21.12.2014 WMA welcomes strongest statement yet on violence against health
18.12.2014 WMA calls for urgent action on climate change to protect health
13.12.2014 WMA denounces torture and the involvement of health professionals
27.11.2014 WMA calls for the release of imprisoned health professionals in Bahrain
26.11.2014 WMA urges more action to tackle problem of street children
17.11.2014 International Council of Nurses supports right of nurse to refuse to force-feed prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
17.11.2014 WMA welcomes world leader's commitment to strengthen health systems
13.11.2014 WMA repeats its Demand for Charges Against Turkish Physicians to be dropped
12.11.2014 G20 Summit should be discussing Health, say Health Leaders
11.11.2014 WMA Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Helsinki Declaration
10.11.2014 World Medical Association Concern Over Iraqi Camp
29.10.2014 50th Anniversary Of The Declaration Of Helsinki
28.10.2014 New E-Learning Module Launched For Front Line Health Care Professionals
11.10.2014 WMA General Assembly
11.10.2014 New Guidelines on Cosmetic Treatment agreed by World Medical Association
10.10.2014 New WMA President focuses on Impartiality of Physicians
09.10.2014 WMA Asks Physicians To Roll Up Their Sleeves For Influenza Vaccination
08.10.2014 Ebola must be treated as a Global Crisis Not a Local Problem, says WMA
26.09.2014 Greater Collaboration Urged To Wipe Out Rabies
23.09.2014 Leading Medical Groups Ask For Dismissal Of Charges Against Turkish Medical Association
22.09.2014 WMA Calls for Africa's Health Systems to be Strengthened to Combat Ebola
10.09.2014 WMA congratulates junior doctor on top international resident award
28.07.2014 WMA Annual General Assembly
28.07.2014 World Medical Association comment on WHO announcement on e-cigarettes
28.07.2014 Junior Doctors Condemn Working Conditions in Dealing With Ebola Fever
25.07.2014 WMA Issues Urgent Plea Over Attacks In The Gaza War
19.06.2014 Israeli Premier urged to Reconsider Proposed Law Allowing Forced Feeding of Hunger Strikers
23.05.2014 World Medical Association Welcomes Major Step Forward on Palliative Care
23.05.2014 Regulation a Top Priority Agree Global Health Professionals
16.05.2014 Physicians urge action on violence against women and girls
16.05.2014 World Medical Association condemns Death Sentence Passed on Sudanese Doctor
07.05.2014 Physicians Appeal to Turkish Authorities to Respect the International Principle of Medical Neutrality
02.05.2014 Governments not doing enough to protect health personnel says WMA President
28.04.2014 WMA Council Meeting
03.04.2014 Physicians are worried over the newly agreed clinical trials regulation
31.03.2014 World Medical Association Council Meeting
07.03.2014 Global Medical Bodies Urge Turkish Premier To Drop Action Against Physicians
03.03.2014 WMA offers support to Ukraine's new health minister
03.03.2014 WMA urges Ugandan President to Reverse New Law on Homosexuality
13.01.2014 Putting patients first: five global healthcare organizations sign Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration