28.12.2000 Physicians Deeply Concerned By The Crisis In Turkey
19.12.2000 WMA Calls For Ban On Boxing
14.12.2000 WMA Outrage Over Arrest Of Chairman Of Ankara Medical Association
11.12.2000 Physicians Not Facing Up To Threats Confronting Medical Profession, Says WMA Secretary General
20.10.2000 Turkish Police Break Up International Health And Human Rights Conference
19.10.2000 WMA Support For Korean Medical Association
09.10.2000 World Medical Association Annual General Assembly
09.10.2000 WMA Revises The Declaration Of Helsinki
18.09.2000 Final Proposed Revisions To Declaration Of Helsinki
07.09.2000 WMA Annual General Assembly, Edinburgh - 3-7 October 2000
10.08.2000 WMA Nearing Agreement On A Revised Declaration Of Helsinki
23.06.2000 Revised Declaration Of Helsinki Goes Up On World Medical Association Website
14.06.2000 World Medical Association Condemns Censorship Sentence On Turkish Doctor
02.06.2000 WMA Annual General Assembly - Edinburgh October 3-7
08.05.2000 WMA To Draw Up Health Database Guidelines
08.05.2000 World Medical Association Council Meeting
04.05.2000 WMA Supports Chilean Medical Association Over Disappearance Of 19 Physicians
25.04.2000 World Medical Association Seminar On Central Health Databases - 3 May 2000
11.04.2000 WMA Seminar On Central Health Databases - 3 May 2000
11.04.2000 Turkish Trial Of Professor Lok Postponed
05.04.2000 WMA Secretary General To Attend Trail Of Turkish Doctor
23.02.2000 Diary Date
21.02.2000 Doctors Urged To Speak Up For Patients
16.02.2000 Public Consultation Begins On The Declaration Of Helsinki
07.02.2000 Doctors Urged To Do More To Help Smokers Quit
19.01.2000 Doctors' Leader Supports Empowerment Of Patients