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13.03.2017 Indian Medical Association Heat it, Boil it, Cook it, Peel it or Forget it. 
16.02.2017 Australian Medical Association The Year That Was. The Year Ahead 
13.12.2016 Turkish Medical Association Leaders of the World of Medicine Calls on Turkish President to stop attacks against doctors 
12.12. 2016 Australian Medical Association Euthanasia: Ama Says Invest In End Of Life Care
09.12.2016 Turkish Medical Association WMA Resolution on the Protection of Health Care Facilities and Personnel in Syria 
06.12.2016 Association Of Salaried Medical Specialists World Medical Association Urges Immediate Truce in Aleppo
29.11.2016 American Medical Association How Florida Has Made Tough Calls in Zika fight
26.11.2016 Indian Medical Association President, World Medical Association, Dr Ketan Desai´s Speech, at the Felicitation Ceremony
26.11.2016 Indian Medical Association Felicitation Ceremony of Dr. Ketan Desai, President, World Medical Association
24.11.2016 Australian Medical Association Transcript:Dr Gannon, ABC 666 - Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Dying  
22.11.2016 American Medical Association Simple Ways To Deter Improper Antibiotic Prescribing
09.11.2016 American Medical Association mHealth Data Security In Spotlight At 2016 Interim Meeting
08.11.2016 Australian Medical Association The Medical Profession is Under Attack: WMA
04.10.2016 Indian Medical Association September 2016
04.10.2016 Australian Medical Association WMA Condemns Denial Of Medical Care To Prisoners
27.09.2016 Indian Medical Association New Form Of Heart Failure On The Rise
27.09.2016 Association Of Salaried Medical Specialists Physicians Urge Governments To Act On Banning Nuclear Weapons
20.09.2016 Australian Medical Association AMA In Action
18.09.2016 Australian Medical Association WMA Medical Ethics Day
23.08.2016 Canadian Medical Association Journal CMA GC: Doctors Must Engage In Climate Change Action
16.08.2016 Australian Medical Association Member Expertise Informs AMA Policy
25.05.2016 Indian Medical Association WMA expresses concern about current yellow fever epidemic
24.05.2016 Indian Medical Association WMA President highlights devastating consequences of conflict
17.05.2016 Australian Medical Association Hospitals, Doctors in gun sights
16.05.2015 Australian Medical Association Transcript - Prof Owler, Sky News - Medicare Rebate Freeze
06.05.2016 Confederacion Medica De La Republica Argentina Media Clipping WMA Buenos Aires
12.04.2016 BMJ Martin Roland: Who Should Have PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer?
01.04.2016 BMJ Canada's First Nations: The Social and Political Determinants of Health
22.03.2016 BMJ Should Doctors Boycott Working in Australia's Immigration Detention Centres?
22.11.2015 RT news Healthy status? Ft. Sir Michael Marmot, President of the World Medical Association
30.10.2015 Canadian Medical Association Journal World Medical Association's General Assembly
22.10.2015 British Medical Journal Seven Days In Medicine
22.10.2015 Turkish Medical Association WMA Resolution to Stop Attacks Ahgainst Healthcare Workers and Facilities in Turkey
14.08.2015 British Medical Association Doctors Condemn New Israeli Laws On Force-Feeding
11.08.2015 Canadian Medical Association Journal WMA Investigates Its Future President
31.07.2015 NHK MoU between Japan and Taiwan Medical Association on the cooperation in the time of disaster
12.07.2015 Myanmar Medical Association Workshop On Patient Doctor Relationship, Clinical Ethics And Professionalism
03.07.2015 Australian Medical Association World Medical Leaders Join Condemnation Of Detention Centre Gag Laws
23.06.2015 Physicians For Social Responsibility PSR And IPPNW: Lining Up Support For Disarmament
23.06.2015 Australian Medical Association Lancet Commission Report Highlights Need To Act On Climate Change And Health
16.06.2015 Reuters Special Report: Why India's Medical Schools Are Plagued With Fraud
19.05.2015 New Zealand Medical Association NZMA releases briefing on reducing alcohol-related harm (Policy briefing is available to download)
