World Medical Association Council Meeting

(31.03.2014) April 24-26, Tokyo, Japan

The next meeting of the WMA Council will be held in Tokyo next month,
when physician leaders from national medical associations around the
world will debate a number of key issues.

Among these will be proposals to celebrate the 50th anniversary this
year of the Declaration of Helsinki, proposed guidelines on aesthetic
treatments, the role of physicians in trafficking of minors, ethical
considerations regarding health databases, air pollution and vehicle
emissions, and the protection of health workers.

Debates will also be held on the WMA's policy against the
criminalisation of health care, with particular reference to events in
Turkey, and on developments in the European Union concerning clinical
trials to protect patient rights and confidence in research.

Although the meeting is not open to the media, anyone wanting more
information or wishing to interview participants should contact Nigel


Nigel Duncan

WMA Public Relations Consultant

+ 44 (0) 20 8997 3653 (work);

+ 44 (0) 7984 944 403 (mobile)