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17.04.2014 PR web Honourable Minister Dr. Seif Seleman Rashid the Minister of Health & Social Welfare Tanzania, will give the opening keynote speech at the East Africa Healthcare Summit
17.04.2014 GMA News Cleveland Clinic exports health care services to Middle East
16.04.2014 CMS CMS launches resolutions for state debate
16.04.2014 NewVision Mungherera wants village health teams regulated
14.04.2014 LifeSiteNews Western Australia politician presents motion opposing euthanasia, promoting palliative care
14.04.2014 Arab News Ohio clinic plans ultra-modern health center in Abu Dhabi
13.04.2014 Hope for Africa South Africa: Experts recommend ways of making health facilities more secure
13.04.2014 Word Press “Kids in solitary confinement: America’s official child abuse”
11.04.2014 IAPOPatient Voice Congress Plenary: Breaking barriers to access
11.04.2014 Reuters Cleveland Clinic exports marquee Ohio brand to Abu Dhabi
11.04.2014 Mining Awareness Plus Radiation Impacts: US Declassified Research-Expts, 1943-1949, Part II
10.04.2014 ICRC South Africa: Experts recommend ways of making health facilities more secure
10.04.2014 The Daily Campus Practices of CIA doctors are contrary to medical profession
10.04.2014 Euthanasia Prevention Western Australian Legislative Motion: Opposing Euthanasia - Promoting Palliative Care
10.04.2014 Human Rights Watch Joint Letter to Sec. Chuck Hagel on Guantanamo Hunger Strikes and Force Feeding
03.04.2014 Australian Medical Association 2014 AMA National Conference in Canberra
28.03.2014 Haaretz המאבק המתמשך בקצירת איברים בסין
27.03.2014 GTN News Assisted suicide and euthanasia are prescriptions for abuse in Canada and the world
27.03.2014 CMDA's "the point" CMA religious freedom commentary on Fox News
26.03.2014 JAMA Declaration of Helsinki and Protection for Vulnerable Research Participants—Reply
26.03.2014 Daily Monitor Medics body rejects move to export doctors
21.03.2014 ABS-CBN Napoles asks Makati court to allow her surgery
20.03.2014 Altarum Institute Better Protection for Those Helping Medical Research: Declaration of Helsinki Revised
19.03.2014 European Economic and Social Committee Organ Harvesting - Europa
19.03.2014 Australian Medical Association Uganda anti-homosexuality law challenged
19.03.2014 EU News Espianti illegali di organi in Cina, Malosse: L’Ue protesti
19.03.2014 The Philippine Star LP members implicated in ‘pork’ scam urged to cooperate in probe
18.03.2014 OFW News Doctor appeals to Makati court to allow Napoles to choose her doctor
18.03.2014 Phil Star Napoles' Bleeding Could Lead to Cancer, Doc Says#mce_temp_url#
18.03.2014 Miami Student Opinion: The Day of Reckoning has come: We need to Atone For a Past of Torturing Prisoners
17.03.2014 Nigeria: Edo NMA Hosts President of World Medical Association
17.03.2014 PR NewsWire Former State Representative Explains Why Quebec Should Follow New Hampshire and Reject Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
16.03.2014 Stem Cell Pioneers Allowing Medical Procedures To Be Patented World-wide?
15.03.2014 Center For A Stateless Society How Borders Enable State Criminality
15.03.2014 The Lancet Doctors Urged To Condemn Turkey's Emergency Care Law
14.03.2014 WMA Biobanks Ethics  R. Wah
14.03.2014 WMA Biobanks Ethics M. Heimisdottir
14.03.2014 Scottish Catholic Observer Doubts Over Doctors' Suicide Support
13.03.2014 International Business Times Leaked Guantanamo Memo: Hunger Strikes are 'Long-Term Non-Religious Fasts'
13.03.2014 The Voice of Russia US Gitmo detainees to be force fed under newly released standards
12.03.2014 Epoch Times China Transplant Official Backtracks on Prisoner Organs
12.03.2014 The Christian Institute Assisted suicide ‘unsafe and unethical’ says senior doctor
11.03.2014 The Huffington Post Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Files Historic Lawsuit Against Obama Over Force-Feeding
11.03.2014 Think Progress REPORT: Gitmo Hiding Hunger Strikes Behind New Title: "Long-Term Non-Religious Fasts"
11.03.2014 Vice News Guantanamo Now Calls Hunger Strikes "Long-Term Non-Religious Fasts"
11.03.2014 The Herald Scotland Most Doctors Oppose Assisted Suicide Because We Know It Is Unsafe And Unethical
11.03.2014 Aljazeera America Gitmo Hunger Striker v. Barack Obama
10.03.2014 Herald Scotland Top Doctors: We Back Assisted Suicide Legislation
10.03.2014 Medipana "전공의 파업 영향 적다? 환자 위한 마음 반영된 것"
08.03.2014 The Lancet Medics Challenge Anti-Gay Law
07.03.2014 Times Free Press Cook: Grandma Will See You Now
06.03.2014 Junior Doctors Network and Global Health
05.03.2014 Box Turtle Bulletin World Medical Association Calls On Uganda To Repeal Anti-Homosexuality Act
05.03.2014 Palliative Care WA Inc New ANZSPM Position Statements on Quality End-of-Life Care and The Practice of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
05.03.2014 Diario Informacion Una Reflexion Ante El Aborto
05.03.2014 in2eastafrica WMA Urges Ugandan President to Reverse New Law on Homosexuality
05.03.2014 Haaretz Drop The Force-Feeding Law
04.03.2014 PBT India Health Minister Is Shielding Dr. Ketan Desai and His Cronies: Transferred Secretary's Letter Reveals
04.03.2014 National Journal Israel Summary of Editorials From the Hebrew Press
04.03.2014 Moqavemat Israel Israel Allows Force-Feeding Palestinian Hunger Strikers
03.03.2014 E-Habari WMA Offers Support To New Minister of Health in Ukraine
03.03.2014 Tap Info Co-operation With WMA In Training Discussed
03.03.2014 Slideshare Organisational Behaviour and Performance of Women Employees With PTSD and its Effects on Employee
03.03.2014 Haaretz Israel's Plan to Force-feed Hunger-striking Prisoners up for Public Critique
28.02.2014 Annals Of Long-Term Care To Tell or Not to Tell Dementia Diagnoses
26.02.2014 Nhân Dân Online Physicians Praised on Vietnamese Doctors' Day
26.02.2014 Chemistry World Roche Disputes Unethical East German Trial Claims
26.02.2014 Life Sciences Connect The Value of Clinical Study Results
24.02.2014 Aleteia Campagna Pubblicitaria Aggressiva per Estendere l'Eutanasia
24.02.2014 Boxing Should Be Banned
24.02.2014 WHO The WHO Ethics Review Committee (ERC)
21.02.2014 National Right To Life News Royal College of General Practioners Maintains its Strong Opposition to Any Change in the Law to Allow "Assisted Dying"
20.02.2014 Lilly Pad Partnering to Support Patient Health
20.02.2014 The Epoch Times Ending Organ Pillaging/Trafficking in China
19.02.2014 The Telegraph India St. Valentine's Day Request: Four-year-old Canadian Girl Asks the King of Belgium Not To Sign The Euthanasia Law of Children
18.02.2014 Newswire Quebec Euthanasia Bill Violates International Law
17.02.2014 LifeSiteNews Quebec College of Physicians Already Pushing To Allow Lethal Injection For Children
17.02.2014 BMJ Group Blogs Anita Jain: Lessons From History For Modern Medicine
17.02.2014 PRNewswire.Ulitzer Il Disegno Di Legge Sull'Eutanasia In Quebec Viola La Legge Internazionale.
17.02.2014 Gujarat Global Ketan Desai Nominated GU Representative to MCI#mce_temp_url#
13.02.2014 PR Newswire Belgian Law for Child Euthanasia is in Violation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child#mce_temp_url#
13.02.2014 Europa Press Comunicado: La Ley Belga de Eutanasia Pediatria Viola la Convencion de Derechos Del Nino de Naciones Unidas
11.02.2014 Nine News More To Beating Pain Than Pills: Professor
10.02.2014 Digital Journal US Rebuff Of "Socialized Medicine" Baffles World Health Leaders
10.02.2014 XPeredon India: Delhi Welcomes NGO Campaign
09.02.2014 Today's Zaman Turkey's New Health Law Criminalizes Hippocratic Oath
08.02.2014 Suarakarya Dr. Zaenal Abidin - Aktivis Doktor Dan Dokter Aktivis
07.02.2014 Global Post Doctors Treating Injured Demonstrators In Turkey Are Being Arrested As Criminals
04.02.2014 CMAJ Putting Patients First In The Age Of Pharma
04.02.2014 Moriah Consultant's Blog Final New Version of Declaration of Helsinki is Approved
04.02.2014 Cancer Council Victoria Victoria Part Of Solution To Asia-Pacific Cancer Epidemic
03.02.2014 Dr. Helen Cardicott Briefs San Francisco Health Officials On Nuclear Dangers
03.02.2014 Coalition MD Québec Quebec's Bill 52 Will Cause The Death Of People Who Should Not Be Euthanized
03.02.2014 Medical Journal of Australia Michael Gliksman: Time To Speak
31.01.2014 IFIC 7th Geneva Conference on Person Centered Medicine
31.01.2014 ICRC Resoure Centre Brussels: Protecting Health Services Requires Good National Laws
29.01.2014 Latina-Press Brasilien - Kuba: Dritter Zyklus Des Programms "Mehr Ärzte" Beginnt
28.01.2014 American Academy of Emergency Medicine AAEM Opposes Turkish Medical Bill Criminalizing Emergency First Aid Care
28.01.2014 GM Watch Are Cathie Martin And The JIC Throwing Medical Ethics In The Bin?
28.01.2014 The Patriot Looks Like Obama Buddy, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, is Following in the Islamofascist Footsteps of Egypt's Deposed President Morsi
27.01.2014 FDI - World Dental Federation FDI Makes Statement to WHO Executive Board On Behalf Of Health Professionals
27.01.2014 Alex Schadenberg Blog Euthanasia... The Truth, The Facts, The Numbers
27.01.2014 NCBI World Medical Association
27.01.2014 WONCA The New Year Begins Early For WONCA
26.01.2014 Alex Schadenberg - Euthanasia Prevention Israel Assisted Suicide Bill Will Be Defeated
24.01.2014 Israel Hayom Ministerial Committee to Mull "Death By Prescription" Bill
23.01.2014 IPPNW IPPNW Statement on the Criminalization of Emergency Medical Care in Turkey
22.01.2014 Al-Monitor Emergency Care Criminalized in Turkey
22.01.2014 Intellectual Property Watch New Health Collaboration Touts Ethics, Aims To Put Patients First
22.01.2014 Health and Human Rights Journal The New Accountability for Doctors Who Torture
21.01.2014 Turkish News Turkish President Signs Bill that Criminalizes Emergency Medical Care
21.01.2014 Digital Journal Op-Ed: Turkey - From Bad to Worse
21.01.2014 R-Evolucion Turquia se Indigna Frente a Una Ley Que Puede Restringir el Acceso a Internet
21.01.2014 Digital Journal Op-Ed: Turkey: From Bad to Worse
20.01.2014 PBT India IMA Spreads False Information To Save Disgraced Ex-MCI President Dr. Ketan Desai
17.01.2014 RT Guantanamo secret protocol encourages ‘abusive, humiliating techniques’
14.01.2014 Putting Patients First: Five Global Healthcare Organizations Sign Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration

