at the WMA General Assembly 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

The JDN meets on a yearly basis in conjunction with meetings of the General Assembly of the WMA.

  • The JDN meets independently prior to the annual WMA Associate Members' meeting held during the WMA General Assembly.
  • Monthly teleconferences
  • In 2015, independent Junior Doctors Meetings took place in WMA Office, France and as well as regional meetings in Eastern Mediterranean Region, Latin America Region and Asia Pacific Region respectively.

at WMA office, Ferney-Voltaire, France

Upcoming meetings in 2016

  • August 1st- 7th 2016: IFMSA Alumni Meeting, Puebla, Mexico
  • September 12th- 14th 2016: CMAAO Meeting, Thailand
  • October 7th– 8th 2016: EJD Autumn Meeting, Porto, Portugal
  • October 16th-18th 2016: WMA Junior Doctors Network Meeting Taipei, Taiwan