20.04.2015 Turkish Medical Association World Medical Association STRONGLY Supports PLAIN PACKAGING Of Tobacco Products!
20.04.2015 Turkish Medical Association First Woman Chair of The World Medical Association
20.04.2015 Turkish Medical Association Important Decision On "Tear Gas" by The World Medical Association
10.04.2015 Medical Journal of Australia Abolishing The World's Worst Weapons#mce_temp_url#
10.03.2015 Indian Medical Association G.S.B. Welcome to Sir Michael Marmot
10.03.2015 British Medical Journal Force Feeding At Guantanamo In First Case Brought To US Federal Court
09.03.2015 British Medical Journal BMA Opposes UN Plan To "Schedule" Ketamine In Bid To Combat Drug Abuse
03.03.2015 Australian Medical Association ISIS Organ Trafficking Claims Must Be Invistigated: WMA
27.02.2015 Australian Medical Association Charges Against Turkish Doctors Dropped
27.02.2015 CPME Physician Leaders Warn Governments Over Autonomy of Medical Profession
19.02.2015 Turkish Medical Association WMA Calls For Charges Against Physicians To Be Dropped
11.02.2015 British Medical Journal Guantanamo Force-Feeding Trial: The US Is Wrong To Medicalize Hunger Striking
02.02.2015 British Medical Journal Row Rumbles On Over Suitability Of Top Indian Doctor For WMA President
02.02.2015 British Medical Journal Vincent Iacopino: Health Professionals Have No Role In Saudi Blogger's Flogging Case
09.01.2015 Turkish Medical Association WMA: We Denounce the Use of Torture and the Involvement of Health Professionals
30.12.2014 American Medical Association The Top Issues Residents Will Face in 2015
16.12.2014 BMA BMA Condemns Medical Involvement in Torture
12.12.2014 American Medical Association AMA: U.S. Policy Must Not Conflict With Core Values of Medical Ethics
08.12.2014 British Medical Journal BMA Q and A : Climate Change and Medicine
01.12.2014 Turkish Medical Association WMA and TMA Call For Definitive Liberation of Bahraini Doctor and Nurses
25.11.2014 Australian Medical Association H20: Putting Health On The Global Agenda
25.11.2014 Australian Medical Association Millions Dying For Want Of A Decent Toilet
25.11.2014 Australian Medical Association Health a Lower Priority Than Gambling, Pets
19.11.2014 BMA Call To Tackle Sanitation Crisis Killing Children
19.11.2014 Australian Medical Association AMA Joins United International Call For Basic Sanitation And Clean Water
18.11.2014 AMA Wire Declaration Of Helsinki: A Reminder That Medicine Has No Boundaries
30.10.2014 British Medical Association Drop Charges Against Protester-Helping Doctors, says BMA#mce_temp_url#
17.10.2014 American Medical Association Preparing For Ebola: How Physicians Are Taking Action
16.10.2014 Nigerian Medical Association Excerpts From World Medical Association, Durban, South Africa
14.10.2014 Australian Medical Association What Australian Doctors Can Do
10.10.2014 BMA Are Visa Rules Stopping You Tackling Ebola?
09.10.2014 CMAJ WMA Calls For Urgent Support To Fight Ebola
28.08.2014 Australian Medical Association AMA Speech - Speech to the AMA Parliamentary Dinner
11.08.2014 Medical Journal of Australia Jane McCredie: Feeling the Shame
06.08.2014 British Medical Association The BMJ Today: Going Beyond the Call of Duty
05.08.2014 Australian Medical Association Govts Take Drastic Action to Tackle Worst Ebola Outbreak on Record
05.08.2014 Australian Medical Association Doctors, Hospitals in Crosshairs in Deadly Gaza Conflict
05.08.2014 Australian Medical Association Haikerwal To Lead Govt Health Agency
29.07.2014 British Medical Association Two Doctors Die From Ebola and Lives of Others Under Threat in West Africa
28.07.2014 British Medical Association Israeli Forces Attack Medical Facilities in Gaza and Destroy Brand New Hospital
23.07.2014 Turkish Medical Association Turkish Medical Association Sent a Letter to The World Medical Association About The Israel Attacks on Gaza (21.07.2014, Ankara)
18.07.2014 British Medical Jouirnal Nurse Refuses "Criminal" Force Feeding of Guantanamo Detainees
02.07.2014 British Medical Journal Medical Professionalism and Abuse of Detainees in the War on Terror
24.06.2014 Australian Medical Association Dr. Meriam Ibrahim Freed-Reports
24.06.2014 Australian Medical Association Trust, Not Torture, Key To Resolving Hunger Strike, Israeli Govt Told
11.06.2014 Australian Medical Association AMA Calls on Australian Government To Make Representations To Support Turkish Doctors
10.06.2014 Australian Medical Association Dr. Haikerwal Recognised For Gold Medal Service To Health
29.05.2014 BMJ A Fairer World: Recognising Women's Choices
25.05.2014 Australian Medical Association AMA Gold Medal
24.05.2014 Australian Medical Association AMA Declares Support for Turkish Doctors#mce_temp_url#
15.05.2014 Nigerian Medical Association Communique Issued by The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) at the End of her 54th Annual General Conference and Delegates Meeting (AGC/ADM)
13.05.2014 Australian Medical Association Budget, Global Health Key Items on National Conference Agenda
10.03.2014 BMJ The BMJ Today: Medical Neutrality, Weight Loss, And The BMJ Awards
07.03.2014 BMJ Call For The Turkish Government To Respect Medical Workers' Duty To Provide Medical Care To Those In Need
03.03.2014 BMA BMA Condemns Anti-Gay Legislation
20.02.2014 BMA Dicing With Death: Doctors In War Zones
22.01.2014 JAMA Patient-Reported Outcome Alert Monitoring - Reply
21.01.2014 Australian Medical Association The Five Most Pressing Health Prioirities in 2014
07.01.2014 CMAJ Canada in Breach of Ethical Standards For Clinical Trials
11.12.2013 British Medical Journal Turkey is Asked to Scrap Law That Would Criminalise Medical Emergency Aid
20.11.2013 British Medical Journal Force Feeding of Mentally Competent Detainees at Guantanamo Bay
29.07.2013 British Medical Association BMA Letter to Obama : Gitmo Force-Feeding Unethical
19.07.2013 British Medical Association BMA Repeats Demand to Protect Medics Hurt at Demonstrations
15.07.2013 British Medical Association Execution Plan Condemned By International Medical Community
03.07.2013 British Medical Association Force Feeding Appeal To US President
27.06.2013 British Medical Association Doctors condemn force feeding of hunger strikers
08.04.2013 British Medical Association World Medical Association to issue UAE warning
07.11.2012 Israeli Medical Association World Medical Association - General Assembly 2012
30.11.2011 American Medical Association International Medical Graduates Section - Summary of Actions - Resolution 906 (Improvements in Sources of Drinking Water)
31.10.2011 British Medical Association BMA action on Syria
17.10.2011 Australian Medical Association AMA supports WMA appeal for fair retrial for Bahraini doctors
01.11.2010 Canadian Medical Association World's doctors worried about shoddy disposal of drugs
25.10.2010 Canadian Medical Association World's MDs discuss growing health threats posed by environment