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14.01.2014 BMA Turkish president urged to reject emergency care law
14.01.2014 Amnesty international Targeting medical personnel in Turkey
13.01.2014 Reuters Rx&D applauds the International Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration launched today
13.01.2014 Penn Global World Medical Association- Summer 2014
13.01.2014 IFPMA, ICN, FIP, IAPO & WMA sign consensus framework for ethical collaboration to high quality patient care
13.01.2014 The Jakarta Post Putting Patients First: Five Global Healthcare Organizations Sign Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration
13.01.2014 El paciente, primero: Cinco organizaciones sanitarias firman un marco consensuado para la colaboración ética
13.01.2014 Der Patient im Mittelpunkt: Fünf weltweit tätige Gesundheitsorganisationen unterzeichnen Vereinbarung über ethische Zusammenarbeit
13.01.2014 CNW Putting Patients First: Five Global Healthcare Organizations Sign Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration
13.01.2014 PR Newswire Putting Patients First: Five Global Healthcare Organizations Sign Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration
13.01.2014 Wikepedia Albino Aroso
12.01.2014 YNaija YNaijaLegal: What you should know about Medical Negligence & other related matters
11.01.2014 The Dissenter 12 years a Guantanamo Captive
09.01.2014 FBII.Org American Health Care Scandals - 2013
09.01.2014 The Washington Post Turkey Doctors Say Police, Govt Harassed Them
07.01.2014 RealWire International Experts Gather in Delhi to Convene a Global NGO to Fight Fungal Infections that Kill 150 People Every Hour
07.01.2014 AJPM Social Determinants of Health: Us and Them
06.01.2014 Firdevs Talk Turkey Wake Up Berkin! Wake Up Turkey!
03.01.2014 Physicians for Human Rights Turkey Passes Bill That Criminalizes Emergency Medical 
03.01.2014 International Association of Health Policy Turkey Passes Bill that Criminalizes Emergency Medical Care
03.01.2014 The Conversation Navigating The Moral Maze of Medical Research Requires a Strong Steer
02.01.2014 The Observer Rejected by Britain, Ugandan Doctor Gets World Recognition
02.01.2014 Health Talk-University of Minnesota In the News: U of M Bioethicist Discusses South Africa's "Dr. Death"
20.12.2013 Politics Web Dr. Wouter Basson: The HPCSA's Professional Conduct Committee's Ruling
19.12.2013 Politics Web HPCSA Elated At Guilty Finding Against Dr. Wouter Basson
18.12.2013 Star Tribune Campus Beat: U Prof Sees Justice for S. Africa's "Dr. Death"
18.12.2013 Berman Institute Bioethics Protection of Health In Times of Violence
18.12.2013 Aljazeera A History of Torture
18.12.2013 E-Pao All In Town With Call To Free "Prisoner of Conscience"
17.12.2013 Canadian Science Writers' Association Is Canada Violating International Ethical Standards Governing Clinical Trials?
14.12.2013 Noel Turnbull Train Wreck To Be Averted?
13.12.2013 Deklaration von Helsinki: Weltweite Bedeutung
13.12.2013 Daily News Health Regulation Planned Before Gezi Protests, Turkey's Health Minister Says
11.12.2013 FIP Health Professionals and Patients Announce Historic Partnership
10.12.2013 Crofs Blogs Protecting Health-Care Workers In The Firing Line
10.12.2013 Drug Topics USP Joins The Fight The Fakes Campaign
10.12.2013 Frontline Health Workers Improving Health Worker In-Service Training To Better Deliver Quality Services
10.12.2013 Leader-Post Medical Journal Slams Feds For Cutting Off Heroin Trial
10.12.2013 The Lancet Protecting Health-Care Workers in the Firing Line
09.12.2013 UPI Turkey Urged To Scrap Plan To Restrict Medical Care For Protesters
09.12.2013 Inagist UN and World Medical Association Urge Turkey Not To Pass Law That Would Criminalize Provision of Medical Care to Political Protesters
09.12.2013 UN News Centre Turkey: UN, Global Experts Warn Against Criminalizing Independent Medical Care in Emergencies
09.12.2013 The Vancouver Sun Medical Journal Slams Ottawa for Cutting Off Post-Trial Heroin
09.12.2013 Canadian Science Writers' Association Is Canada Violating International Ethical Standards Governing Clinical Trials
09.12.2013 The Vancouver Sun Medical Journal Slams Ottawa for Cutting Off Heroin Trial
07.12.2013 Bio Edge Seventh Revision fo Declaration of Helsinki Published
06.12.2013 Research Media Ltd Dr. Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General, World Medical Association
06.12.2013 Africa health WMA condemns portrayal of homosexuality as a disease
05.12.2013 Onmedica The Declaration of Helsinki
04.12.2013 Youtube True facts Declaration of Helsinki
04.12.2013 Elgar online Pacific Rim Treaty threatens public health: patent law and medical procedures
03.12.2013 Elite Jamaica CIA Forced Doctors To Torture
03.12.2013 The Declaration of Helsinki, 50 Years Later
03.12.2013 Link2media Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics awarded prestigious World Medical Association title
02.12.2013 JPSR Self Medication Practices of Reproductive Age Group Women in Thiruvananthapuram District, South India
02.12.2013 Dayly news Turkey’s draft health law draws international criticism
01.12.2013 Antalya central Turkey’s draft health law draws international criticism
30.11.2013 JAMA World Medical Association: Declaration of Helsinki – 7th Revision & Commentary
30.11.2013 PBT India PBT Files PIL In Calcutta High Court To Stop Undemocratic Election Of New MCI President And Vice-president
29.11.2013 USP and Other Organizations Unite in Campaign to Raise Awareness of Counterfeit Medicines
29.11.2013 Business Day First Opinion: Fake medicines are everybody's business
28.11.2013 The Psycologist New research standars set to affect psychology publishing practices
22.11.2013 BMJ Attacks on medical personnel in Turkey
22.11.2013 BMJ Doctors must confront homophobia because it causes harm
27.11.2013 Elgar Blog
Pacific Rim Treaty Threatens Public Health
27.11.2013 Health and Environment Alliance
Health and Medical Organizations Convene Successful Climate and Health Summit in Warsaw
27.11.2013 The Advocate
Fake Medicines is Everybody's Business
27.11.2013 American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Social Determinents of Health: Us and Them
27.11.2013 PBT India
PBT Sends Legal Notice To World Medical Association (WMA) For Promoting Dr. Ketan Desai
27.11.2013 JAMA Network
This Week in JAMA
26.11.2013 4-Traders
IFPMA-International Federation of Pharmaceutical: Ten Global Health Organizations United in a Worldwide Campaign to Protect Patients From Fake Medicines
26.11.2013 Medianet
Ten Global Health Organizations United in a Worldwide Campaign to Protect Patients from Fake Medicines
26.11.2013 Yahoo Finance
Ten Global Health Organizations United in a Worldwide Campaign to Protect Patients from Fake Medicines
25.11.2013 Taiwan Today
Ma Lauds ROC Health Policies at Global Forum
25.11.2013 Publication Integrity & Ethics
Declaration of Helsinki
22.11.2013 Chemrar
Russia's Medical Tourism is Up, But Domestic Industry in Need
21.11.2013 MedAct
Open Letter to President Obama on Hunger Strikers at Guantanamo
21.11.2013 Islamic News Daily
Force-Feedings At Guantanamo Have Been Used To Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives
21.11.2013 WHO/Europe
Health on Agenda at COP19 Climate Change Conference
21.11.2013 Journal of Clinical Oncology
Lapatinib Versus Placebo Added to Paclitaxel in First-Line Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: Ethical Lesson Not Learned from Africa
19.11.2013 Gotelee Med Neg Blog
Doctors and Nurses May Face Jail for Neglect
19.11.2013 Before It's News
Exposed: American Doctors and Psychologists Engaged in Frightening Torture Programs Since 9/11
