World Medical Association condemns Death Sentence Passed on Sudanese Doctor

(16.05.2014) The World Medical Association has condemned the death sentence passed on a Sudanese doctor for apostasy. Dr. Meriam Ishag, a pregnant Sudanese woman, has been convicted by a Sudanese court after refusing to recant her Christian faith.

Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal, Chair of the WMA, said: 

‘This is a flagrant violation of the most basic and fundamental human rights. Women are entitled to these same rights across the world. This is an atrocity. It has nothing to do with religion but a failure of laws and interpretation of them that is an abomination and a crime against human rights, personal freedom and self-determination.

‘The WMA condemns it in the strongest terms and urges every effort from every individual agency and government to condemn this and like

The WMA is holding a meeting in Geneva next week to highlight the global problem of violence against women and girls.