assembly with the right to vote. Constituent members may also appoint one or more alternate delegates, who may attend meetings of the General Assembly and may vote in the absence of any delegates.”

Documents for the statutory meetings (Council Sessions including Committees, Associate Members Meeting, Scientific Session and General Assembly) as well as general information will be made available in the box.com page through the members’ area of the WMA website. An access code is needed; if you do not have one, please contact the WMA secretariat at secretariat@wma.net as soon as possible. Due to the workload, we will not be able to install your account during the meeting.  Please bring your documents electronically or in paper to the meeting. WiFi will be available in the meeting rooms, but connection speed and bandwidth may not be sufficient to download all documents during the meeting. In accordance with the General Assembly’s decision in Taipei, the meeting will be paperless.

[For WMA Council Members, Officers and Officials ONLY]

Travel Costs

The Council has authorised the WMA Treasurer to pay travel costs for elected WMA Council Members, Officers and Officials ONLY. The WMA regrets that it is unable to reimburse expenses of committee advisors, associate members representatives and other observers. However, the Council invites them to, and will welcome them at, the meetings. Council Members, Officers and Officials are kindly requested to make their own travel arrangements. Travel costs will be reimbursed by a bank transfer on the basis of the discounted economy class rate (return), excursion rate, from the airport nearest to their home and airport in Tbilisi.

NOTE: Early bookings of flight tickets will ensure the most inexpensive tickets. Please arrange your flights as soon as possible, and send the completed claim form (GA 2019-Claim-Oct2019) to the WMA Secretariat by email at secretariat@wma.net.

Hotel Accommodation and Per Diem

Please book your room as soon as possible, no later than 2 September 2019. The cost of the room (single base and for the meeting period only) will be paid to the hotel directly by WMA.

The WMA Council Members, officers and officials will also receive a per diem for expenses by a bank transfer (to cover the cost of meals throughout the day, and transportation to and from the nearest airport on arrival and departure). THE PER DIEM AND THE HOTEL WILL BE PAID FOR THE DURATION OF ATTENDANCE AT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND FOR THE DAY OF ARRIVAL ONLY, except in cases where a Council Member, officer or official is requested to attend another special meeting either before or after these meetings.