13.11.2013 University of California, San Francisco
WikiLeaks TPP Docs Show Obama Rollbacks on Health
13.11.2013 Public Citizen
Medical Procedure Patents in the TPP
13.11.2013 HealthCanal
Abortion Law Strikes Right Balance on Referrals
08.11.2013 Inagist
World Medical Association Paves Path Toward Improved Global Health
08.11.2013 MedPage Today
Military, CIA Required Docs to Aid Torture
07.11.2013 Daily Sun
Consumer Protection Act: A Legal Framework to Address Medical Negligence
07.11.2013 Islam Times
Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives
06.11.2013 Disinformation
Medical, Military, and Ethics Experts Say Health Professionals Designed and Participated in Cruel, Inhumane, and Degrading Treatment and Torture of Detainees
06.11.2013 Fox News World
CIA Made Doctors Torture Suspected Terrorists: Report
06.11.2013 Workers Revolutionary Party
Doctors Were Instructed to Inflict Severe Harm on G Bay Detainees
05.11.2013 The Dissenter
Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives
Ärzte Foltern Im Auftrag Der CIA
05.11.2013 Bustle
Study: Doctors Tortured Detainees in CIA Detention Sites And Guantanamo Bay, Under Military Orders
05.11.2013 The New Indian Express
CIA Made Doctors Torture Suspected Terrorists: Report
04.11.2013 The Raw Story
CIA Forced Doctors To Violate Ethics Code To Torture Suspected Terrorists After 9/11
04.11.2013 CBC News World
U.S. Doctors Participated In Torture Of Detainees, Report Claims
04.11.2013 Mail Online
U.S. Military Doctors Broke Oath To Design New Torture Techniques To Be Used At Guantanamo Bay
04.11.2013 Salon
CIA, DoD Had Doctors Torture Detainees After 9/11
04.11.2013 Australian Medical Association
Consent No Placebo For Medical Research
04.11.2013 The Guardian
CIA Made Doctors Torture Suspected Terrorists After 9/11, Taskforce Finds
04.11.2013 BBC News US & Canada
Doctors Aided US Torture at Military Prisons, Report Says
04.11.2013 National Journal
Independent Panel: U.S. Doctors Violated Medical, Ethical Standards in Detention Facilities
Report Raps Doctors Over Roles In Post-9/11 Interrogations
01.11.2013 Genomics Law Report
Revisions To The Ethical Standards For Research
01.11.2013 The Northeast Today
Amnesty Lauds NHRC On Irom Stand
01.11.2013 Realwire
Global Plague: How 150 People Die Every Hour From Fungal Infection While The World Turns A Blind Eye
31.10.2013 The Huffingtonpost
Dents In The "Golden Shield": The CIA's Conflict of Interest in Classifying Medical Evidence of Torture
29.10.2013 The Aspergillus Website Blog
World Medical Association Adopts Statement On Fungal Disease Diagnosis and Management#mce_temp_url#
28.10.2013 Medisch Contact
WMA: Homoseksualiteit "Genezen" Is Onethisch#mce_temp_url#
27.10.2013 The Times of India
I Will Get Indian Doctors' Exposure To Global Healthcare: Ketan Desai#mce_temp_url#
27.10.2013 Newswire
An Oregon Doctor: Bill 52 Is A License To Kill
24.10.2013 Bioethics@TIU
The Declaration of Helsinki At 50
I'm Fighting Battle Of The Bulge, Says Reilly
22.10.2013 BMJ
Revision of Helsinki Declaration Aims to Prevent Exploitation of Study Participants
22.10.2013 Neurocirurgia
2013 Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects
22.10.2013 Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
The Declaration of Helsinki, 50 Years Later
22.10.2013 Global Health
Declaration of Helsinki 10.0
22.10.2013 i-Nooz
Revision of Helsinki Declaration Aims to Prevent Exploitation of Study Participants
22.10.2013 BioPortfolio
Revision of Helsinki Declaration Aims to Prevent Exploitation of Study Participants
21.10.2013 Ethics & Health Law News
WMA Condemns Portrayal of Homosexuality As A Disease
21.10.2013 The
Data Protection Rules: Katrin Fjeldsted CPME
19.10.2013 Medpage
Ethics: WMA Updates Declaration of Helsinki
16.10.2013 The Salt Lake Tribune
Debates On Drinking Flow At Legislative Meetings
03.10.2013 UCCR
Il 70% Dei Medici Americani Contro Il Suicidio Assistito
03.10.2013 The Morung Express
India Urged To Repeal AFSPA
03.10.2013 E-Pao
Irom Sharmila Is A Prisoner Of Conscience, Must Be Released Immediately: Al
02.10.2013 LifeSiteNews
Why Every Leading Disability Group, Medical Organization, and Medical Oath Opposes Assisted Suicide
New Zealand Lawmaker Withdraws Euthanasia Bill From The Ballot
Euthanasia Bill Withdrawn From Ballot
26.09.2013 News With Views
China's Forced Organ Harvesting May Be Duplicated In The U.S.
26.09.2013 WFPHA
Leadership For A Lasting Legacy
24.09.2013 Canada News Wire
Experts Meet to Address Threats To Health Care In Armed Conflict
24.09.2013 Bustle
U.S. Military To Stop Updates On Hunger Strike At Guantanamo Bay
23.09.2013 Canada News Wire
China's Purported Plan to Phase Out Forced Organ Harvesting Is No Cause For Celebration - Says Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting -
21.09.2013 My News Desk
Spin Doctors: Hur de Medvetet Förfalskar Studier Och Förstör Vården
19.09.2013 Sun News
Concern For Canadians Grows as Fellow Inmate Killed in Cairo Prison
18.09.2013 Polonia Christiana
Wiȩkszość Lekarzy Przeciwna Eutanazij i Wspomaganemu Samobójstwu
17.09.2013 The Gazette
Dying-With-Dignity Laws Can Hit a Slippery Slope
La Mayoria de Los Médicos Estadounidenses se Opone a la Legalizacioin del Suicidio Asistido
17.09.2013 Jornal Dia Dia
Associaçao Médica Mundial Condena Forma do Governo Brasileiro de Importar Médicos
67% of American Doctors Oppose the Legalisation of Physician Assisted Suicide
11.09.2013 Australian Medical Association
Protecting Doctors in Times of Conflict
10.09.2013 Australian Medical Association
WMA Regulations in Times of Armed Conflict
10.09.2013 IFMSA's Official Blog
Medical Students on the Declaration of Helsinki and Human Research Subjects
Filmmakers Hold Press Conference To Call For Canadians' Release#mce_temp_url#
09.09.2013 e-Habari
World Medical Association General Assembly
Weltärztebund kritisiert brasilianisches Programm für kubanische Ärzte
08.09.2013 Pittsburg
Must Be Condemned
06.09.2013 Bulawayo
WMA Condemns Way of Importing Physicians by Brazil Government
05.09.2013 Regulatory Focus
As Revised Declaration of Helsinki Advances, Industry Left Waiting to See Changes
Violation of Ethics
Force-Feeding Prisoners at Guantanamo Tortures Medical Profession: Michael Kirsch
29.08.2013 PressTV
British Medical Association Letter to Obama: Gitmo Force-feeding Unethical
28.08.2013 The Blog
Ending "Female Circumcision" in Practice and Name
28.08.2013 Sun Star
Medical Group Condemns Oro Bombing
27.08.2013 Inquirer News
Medical Association Condemns Cagayan de Oro Bombing
27.08.2013 Counter Punch
Prison Medicine and the California Hunger Strike
27.08.2013 REAL Women of Canada
Canadian Medical Association Votes Against Becoming Pro-Euthanasia
22.08.2013 Canadian Medical Association Votes against Becoming Pro-Euthanasia
22.08.2013 World Socialist Web Site California Judge Authorizes Force-Feeding of Prisoners on Hunger Strike
21.08.2013 Jacksonville-Based Medical Association Spans the Globe
19.08.2013 Report Shows Huge IVF Failure: 3.8 Million Embryos Produce Just 122,000 Babies
17.08.2013 Thomson Reuters Foundation Israel/Occupied Territories: ICRC Extremely Concerned about Health of Palestinian Hunger Strikers
16.08.2013 The Conversation What Australia Should do to Ensure Research Integrity
15.08.2013 Australian Medical Association Dr Haikerwal NEHTA Resignation Raises Serious Concerns About Clinical input to PCEHR
15.08.2013 The Phillippine Star Who’s Afraid of Stem Cell Therapy?
14.08.2013 eHealth Forum NEHTA Attempts To Explain Why Clinicians Are Bailing Out. E-Mail To Staff Has More Spin Than A Top
13.08.2013 Invictus Health Care Professionals Urge Obama to End Forced-Feeding of Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
