WMA calls for Official Investigation into ISIS Organ Harvesting

(20.02.2015) The World Medical Association has joined the international call for the United Nations to investigate reports that ISIS is involved in harvesting human organs to raise funds for its terrorist activities.

The WMA’s demand follows comments earlier this week from the Iraqi ambassador to the UN that the terrorist organisation was forcing doctors to remove human organs and executing those doctors who refused to participate.

WMA President Dr. Xavier Deau said: ‘If these reports are correct it means there is a horrifying trade in human organs on an almost industrial scale being carried out by these terrorists. The reported involvement of doctors in this activity must be investigated, as well as claims that those doctors who refuse to take part are being executed.

‘We urge the United Nations to intervene as soon as possible to investigate officially whether there is any truth in these reports and the claims that mass graves have been discovered full of bodies with surgical scars and missing kidneys. We also need to know what role transplant surgeons are playing in using these organs and where necessary take action.’