30.12.2016 Physicians’ New Year Hopes for Climate Change
05.12.2016 Migrants Must Have Access To Proper Health Care, Says WMA
05.12.2016 World Medical Association Urges Immediate Truce in Aleppo
21.11.2016 Physician Leaders Urge Turkish President to End Attacks on Doctors
15.11.2016 Indian Doctors' Protest Supported by WMA
07.11.2016 Physicians Need to Play Key Role in Combating Climate Change
24.10.2016 World Medical Association General Assembly Decisions
24.10.2016 Physician Leaders Issue Warning about Cyber Attacks on Health
23.10.2016 Comprehensive Programme Proposed to Prevent Childhood Obesity
22.10.2016 Health Organisations urged to divest from Fossil Fuels
22.10.2016 New Guidelines will Help People Control Use of Their Health Data
21.10.2016 New WMA President Issues Warning Over Political Attacks on Medical Independence
12.10.2016 WMA Annual General Assembly
29.09.2016 Health Care Professions Ask Consumers to Identify Fake Medicine
27.09.2016 Eradicating Rabies is a Public Health Necessity
26.09.2016 Physicians Urge Governments to Act on Banning Nuclear Weapons
09.09.2016 Denial of Medical Care to Prisoners Condemned by WMA
30.08.2016 WMA Annual General Assembly
17.08.2016 Physician and Nursing Leaders condemn Syrian Attacks on Health Personnel
04.08.2016 Concern Over Reported Arrests of Turkish Doctors
11.07.2016 WMA Climate Change
24.06.2016 Turkish President Urged to Drop Charges Against Human Rights Defenders
07.06.2016 Physician Leaders Support Action Against HIV/AIDS Discrimination
24.05.2016 Physician Leaders' Concern Over Yellow Fever Outbreaks
23.05.2016 WMA President Highlights Devastating Consequences of Conflict
02.05.2016 Health Federations Cite Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons in Joint Appeal for Prohibition and Elimination
02.05.2016 World Medical Association Council Meeting
01.05.2016 Physician Leaders Call For More Advice on Zika Virus
30.04.2016 WMA deplores Harsh Treatment of Refugees and Migrants
26.04.2016 World Medical Association Urges Action to Reduce Global Health Inequality
31.03.2016 World Medical Association Council Meeting
28.03.2016 World Medical Association Issues Health Warning over Refugee Deal
18.01.2016 WMA Urges Immediate Release of Surgeon Jailed in Egypt
12.01.2016 WMA Adds its Support for Junior Doctors' Action
07.01.2016 New Advice for Physicians on Second Hand Tobacco Smoke, Tuberculosis Treatment and Ethics Education