13.08.2013 Australian Medical Association AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton, the Social Determinants of Health Alliance Public Forum
09.08.2013 World War 4 Report Palestinian on Hunger Strike Beaten by Soldiers
09.08.2013 Oakland University OUWB Welcomes New Students with White Coat Ceremony
08.08.2013 The Daily Tribune RP Tourism Trails, UN Says
07.08.2013 BMJ Attacks on Medical Personnel in Turkey
06.08.2013 Guantanamo Hunger Strike Hits 6-Month Mark
06.08.2013 Inquirer News PMA Raises Issue of Safety in Wake of CDO Bombing
02.08.2013 Patients are Being Euthanized Every Day - And It's Getting Worse
02.08.2013 Euthanasia Lobby Exploits Case of Pennsylvania Woman Charged With Assisted Suicide
02.08.2013 Joongang Daily Newspaper Dr. Margaret Mungherera
02.08.2013 Chosun Daily Newspaper The first Woman President-Elect of WMA from Africa - Dr. Margaret Mungherera
02.08.2013 The Patriot News Make Sure "Pain Relief" Isn't a Sneaky Way of Promoting Assisted Suicide: PennLive Letters
02.08.2013 CapeCodOnline End Force-Feeding at Guantanamo
01.08.2013 KMA Doctor's News Dr. Mungherera's Keynote Speech at the 2013 Medical Women's Interntional Association Congress Held in Seoul
01.08.2013 Daily News World-Renowned Radiologists Johnson and Margulis Honored at RLI Annual Event
01.08.2013 Canadian News Wire Dr. Léo-Paul Landry Awarded 2013 CMA Medal of Service
31.07.2013 Medical Justice Clinical and Operational Issues in the Medical Management of Hunger Strikers
30.07.2013 The Guardian Sri Lanka Sea World Entertainment And Guantanamo Bay
29.07.2013 National Review Online World Medical Association Opposes Euthanasia
29.07.2013 Proposed Greater Protection For Patients in Clinical Research
28.07.2013 Sun Star Medical Group Condemns Oro Bombing
27.07.2013 Inquirer News Medical Association Condemns Cagayan de Oro Bombing
26.07.2013 Australasian Medical Journal Special Edition on Medicine Shortages Worldwide
26.07.2013 Common Dreams Families Decry Cruelty of Indefinite Detention as Senate Holds Gitmo Hearing
26.07.2013 World Socialist Movement Placebos and Big Pharma Profits
25.07.2013 Doctors Who Torture: Why No Punishment?
24.07.2013 The Final Call Report Gives Graphic Details of Guantanamo Forcefeeding#mce_temp_url#
23.07.2013 Harvard Law Shifting the Burden of Proof Regarding Placebo Controls
23.07.2013 Guantanamo Bay - What Have We Wrought?
22.07.2013 Manitoban To Feed Or Not To Feed
22.07.2013 Mint Press News Medical Neocolonialism: Big Pharma Outsources Unethical Clinical Trials To South Africa
22.07.2013 Business Times Call to Carve Out Tobacco From TPP
21.07.2013 Wire Service Canadian Medical Professionals Acting in Contradiction to Canada Health Act
20.07.2013 ABQ Journal Gitmo Has Imprisoned Us All In a False Claim
19.07.2013 Sowetan Live Basson "Acted as Soldier"
18.07.2013 Science for Gezi Nobel Laureates Condemn Turkish Government's Treatment of Protestors and Doctors
17.07.2013 Lobe Log If The Yasiin Bey Video Was Hard To Stomach…
17.07.2013 Major Victory For Wouter Basson
16.07.2013 BMJ Doctors Object To Bill That Would Allow Force Feeding Of Hunger Striking Prisoners
16.07.2013 Los Angeles Times Force-feeding — Guantanamo's Shame
16.07.2013 CNN Counter-terror Police Arrest Dozens In Istanbul Raids
15.07.2013 ChicoER Editorial: Force-feeding At Gitmo Unethical
15.07.2013 The Jerusalem Post IMA Objects To Force-feeding Of Hunger-strikers
14.07.2013 Kennebec Journal Commentary: Force-feeding At Guantanamo A Form Of Abuse That Must End
13.07.2013 Ataturk Society UK Letter: PHR Documents Improper Use Of Tear Gas And Unnecesary Force On Demonstrators In Turkey
12.07.2013 The Register - Guard Limit Cruel Force Feedings
12.07.2013 The New York Times Rights Groups Accuse Turkish Police of Excessive Force Against Protesters
12.07.2013 Inter Press Service Report Gives Graphic Details Of Guantanamo Force-Feeding
11.07.2013 KRCU Why Doctors Oppose Force-Feeding Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
11.07.2013 The Philly Post Obama’s New Gitmo Dilemma
11.07.2013 Prensa Latina Pacifist Claims Violations in U.S. Jail In Guantanamo
09.07.2013 How Do Doctors Care For Prisoners On Hunger Strike?
09.07.2013 Mondoweiss Israeli Docs To Consult US Govt On Force Feeding Gitmo Hunger Strikers
09.07.2013 Yahoo! News White House On Force-feeding Gitmo Prisoners: We Don't Want Them To Die
08.07.2013 Christian Science Monitor Guantanamo: US Judge Condemns Force-feeding, But Declines Detainees' Appeal
08.07.2013 France24 Israeli Doctors To Advise US On Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
08.07.2013 Guardian Issues Warning On Force-feeding Guantanamo Bay Video
07.07.2013 Humanity In The Midst Of War Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Force-feeding And Differing Interpretations Of Common Article 3
07.07.2013 Policymic Guantanamo Hunger Strike: It Doesn't Matter Whether Force-Feedings Comply With Ramadan
06.07.2013 Gitmo's Kafkaesque Kangaroo Courts
05.07.2013 The Telegraph Undemocratic Organizations Should Be Banned From Egypt's Ballot Boxes
03.07.2013 Five "High-Value" Guantanamo Detainees Improperly Presumed Guilty
01.07.2013 FreakOutNation July 4th, 2013: Independence Day For America,147 Days Of Hunger Strike – Men Starving For America’s Humanity
01.07.2013 Yahoo! News Gitmo Detainees On Hunger Strike Sue Over Forced Feeding
01.07.2013 Council On American-Islamic Relations CAIR Urges End To Force-Feeding Of Gitmo Hunger Strikers During Ramadan
29.06.2013 Islamic Repubic News Agency ICRC And World Medical Association To Work Together For Safer Health-care Delivery
28.06.2013 Mondaq Future Of Clinical Trials In India
27.06.2013 National News Agency of Malaysia WMA, ICRC Sign MoU To Tackle Threats To Healthcare
27.06.2013 ICRC And World Medical Association To Work Together For Safer Health-care Delivery
26.06.2013 UNOCHA World: ICRC and World Medical Association to work together for safer health-care delivery
26.06.2013 ICRC and World Medical Association To Work Together For Safer Health-care Delivery
26.06.2013 Scoop ICRC And World Medical Association To Work Together
26.06.2013 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) ICRC And World Medical Association To Work Together For Safer Health-care Delivery
26.06.2013 Nature A Culture Of Consent
26.06.2013 Breaking: Police Brutality Against CODEPINK At White House Close Guantanamo
25.06.2013 The Guardian Force-Feeding Guantánamo Detainees Is Unethical And Inhumane
24.06.2013 Bugün 24 Haziran! Dünya Genç Doktorlar Günü!
24.06.2013 Spiegel Unwitting Guinea Pigs: EU Seeks To Reduce Patient Protection In Medical Trials
23.06.2013 The Observer Babies In Danger As Defilement Reaches Endemic Proportions
21.06.2013 Guantanamo Doctors Said To Be Untroubled By Force-Feeding Prisioners
21.06.2013 Popular Resistance Support Health Professionals' Right To Treat Protesters In Turkey
20.06.2013 Stop Force-Feeding Guantanamo Prisoners: US Senator
20.06.2013 "Force-Feeding Gitmo Prisoners Contradicts Medical Ethics"
20.06.2013 SvD Nyheter (Swedish) AKP skyller revolt pa "kampanj"
20.06.2013 Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Must Receive Independent Medical Advice, Doctors Urge Obama
20.06.2013 Yahoo News Stop Force-Feeding Guantanamo Prisoners: Senator
19.06.2013 "Guantánamo Detainees Distrust Military Doctors'" - Open Letter To Obama
19.06.2013 Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Urgent Action Is Needed - Letter by the HRF of Turkey
19.06.2013 The Guardian "Let Doctors Into Guantánamo", Say Medics
19.06.2013 The Lancet Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Make A Plea To Their Doctors
