World Medical Association Issues Health Warning over Refugee Deal

(28.03.2016) Concern that refugees fleeing to Europe are receiving inadequate health
care has been expressed by the World Medical Association.

WMA President Sir Michael Marmot said the recent EU agreement signed with
Turkey failed to address the humanitarian concerns facing the thousands of
refugees making the perilous journey from Turkey to Greece.

‘We appeal to the national leaders to put the needs of the individuals at
the heart of this mass migration. Their needs for housing, food, regular
medical care and simple dignity have been largely overlooked so far. As
physicians we have a duty to speak out about the risks to the health of
these desperate people.

‘We are concerned about the social determinants of health, illness
prevention, the availability of health care and other areas to prevent
abuse, neglect and exploitation.'

Dr. Bayazit Ilhan, President of the Turkish Medical Association, said:
‘Our concern is that the deal reached with Turkey does not do enough to
meet the demands that civil, military and political authorities provide
safe transit routes for the victims of local, regional and national
conflicts and strife. This must include the provision of safe, secure
facilities to house migrants, whether they are in transit or have reached
their final destination country. It must also include treating migrants,
including at borders, with respect, ensuring that their dignity is not