Declaration on Tobacco Free Initiative by Physicians

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Adopted by the Korean Medical Association

Smoking is a serious enemy to human health. Every year tobacco kills 4.9 million people throughout the world, and 35,000 in Korea alone. We physicians in particular are forced to observe, on a daily basis, the suffering of our patients and the health hazards caused by smoking.

The Korean Medical Association has participated in the worldwide antismoking campaign of international organizations, such as WHO and WMA, to carry out our professional duty for the protection and promotion of public health.

On behalf of all the members of Korean Medical Association, the Korean Medical Association declares as follows:

  1. We, the members of the Korean Medical Association, will lead the antismoking campaign to preserve people's health against the hazards caused by smoking.
  2. The Korean Medical Association will actively participate in antismoking education and publicity, and support its development. The KMA will also do the utmost to promote legislation for the protection of our citizens from the effects of smoking.
  3. The Korean Medical Association urges the Government to enforce relevant actions, such as the spread of facilities for antismoking, the prohibition of tobacco vending machines, the introduction of appropriate measures to help young adults avoid the use of tobacco, and the increase of prices for tobacco products.
  4. The Korean Medical Association encourages the public to heed physicians' warnings against the hazards caused by smoking, and to participate in the antismoking campaign in order to promote national health.