18.06.2013 Docs Ask Obama For Access To Gitmo Prisoners
18.06.2013 Scoop New Zealand Stand With Snowden! Free Bradley Manning! Close Guantánamo
18.06.2013 The Jeruslamen Post  Reporter's Notebook: Tear-Gas Grenades In Istanbul 
17.06.2013 BMJ Revising The Declaration Of Helsinki
17.06.2013 Thruth-Out Americans On Long-Term Hunger Strike To Close Gitmo Prison
16.06.2013 The Guardian Stop Guantánamo Force-Feedings
16.06.2013 Globalresearch Timeline Of Events In Turkey: Police Escalate Attacks, Including On Healthcare Workers and Doctors
14.06.2013 Public Citizen Comments on the Draft  Revision of the Helsinki Declaration 
13.06.2013 "Don't Interact, Don't Talk, They Are Not Humans": Guantanamo, USA - America
13.06.2013 "Medical Ethics-Free Zone": US Doctors Call To Stop Foce-Feeding In Gitmo
13.06.2013 Ethicits Debate Docs' Role in Gitmo Hunger Strikes
13.06.2013 "Guantanamo Force-Feeding Is Assault": Health Experts
13.06.2013 Google News Doctors Call on U.S. to Stop Force-Feeding Detainees
13.06.2013 The Nation Why Gitmo Will Never Close
12.06.2013 The Guardian Guantanamo Doctors Must Refuse To Force-Feeding Hunger Strikers - Physicians
12.06.2013 The New England Journal of Medicine Force-Feeding, Autonomy, And The Public Interest
12.06.2013 Reuters Military Doctors Urged to Refuse Force-Feeding at Guantanamo
07.06.2013 Ethics in Health A Cautionary Reminder. Nuremberg Revisited
07.06.2013 YouTube Dr. Dana Hanson - Canadian Medical Association Honorary Member 2013
07.06.2013 Vaccines Today Doctors Should Set Example by Having Flu Vaccine
06.06.2013 Miami Herald Medical Ethics Say Stop Guantánamo Force-Feeding
06.06.2013 FARS News Agency US Experts: Guantanamo Stain on Medical Ethics
06.06.2013 Truth Today Enterally Feeding: US Denies What Detainees Clearly Describe as Gitmo Force-Feeding!
05.06.2013 Hurriyet Daily News World Medical Association Asks For Independent Inquiry Into Violence Against Gezi Protesters
05.06.2013 I4U World Medical Association Asks For Independent Inquiry Into Violence Against Gezi Protesters
05.06.2013 The InnoPlexION World Medical Association Asks For Independent Inquiry Into Violence Against Gezi Protestors
05.06.2013 The Guardian The US Knows Force-Feeding Hunger Strikers at Guantanamo is Illegal
05.06.2013 The Poly Post Close Down Guantanamo Now, Obama
04.06.2013 EAPC Blog Talking About Palliative Care at the World Health Assembly
04.06.2013 BMJ Author's Reply: These Days Giving Placebo is Unethical
04.06.2013 DW Kidneys On Special Offer
03.06.2013 Daily Maverick Karabus: No More Beard, Same Fighting Spirit
02.06.2013 Eurasia Review Obama's Brutal Pragmatism
31.05.2013 The Guardian Guantánamo Bay Hungers Strikers Demand New Doctors In Letter of Protest
31.05.2013 The New York Times Is Force-Feeding Torture?
30.05.2013 TIME Magazine Why Gitmo Will Never Close
28.05.2013 The Guardian Doctors Must Reject Force-Feeding
28.05.2013 DW (Germany) Pharma Industry Acussed of Drug Testing in Poorer Countries With Lax Regulation
28.05.2013 BU Today Guantanamo: The Legal Mess Behind the Ethical Mess
28.05.2013 In2Eastafrica WMA Launches Influeza Immunization Campaign for Physicians
26.05.2013 Press TV "Island Outside The Law": Guantanamo Defies Closure as Closure as Hunger Strikes and Force-Feeding Multiply
24.05.2013 PJ Online Value of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Highlighted
23.05.2013 Cornelia Betsch's Talk At The World Medical Association Luncheon
23.05.2013 The Public Service Europe The Closure Of Guantánamo: A Modern Gordian Knot
22.05.2013 Hari Ke-100 Mogok Makan Guantanamo, Aktivis Kirim Petisi ke Washington
22.05.2013 E-Habari World's Health Professionals Call for New Emphasis on Working Together
22.05.2013 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) WMA Condemns Bid to Ban Industrial Action by Health Professionals
22.05.2013 IFMSA's Official Blog 66th World Health Assembly - Day 2
21.05.2013 Taiwan News Taiwan Expects to Host World Medical Association Meet in 2016
21.05.2013 Focus Taiwan News Channel Taiwan Expects to Host World Medical Association Meet in 2016
21.05.2013 Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition Urges World Health Organization Director-General To Raise Awareness of Attacks on Health Workers
21.05.2013 IFMSA's Official Blog 66th World Health Assembly - Day 1
21.05.2013 MsNBC Obama Defends His Guantanamo Crackdown
20.05.2013 Human Rights Watch Zambia: Stop Prosecuting People For Homosexuality
20.05.2013 SABC News Karabus Considers Suing UAE
20.05.2013 Daily Maverick Karabus Case: Totalling Up The Bill
19.05.2013 BRICS Forum Doctors Warned of Work Related Risks in UAE
18.05.2013 SABC News Doctors Warned of Work Related Risks in UAE
17.05.2013 Canadian Medical Association Journal  Proposed New Research Ethics Guidelines Generate Debate
17.05.2013 YouTube Medic Says Guantanamo Force Feeding "Inhuman"
17.05.2013 Aljazeera Guantanamo Hunger Strike Enters 100th Day
17.05.2013 CMAJ Proposed New Research Ethics Guidelines Generate Debate
16.05.2013 In2EastAfrica WHO Director General Urged to Condemn Violence Against Health Professionals
14.05.2013 The Spiegel  Testing Meds: Companies Look Overseas for Cheap Subjects
14.05.2013 The Telegraph Drunk Driving Standards Need Toughening Says Alcohol Justice
14.05.2013 The Medpage Today IOM Comes Out Against Cutting Salt Intake
14.05.2013 Press TV Number Of Force-Fed Gitmo Hunger Strikers Rises to 29
14.05.2013 In2EastAfrica WMA Condemns Bid to Ban Industrial Action by Health Professionals
05.05.2013 The Blog A Darkening Cloud Hangs Over Guantanamo
05.05.2013 Physicians For Human Rights Force Feeding Violates Medical Ethics, Points to Need to Close Guantánamo
05.05.2013 The Star Online Clinical Trials 101
03.05.2013 Press TV UN Rights Body Blasts Force-Feeding of Gitmo Hunger Strikers as 'Torture'
03.05.2013 Irish Medical Times IMO Denounces Treatment Of Overseas Doctors Hired
03.05.2013 PolicyMic Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: 60 Days In, the Situation Is Growing Increasingly Dangerous
03.05.2013 The Australian Guantanamo Bay Inmates Force-Fed 'Illegally'
02.05.2013 The Daily Beast The Writhing, Miserable Reality of Force-Feeding at Guantanamo Bay
02.05.2013 OpEd News Indeed, "Why Are We Doing This?"
02.05.2013 The Times Guantánamo ‘Torture’ Fears Over Force-Feeding
02.05.2013 Havana Times Obama Vows to Seek GITMO Prison Closure
01.05.2013 The New York Times Either Way, It Helps Recruitment
01.05.2013 The Guardian Former Guantánamo Chief Prosecutor Petitions Obama to Close Prison Camp
30.04.2013 Think Progress American Medical Association Opposes Force-Feeding Prisoners On Hunger Strike
30.04.2013 Thomson Reuters Foundation US: Fulfill Promises to Close Guantanamo
30.04.2013 UPI AMA President Opposes Guantanamo Forced Feedings
30.04.2013 The BBC News Barack Obama Says Guantanamo Bay Prison Must Close
30.04.2013 The New York Times  The President and The Hunger Strike 
29.04.2013 ABC News Organ Harvesting Links Pressure Australian University
29.04.2013 Common Dreams Analysis: US Courts Unlikely to Defend Human Rights of Guatanamo Hunger Strikers
29.04.2013 BioEdge Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikers Are Being Force-Fed
29.04.2013 Arab News Force-Feeding of Gitmo Inmates Puts Obama in a spot
Newsday - Trinidad and Tobago Hypocrisy And Human Rights
28.04.2013 Moriah Consultant's Blog New Draft of Declaration of Helsinki Is Released for Comments
26.04.2013 Doc 2 Doc Keeping an Eye on Post Graduate Training Conditions
26.04.2013 SA Jewish Report When Will Prof Karabus Finally Come Home?
24.04.2013 Foreign Affairs  Medical Work In Conflict Zones Is Compromised
24.04.2013 Workers World Guantanamo Hunger Strikes Spread


