12.12.2015 WMA Welcomes Recognition Given to Health in New Climate Deal
04.12.2015 Doctors Around the Globe Tackle Climate Change and Fossil Fuels
02.12.2015 Physicians Advised to Treat Tuberculosis as a Disease of Poverty
25.11.2015 Physician Leaders Call for Health to be Protected in Climate Change Agreement
16.11.2015 Physicians Urged to Green their Offices
10.11.2015 Medical Associations Criticise Government Attempts to Undermine Physicians' Independence
29.10.2015 Imprisonment of Two Young Doctors Condemned by WMA
19.10.2015 WMA General Assembly, Moscow 2015
19.10.2015 Medical Profession Urged To Do More On Physicians' Ill Health
18.10.2015 New Guidelines for Physicians on Transgender Healthcare
17.10.2015 World Medical Association Demands Independent Enquiry Into Hospital Bombing
17.10.2015 WMA Urges End to Healthcare Attacks in Turkey
17.10.2015 Physician Leaders Urge Health Care for Refugees
16.10.2015 World Physicians Urged To Speak Up About Health Inequity
06.10.2015 WMA Supports New Call to Action on Climate Change
03.10.2015 WMA Comment on Hospital Attack in Afghanistan
15.09.2015 Turkish Government Urged to Restore Basic Health Care to Cities in Conflict
09.09.2015 Governments Urged to Provide Full Health Care to Refugees and Migrants
27.08.2015 WMA Annual General Assembly
02.07.2015 WMA Urges Australian Government to Reconsider Attempt to Silence Physicians
26.06.2015 WMA Appeals to Israeli Prime Minister to Reconsider Force Feeding Bill
25.06.2015 World Medical Association Celebrates Landmark Declaration on Torture
23.06.2015 WMA Welcomes New Report on Climate Change and Health
28.05.2015 Health must be given higher priority in climate summit say physician leaders
21.05.2015 Physicians and Veterinarians must work together to combat health threats, says WMA leader
18.05.2015 New Collaborative Practice Award Won by Thai Anti-Tobacco Alliance
11.05.2015 WMA Marks International Nurses Day
20.04.2015 Physician Leaders Urge Governments To Protect Health Care
19.04.2015 WMA Council Meeting
17.04.2015 Growing Violence Against Doctors Alarms Medical Profession
16.04.2015 WMA elects its First Woman Chair of Council
16.04.2015 WMA supports Growing Moves for Plain Tobacco Packaging
09.04.2015 Public consultation invited on health databases and biobanks
31.03.2015 WMA Council Meeting, April 16-18, 2015, Oslo, Norway
25.03.2015 WMA supports opposition to Korean government medical plans
13.03.2015 Involvement of physicians in inhuman state punishment condemned by WMA
06.03.2015 WMA warns against making essential anaesthetic a controlled drug
03.03.2015 WMA urges increased protection for polio workers
26.02.2015 Physician leaders warn governments over autonomy of medical profession
20.02.2015 WMA calls for Official Investigation into ISIS Organ Harvesting
19.02.2015 WMA calls for charges against physicians to be dropped
05.02.2015 WMA condemns use of doctors in Saudi Arabia flogging
23.01.2015 World physicians acknowledge tragic loss of doctor in fatal hospital shooting
26.01.2015 Growing support for shared ethical principles from healthcare and medicines providers
15.01.2015 WMA urges immediate release of jailed iranian cleric