Physicians Appeal to Turkish Authorities to Respect the International Principle of Medical Neutrality

(07.05.2014) With great concern the World Medical Association, the Standing Committee of European Doctors and Physicians for Human Rights have taken note of the judicial proceedings commencing today against two doctors, for the medical attention they provided to injured parties in the context of the Gezi park protests. 

CPME President Dr. Katrín Fjeldsted reaffirms that “physicians must be allowed to put into practice their professional ethics to deliver to each patient the best possible care to treat his or her condition, regardless of external interests. Similarly they must not be obstructed in their ethical obligation to maintain patient confidentiality and respect professional secrecy.” 

The undersigned organisations therefore appeal to the Turkish judicial authorities to safeguard the international principles of medical neutrality and medical ethics and ensure physicians are not sanctioned on the grounds of having complied with these principles. 

The undersigned organisations will monitor the judicial proceedings and will continue to liaise with the Turkish Medical Association as to developments.

For further information, please contact: 

Otmar Kloiber 
WMA Secretary General
+33 4 50 40 75 75

Birgit Beger 
CPME Secretary General 
+32 27 32 72 02 

Vincent Iacopino, MD, PhD
Senior Medical Advisor 
Physicians for Human Rights 
+1 702 547 1683