Otmar KloiberDr. Otmar Kloiber was appointed as Secretary General of the World Medical Association by the WMA Council in February 2005. Before joining the WMA, Dr. Kloiber served as Deputy Secretary General of the German Medical Association. As WMA Secretary General, he is the head of the Secretariat and is responsible for managing and directing the WMA staff and the activities of the WMA. He provides overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization and represents the WMA to our members, the medical profession, the international community, representatives of government, the business community, and the public.

lamineMr. Lamine Smaali is in charge of technical issues for the WMA, including our computer system.  He oversees facility maintenance and relationships with our tenants. Lamine also manages document production and is in the process of digitizing our paper archives.  He has been responsible for the WMA Associate Members department for many years.

Roderic re2Mr. Roderic Dennett is the WMA Spanish translator. Roderic translates all documents and policies, as well as correspondence with Spanish speaking members and other institutions or individuals.  Roderic also manages venues and a range of other logistics related to the preparation of our statutory meetings.

Yoonsun ParkMs. Yoonsun Park (Sunny).  Sunny is the WMA Operations Manager, responsible for general planning and execution of the daily work of the organization.  Before joining WMA in 2007, Sunny was in charge of the international office of the Korean Medical Association.  She is in charge of bookkeeping, assists with the financial reporting, and coordinates meeting planning.  Sunny also organizes and oversees the WMA policy development process throughout the year and for annual Council Sessions and General Assemblies.  Sunny staffs the Finance and Planning Committee.

Clarisse DelormeMs. Clarisse Delorme is the WMA Advocacy Advisor. Clarisse is a French lawyer, specializing in international and human rights law.  Before her appointment as advocacy advisor, she spent more than a decade in Brussels working as a human rights advocate and lobbyist. Clarisse is a key liaison between WMA and the WHO, Human Rights Council, UNEP and a variety of human rights organizations. She manages WMA policy and advocacy efforts in the areas of human rights (the right to health, the role of physicians in the prevention of torture, support to physicians in distress, etc.) and environmental health (conference on CPH, mercury initiative, etc.)  She works with WMA’s medical advisor on public health issues and the WMA’s participation in the World Health Professions Alliance. Clarisse staffs the Socio-Medical Affaires Committee, and its workgroups on Advocacy, the Medical Workforce, Task Shifting, Health and Environment, Drug Prescription, Telemedicine, Improved Investment in Public Health and Violence Against Women.

Julia SeyerDr. Julia Seyer, Medical Advisor, is a family physician by training and works on special projects for WMA.  She has worked in Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland, and has a Masters degree in International Health Economy and Policy from the University Bocconi in Milan, Italy.  Much of Julia’s work focuses on health systems, health care professionals migration, medical regulation and access and quality assurance of medicine.  She leverages her expertise as a physician in her work on medical and public health issues, such as leading projects on MDR-TB, tobacco cessation, non-communicable diseases and patient safety.  She is also a key liaison between WMA and the WHO, other UN and International Organisations, and NGOs. Julia staffs the Medical Ethics Committee, including the workgroups on child health, relationships with pharmaceutical industry, professionally-led regulation, conflict of interest, use of placebo in biomedical research, and stem cell therapy. Julia also leads the secretariat of the World Health Professional Alliance (WHPA), as the WMA serves its turn in the WHPA members’ rotation for providing this service.

Anne-Marie DelageMs. Anne-Marie Delage (Anna) is the WMA Office Secretary, responsible for general communication and correspondence, continuity of office processes, and other administrative affairs.  She supports the Operations Manager and the Secretary General with book keeping and assists with arranging and organizing meetings and conferences.

Radhia SmaaliMrs. Radhia Smaali. Radhia works part time for us and takes care of office maintenance.