Prospectus News Who Should Own DNA? All Of Us
23.04.2013 Ethics&Health Law News WMA Condemns Further Postponement of The Case Against Professor Karabus
23.04.2013 Business Day Live SA Government Keeping Close Eye on Doctor's Case in Abu Dhabi
23.04.2013 Karabus May Be Home Soon
23.04.2013 In2 East Africa WMA Launches Influenza Immunization Campain for Physicians
22.04.2013 PR Newswire Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) Announces New Board of Directors and Global Advisory Board
22.04.2013 Huffpost Living Canada Should This Combat Sport Be Illegal?
21.04.2013 The New York Times Hursh Treatment at Guantánamo
21.04.2013 The Opinion Pages Harsh Treatment at Guantanamo
19.04.2013 WMA Launches Influenza Immunization Campaign for Physicians
18.04.2013 CNN Why Has Obama Abandoned His Guantanamo Pledge?
16.04.2013 Doctor's News 세계의사회 "의권 수호" 긴급 결의...의료 통제     
16.04.2013 Medical Observer Haikerwal Second World Medical Association Term
16.04.2013 The Citizen Global Fallout Over Karabus
16.04.2013 Daily Maverick Karabus Family Facing Massive Financial Toll
12.04.2013 Question More.Live Red Cross Chief Blasts US for Force-feeding Gitmo Inmates
11.04.2013 The Globe and Mail Doctor With Canadian Ties Embroiled in Abu Dhabi Murder Case
11.04.2013 The New York Times Emirates' Laws Trap a Doctor Just Passing Through
10.04.2013 BMA Further Delays to Karabus Freedom
10.04.2013 Cape Times SAMA Slams New Delay in Karabus Case
10.04.2013 Business Day Live UAE's Refusal to Release Karabus "More To Do with Torture Than Justice"
09.04.2013 BMJ WMA Warns Doctors About Working in the Emirates as Paediatrician is Still Refused Permission to Return Home
09.04.2013 The Witness Karabus: World's Doctors Warned
09.04.2013 Arabian Medical Body to Warn Doctors About Working in UAE
08.04.2013 ASMS - Association of Salaried Medical Specialists World Medical Association Meeting 
08.04.2013 Australian Medicine Online Haikerwal Re-elected to World Medical Association Post
08.04.2013 BMA World Medical Association to Issue UAE Warning
08.04.2013 The Post Global Fallout Over Karabus
08.04.2013 Medical Body's Plea for Karabus
08.04.2013 Independent Online Global fallout over Karabus
08.04.2013 The New Age Online Global fallout over Karabus
07.04.2013 Berita 35 Negara Hadiri World Medical Association di Bali
26.03.2013 allAfrica Zimbabwe: Training Course Now Accessible to Physicians
25.03.2013 NPIN Discussions on MDR-TB Online Course
25.03.2013 NPIN Tablet App Usability Testing for MDR-TB Online Course
25.03.2013 AppsZoom MDR-TB Course
22.03.2013 Bulawayo WMA Launches New Tuberculosis Course Application
22.03.2013 ClinDev Revisions to Declaration of Helsinki Expected in October, Public Consultation Soon
22.03.2013 The New Age Online Doctors Relieved About Karabus
21.03.2013 Amnesty: Authorities Must Release Irom Sharmila Chanu
15.03.2013 Zapaday World Medical Association Council Meeting
13.03.2013 Unity of Nobility News Jewish Organ Trans-Atlantic Trafficking Ring
12.03.2013 Wits Ethics Alive Symposium This Week
11.03.2013 The Wall Street Journal A Doctor's Nightmare Stopover in Dubai
11.03.2013 Australian Medicine Online Huge Rich-Poor Divide in Global Health
05.03.2013 SME MENTOR What You Need to Know Before Getting into the Stem Cell Industry
04.03.2013 Bulawayo24 WMA President Highlights Inequality of Global Healthcare
04.03.2013 Daily Monitor Has the Medical Profession in Uganda Gone Down the Drain?
02.03.2013 Global Bioethics Blog Judicial Amputations in Sudan
26.02.2013 Haaretz New Israeli Rule Orders Hunger Striking Detainees Hospitalized after 28 Days
19.02.2013 Canadian Medical Association Journal Physicians' Roles on the Front Line of Climate Change
19.02.2013 Daily Maverick Time to Bring Dr. Karabus Home
11.02.2013 Australian Medicine Online Doctors Implicated in Sports Doping
07.02.2013 The Guardian Nigeria

Pharmacists, at doctors’ summit, chart path to harmonious workplace relationship

30.01.2013 The Times Obituaries Dr. Ian Field
27.01.2013 The National UAE Health Insurers Take a Scalpel to Rogue Hospital Claims
23.01.2013 UAE "Playing Games" with Karabus
18.01.2013 The South Nightmare Without End for Detained Doctor and Family
13.01.2013 The Observer Vets and Medics Sign Up to Fight Diseases
13.01.2013 The Times of India

Patna doctors concerned over growing incidents of violence by patients' attendants

10.01.2013 IOL News Doctors, Nurses Wary of UAE Jobs
18.12.2012 The Jerusalem Post IMA Forest Grove Dedicated in the Negev Desert
12.12.2012 Italia Oggi Medici e Veterinari si Alleano
11.12.2012 Canadian Medical Association MDs, Veteriarians Must Cooperate More in Face of Disease Threats: WMA
10.12.2012 BVA Journal of the British Veterinary Association WMA President Calls for Closer Cooperation Between Doctors and Vets
30.11.2012 IFHHRO WMA Adopts Resoloution on Forced/Coerced Sterilization
30.11.2012 Medical Observer Bahraini Medics Jailed Despite International Condemnation
28.11.2012 Kenya Daily News WMA Expert Conference to Discuss Revising Declaration of Helsink i
21.11.2012 Business Recorder Tunisia Government Faces Dilemma
21.11.2012 Daily Maveric The Abu Dhabi Nightmare Continues for Dr. Karabus
21.11.2012 Business Day Live SA Doctor's Manslaughter Trial Adjourned in UAE
20.11.2012 Google Tunisia Government Faces Dilemma over Islamist Hunger Strikers
20.11.2012 Business Day Live File Missing in SA Doctor's UAE Trial
19.11.2012 Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) WMA Calls For a Fair Trial for Professor Karabus
14.11.2012 Haaretz Medicine Without Choice
14.11.2012 Daily Monitor Dr. Mungherera is New World Medical Association Boss
12.11.2012 A S M S (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) Reducing Emergency Admissions: Are We on the Right Track?
10.11.2012 The Epoch Times Organ Harvesting, Falun Gong, and the Future of China
09.11.2012 British Medical Journal Doctors Must Challenge Policital Decisions That Will Cause Medical Arm
07.11.2012 WVA (World Veterinary Association) World Medical Association and World Veterinary Association Sign Historic Collaborative One Health Memorandum of Understanding
06.11.2012 CMAJ Helsinki Doctrine Under Review
06.11.2012 Alternatives International Indefinite/Non-Alternative Hunger Strike on 56th Day
05.11.2012 Australian Medicine Online World Medical Body Calls for Universal Plain Packaghing, Warns on E-Cigarettes
05.11.2012 Why is Canada such a Laggard on Clinical Trials Regulation?
03.11.2012 BioEdge Australia Launches Inquiry Into Forced Sterilisation of Disabled
03.11.2012 BioEdge World Medical Associatin Strengthens Opposition to Capital Punishment
21.10.2012 Ethics & Health Law News Regulation of Health Professions: Disparate Worldwide Approaches are a Challenge to Harmonization
20.10.2012 Ugandan Doctor Heads World Medical Association
19.10.2012 BMJ WMA Says Doctors Must Not Prescribe Drugs for Execution
19.10.2012 Africa Review Ugandan Doctor to Head Global Medical Association
19.10.2012 Uganda Picks A Ugandan Doctor for World Medical Association Head
19.10.2012 Ugandan Doctor Elected to Head World Medical Association
19.10.2012 - Latest Uganda News A Ugandan Doctor for World Medical Association Head
19.10.2012 Alcohol Help BMA Lobbies Europe on Alcohol Pricing
19.10.2012 Daily Monitor Dr. Mungherera is new World Medical Association boss
19.10.2012 Daily Monitor Ugandan Doctor to Head World Medical Association
19.10.2012 IGIHE Ugandan Doctor Heads World Medical Association
19.10.2012 The Pearl Guide Ugandan doctor picked to head World Medical Association
18.10.2012 New Vision Mungherera new World Medical Association boss
18.10.2012 Uganda Daily Eye Ugandan Doctor Picked to Head Global Medical Association
18.10.2012 Twitter, Inc. Ugandan #mce_temp_url# Doctor to Head World Medical Association
17.10.2012 OnMedica Zero-tolerance to violence at work – goes global
16.10.2012 SOL Portal Tutuklu sağlık öğrencileri Dünya Tabipleri Birliği gündemine girdi
16.10.2012 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) World Medical Association General Assembly: Press Releases on Key Issues
16.10.2012 BD Live (Business Day Live) SA doctor's team sees UAE records
15.10.2012 OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) Non-Communicable Diseases Top Concern of World Medical Association's New President
13.10.2012 WMA  Website Blogging as President of the World Medical Assocation
11.10.2012 (Malaysian National News Agency) Bangkok Hosts World Medical Association General Assembly 2012
04.10.2012 Daily Brew South African Doctor Locked Away in UAE prison 10 years after working for Canadian-managed Hospital
04.10.2012 The Guardian Concern for South African Doctor Held in Abu Dhabi Over Mystery Conviction
03.10.2012 AlertNet Bahraini Protestors and Police Clash After Funeral
27.09.2012 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) WMA urges Bahraini Authorities to Overturn Prison Sentences
26.09.2012 YouTube Cecil Wilson, President-elect World Medical Association at Climate Week NYC 2012
25.09.2012 Climate Week NYC Dr. Cecil Wilson, WMA, at Climate Week NYC
24.09.2012 iOL news Global outrage at arrest of prof in Abu Dhabi
20.09.2012 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) Physicians face threats and opportunities from using social media
18.09.2012 CMAJ Revising Helsinki
17.09.2012 SMW (Swiss Medical Weekly) Hunger strike among detainees: guidance for good medical practice
17.09.2012 Australian Medicine online Plain packaging: WMA supports Australia
17.09.2012 Palliative doctors' response to TV1 show
16.09.2012 Ma'an News Agency, Israel Red Cross warns hunger strikers risk death
15.09.2012 Occupied Palestine 3 Palestinian hunger strikers in Israel jail close to death: Red Cross
14.09.2012 Al Arabiya News Three Palestinian hunger strikers ‘risk death': Red Cross
13.09.2012 JURIST US House panel questions China organ transplants from executed inmates
31.08.2012 The Nation World Medicos to Discuss Violence
30.08.2012 The Jewish Israel's Medical Association : "Reality Shows Worse than Experiments On Human Beings"
22.08.2012 The AMA, Rep. Akins "Legitimate Rape", and Physician Leadership
13.08.2012 The Epoch Times Chinese Doctor Admits to Falun Gong Organ Harvest
31.07.2012 Deutsche Welle Kidneys on Special Offer
20.07.2012 iOL news SA doctors slam move to legalise euthanasia
19.07.2012 Gateway News, South African Christian News Portal Christian medical body reacts to campaign to legalise euthanasia in SA
12.06.2012 Scientific American Clinical Trials for Beginners: Ethics - Pediatric Anthrax Vaccine Case Study
12.06.2012 Impact Foreign Aid Faces Austerity Ax
08.06.2012 University News, University of Liverpool Emphasising patient outcomes in clinical trials
02.06.2012 Al Yunaniya Human Rights Groups Concerned over Lives of Two Palestinian Hunger Strikers
29.05.2012 MarketWatch Coalition Commends World Health Assembly's Action to Protect Health Workers in Humanitarian Crises
23.05.2012 Public Health Newswire Sebelius Touts Health Reform at WHO Meeting
22.05.2012 FlickR from Yahoo Secretary Sebelius on Women's Health at the World Medical Association
22.05.2012 US Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
16.05.2012 Irish Medical Times Professional autonomy and self-regulation in Turkey
13.05.2012 Press TV, Iran ICRC concerned about Palestinians on hunger strike
10.05.2012 CMW, Conference News SAMA to host WMA General Assembly 2014
10.05.2012 World Veterinary Association WVA joins World Medical Association

Islamic Republic News Agency

Lives of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in danger

Lives of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in danger

09.05.2012 SHAFAQNA, Shia News Association Palestinian hunger striker admitted to Israeli hospital
09.05.2012 Al-Resalah Palestinians block UN entrance in Ramallah
08.05.2012 ICRC Lives of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in danger
08.05.2012 ( A hlul B ayt N ews A gency) Palestinian detainee Hassan Safadi continues his hunger strike for the 63 days
08.05.2012 BBC News Middle East Palestinian hunger striker admitted to Israeli hospital

Yahoo! News UK

Palestinian Leaders decry prisoners' plight

Palestinian Leaders decry prisoners' plight

08.05.2012 ITCM, Incentive Travel and Corporate Meetings SAMA wins bid to host WMA General Assembly in 2014 in Durban South Africa
07.05.2012 Australian Medicine online Turkey de-registers peak doctors group
01.05.2012 Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Painfully Force-Fed
16.04.2012 5th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine 5th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine
07.04.2012 The Times of India Ganga Premi Bhikshu force fed at Sir Sunder Lal Hospital
30.03.2012 Independent Online Basson Never Violated Rights: Knobel
19.03.2012 Jerusalem Post Conduct Medical Research Close to Home
18.03.2012 EMedinewS WMA Guidelines for Medical Doctors in Biomedical Research Involving Huma
14.03.2012 The Conversation Mind over matter? The ethics of using the placebo effect
14.03.2012 AnaesthesiaUK Anaesthetists test scale that measures risk of harm from invasive research placebos
13.03.2012 Irish Medical Times World News
05.03.2012 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) World Medical Association joins call for cease fire in Syria
02.03.2012 Irish Medical Times Bigger picture to a "moral exemplar" in Bahrain


African Palliative Care Association APCA welcomes the World Medical Association's new resolution to end unnecessary pain
17.02.2012 The Doctor, Korea Handbook of WMA Poicy (Korean)
16.02.2012 Doctor's News (News of Korean Medical Association) Handbook of WMA Policy (Korean)
14.02.2012 Irish Medical Times Worldwide appeal aims to end stigma of leprosy
13.02.2012 Arutz Sheva, Israel National News Riot Erupts After Court Extends Terror Leader's Detention
13.02.2012 The Guardian, UK Doctors dispute the diagnosis for NHS change
09.02.2012 A Espada de Dâmocles Blog Movimento social - Morhan, uma realidade
09.02.2012 Latest Mideast News Palestinian on hunger strike in Israeli is "man in danger"
09.02.2012 Bipolar Today - Life at the Poles Phase III Cariprazine Trial Shows Positive Results
08.02.2012 J NEWS - Alternative Jewish Perspectives on Israel-Palestine Palestinian hunger-striker Khader Adnan in deteriorating condition
30.01.2012 - Information from middle east Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan at risk of imminent death after 45 days hunger strike
30.01.2012 The Electronic Intifada Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan at risk of imminent death after 45 days hunger strike
27.01.2012 Doctor's News (News of Korean Medical Association) Why the global healthcare NGOs need to involve in the climate change issue? (Korean)
23.01.2012 International Association of Health Policy Attacks on Physician Self-Governance in Turkey
21.01.2012 International Federations of Medical Students' Association's Official Blog Non-Communicable Diseases, Social Determinants of Health and Poliomyelitis
20.01.2012 BMJ Turkish Medical Association calls for help to defend its role
19.01.2012 Halsbury's Law Exchange Assisted suicide - institutionalised murder?
18.01.2012 ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) WMA defends Physicians self-governance against Government attacks
18.01.2012 Emphasis on health targets flawed - NZMA
17.01.2012 Ethics & Health Law News WMA defends Physicians' Self-Governance against Government Attacks
17.01.2012 Deutschlandradio Das schnellste KO aller Zeiten: Ali siegt 1965 gegen Sonny Liston ...
16.01.2012 Aftenposten, Norway Den brukne neses etikk
12.01.2012 openDemocracy, UK Why migrant mothers die in childbirth in the UK
11.01.2012 The Doctor, Korea Global healthcare NGO: Physicians comes out for healthy climate (Korean)
10.01.2012 Financial Planning, Australia The Future of Financial Advice and the effects on portfolio management
09.01.2012 Codzienny Serwis Branzy Medycznej, Poland (Daily Medical Service Industry) NIL: międzynarodowe poparcie dla protestu lekarzy (International support for the protest of doctors)
19.12.2011 Greater Oversight Urged for Human Research in Wake of Scandal Greater Oversight Urged for Human Research in Wake of Scandal
16.12.2011 The Lancet , Article Title sort by relevance
09.12.2011 RWTH Aachen University Aachen Holds Federal Congress of Medical Students
06.12.2011 Irish Medical Times World News - Big Tobacco condemned for legal challenge
05.12.2011 Crikey (blog) A push to improve pain management
04.12.2011 Climate Change Policy & Practice First Global Climate and Health Summit Adopts Durban Declaration
29.11.2011 Gulf Daily News, The voice of Bahrain Medical experts form think tank
28.11.2011 Russian rules on local trials blow for drug sector and boon for unethical CROs
23.11.2011 Stop Torture in Health Care World Medical Association Resolution on Access to Adequate Pain Treatment
23.11.2011 Ethics & Health Law News WMA condemns Tobacco Company for Challenging Plain Cigarette Packaging
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18.10.2011 Folha da Região Brasileiro vai assumir comando da Associação Médica Mundial
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17.10.2011 Australian Medical Association AMA supports WMA appeal for fair retrial for Bahraini doctors
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16.10.2011 Ethics & Health Law News, Australia World Medical Association urges End to Unneccessary Pain for Millions
16.10.2011 El Pais, Uruguay Iglesia dará nuevas pautas respecto a la infertilidad
16.10.2011 El Pais, Uruguay Aconsejan unificar cajillas de cigarrillos
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14.10.2011 Health workers in hotspots need protection
08.10.2011 JAMA Human Rights Report Details Violence Against Health Care Workers in Bahrain
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06.10.2011 Bahrain Center for Human Rights NGOs condemn Prison Sentences on Doctors in Bahrain
04.10.2011 The Shia Post Bahraini military sentences 14 to life
01.10.2011 the star online, Malaysia UN condemns medic verdicts in restive Bahrain
30.09.2011 CBS News Bahrain doctors tried for treating protesters
30.09.2011 Reuters U.N. condemns medic verdicts in restive Bahrain
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30.09.2011 Bahrain condemned over doctors' jail terms
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Bahrain condemned over doctors' jail terms
U.N. condemns medic verdicts in restive Bahrain

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17.05.2011 Medical News Today, UK Call For Compulsory Drug Detention Centres To Be Closed
16.05.2011 Medical News Today, UK Health Professions Unite To Issue Warning On Global Epidemic Of Non-Communicable Diseases
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13.05.2011 Medical News Today, UK World Health Organization Urged To Act Over Assaults On Health Personnel and Facilities
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07.01.2011 Associated Press of Pakistan WMA urged to consider violence against women
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01.11.2010 Canadian Medical Association World's doctors worried about shoddy disposal of drugs
25.10.2010 Canadian Medical Association World's MDs discuss growing health threats posed by environment
22.10.2010 Telegraph-Journal, Canada President of world medical body receives honorary degree today
18.10.2010 BMJ BMA president criticises government for “grotesque” use of word fairness